And we can’t chase him back. "Han Zhong said to Lingqing when he saw Lv Dongbin didn’t answer.

"Pangolin?" Lingqing chanted a word in his heart, but said,’ If the whole Xianjian is really refined according to the original map, the nun 1 will be refined into it.
Then the power in the hands of the hidden spirit is hard to really kill the gods.
He can never let it fall into pangolin’s hands.’
After thinking about it, he got up and said, "You keep the nun’s body and I’ll get her back."
Say don’t stay all promised to leave longitudinal sword.
"Where are you going to find it?" Han Zhongli shouted that he was going to chase.
But Lv Dongbin stopped him. "Maybe he really has a way."
"Do you two brothers know something?" Han Zhongli looked at him and asked
"Now it’s not important. What’s important is to get the nun 1 back." Lv Dongbin changed the subject. "Although Daoqing has gone to find it, don’t be idle.
Let’s find a way to deal with pangolin separately.
His skill of escaping from the ground is fantastic, and he has trained his whole body like a king kong.
Now there is a sword to kill the immortal.
If we hadn’t dealt with his magic weapon, even if we found him, it would be difficult to save nun 1. "
"Well, don’t be idle. Let’s split up and find a way. We must save Xiangu’s soul in seven days." Tie Guai Li said, "Why don’t you guard Xiangu’s body now that Lan Caihe is clear?"
"Let’s work hard." The immortals nodded and said, "Let’s split up.
Chun Ying lost her sword and went back to the altar of Tongtian Sect with her badly injured body.
"Where’s my sword?" Tongtian Lord looked at his hands and returned to Chun Ying and asked
"Spring ying’s incompetence has robbed pangolin of the sword." Spring ying knelt down and said.
"What?" Tongtian Lord suddenly got up and said
"He sneaked on Chun Ying when Han Zhong and I were fighting away from them, and it was only when we didn’t take precautions that we failed." Chun Ying couldn’t help but say, "Master, forgive me!"
"ah! !”
The Lord Tongtian grabbed her, and the powerful magic immediately rushed into Chun Ying’s body.
"poof!" Chun ying spit out one mouthful blood and was about to beg for mercy, but she felt relaxed.
Find out some kind of body was hit by Han Zhongli and others, and the injury was better than half.
When Daxi said, "Thank you for saving my life!"
"Hum, the fairy sword fell into the hands of pangolin, or the fairy couldn’t find it. After seven days, I will be able to recall the Excalibur."
Tongtian demon Lord snorted and looked at Chun Ying again. "You’ve been distracted recently, and I’ve always given you things that can’t be done well."
"Forgive me, Master!" Chun ying smell speech quickly confessing.
"I know everything about you. Go and do your private affairs first.