Yang Tian moved and coughed a mouthful of blood, feeling that everything in front of him was blurred. Just now, the palm shook Yang Tianyuan’s god for seven times. If it were not for the black lotus armor guardian, it would be scattered by the yuan God.

Breathing in the ground, Yang Tian wanted to struggle to get up, but because of the chaos of the Yuan God, his body didn’t listen to the call. He just got up a little and fell again like a drunk.
Kill someone like miss.
Aunt Cai said lightly that she would end Yang Tian’s life before.
No, I advocate
Fairy waved and stopped Aunt Cai’s tone slightly displeased. I wonder if I think Aunt Cai’s hands are too heavy.
I waited for a few minutes to watch Yang Tian finally wake up and then struggled to get up a little bit with the wall.
In fact, Yang Tian has long been awake and deliberately struggled there for half a day, mainly thinking about getting out of the way
Yang Tian noticed that the wall behind him was like a big window, and the thunder prison could be seen outside. I couldn’t help but wonder if I could wear the window. Even if it is a thunder prison outside, it is better to have a chance than to be tortured to death here.
Seeing Yang Tian’s serious injury and painful expression, the fairy’s eyes flashed a complicated look, but it was immediately replaced by strong hatred.
Don’t beg for mercy?
Fairy hatred nu way
Oh, what’s your name? Let me die for nothing.
Yang Tian raised my hand and wiped the blood on his mouth with a sad smile. It seemed that some aunt Cai was afraid to slowly retreat to one side when staring at her, but there was a big window in the position.
Oh, do you want revenge? Remember that I’m a little girl from a different garden, but it seems that you have no chance to get paid in this life.
Fairy sneers and tells Yang Tian his name without hesitation.
I didn’t expect Yang Tian to die at the hands of a woman.
Yang Tian has moved to the big window at this time. At that time, he turned to face the thunder prison outside with a wry smile. His back gives people a sense of sadness than loneliness.
Let Yang Tianyi be a detective. It seems that it is easy to pass through that screen.
But outside the screen, there are several flashes of thunder. Even in Leizhou, you can feel the terror. Once Yang Tianxiu enters it, he will be shattered.
How do you want to kill? If you want to kill, hurry up. It is doubtful whether this enchantment can enter you or not.
Ruan Xiaomin seems to see Yang Tian’s intention, seemingly wishing Yang Tian would die immediately, but she points out the danger outside to dispel Yang Tian’s idea of escape.
In fact, at the moment when Yang Tian vomited blood and was injured, the resentment and anger in Ruan Xiaomin’s heart had disappeared for the most part. At this time, if Yang Tianruan was asked, she would really spare Yang Tian.
But in order to keep a strong position in my heart, Ruan Xiaodi still tries to keep a bold expression, but Yang Tian feels that she has made up her mind and will not be soft to her.
The more soft Yang Tian is, the more she can’t let go of her face, the stronger her hatred becomes.
In Ruan Xiaomin’s heart, when it was difficult to ride a tiger with anger and anxiety, Yang Tian suddenly looked up and laughed wildly to cough up blood.
What are you laughing at?
Nguyen small mandy face changed cold asked.
I laughed that I was a short-lived ghost. It was a tragic ending to be forced to death by a woman today. Goodbye.
Yang Tian stopped laughing and turned to look at Ruan Xiao Mandy and said, "Don’t hesitate to jump out."
Ruan Xiaodian suddenly stood up and stretched out a hand as if trying to catch something, but Yang Tian had disappeared in the thunder prison trail.
Miss, if you die, you die. No, never mind.
Aunt Bian Cai encouraged her that her strength could actually enter Lei Prison to save Yang Tian at this time, but from her attitude, Ruan Xiaoyu wouldn’t let her go to save her.