The magic is food for these five sexy devil, and these five sexy devil, in turn, are food for the Huanxi Zen king Pi Na Ye Jia.

There are Jin Mu’s fire, water, soil and five elements in the realm of repairing truth, the magic magic of balancing everything, sexy devil and the king of lust Buddha, which are just restraining each other.
Tianyu Chongqi Pill, Xuanzhao Huaxue Pill, Shangxiuzhigu Pill
With the Tongtianbao mirror, it is convenient to exchange three bottles of Dan medicine with SPAR immediately. On this day, the feather-rushing Qi Dan can replenish qi and swallow it to form a majestic and true blood-spinning Dan, which, as the name suggests, fills the deficiency of qi and blood, heals the wounds and cures the bones.
During Hu Tian’s promotion to the foundation period, the scope of choosing Dan medicine is also many times wider than before. Those who cultivate truth during the practice period of these three Dan medicines can’t be forced to burst and die of violent drugs.
The so-called excessive Jude is unreasonable. Exactly.
Hu-day naturally won’t mistreat himself by selecting these three kinds of Dan medicines in a row to see the curative effect and not the price.
After swallowing for a moment, he was full of blood and gas, and the sea was at its peak.
Then give these three Dan bottles to Jin Queer. "These three Dan medicines are all for you. One can supplement the true yuan very quickly, one can supplement the blood gas, and the other can cure bones and heal wounds."
Golden sparrow is frowning at this time, and there is a lack of aura in the magic well of heaven and earth, so it is very difficult to recover the truth. At this time, he suddenly took over the three bottles of Dan medicine and immediately delayed his eyes in surprise. "This Dan medicine is too precious for me to accept …"
In this world, she knows more about this kind of Dan medicine than Hu Tian does. Only with this kind of Dan medicine can people really exert their strength during the foundation period.
"Call you take you take" Hu-day a glaring tone slightly tough.
"It’s …" Golden finch immediately bowed his head and silently put these three bottles of Dan medicine into his arms.
Since Hu-day double-cultivation and joyful meditation, she has felt that Hu-day’s affection for all her thoughts has risen instead of falling, but she has gathered away her natural knowledge that Hu-day is bent on climbing the true peak and is strongly determined to stay with him quietly and accompany him for an extra journey now.
He didn’t think about it and dared not expect it.
Hu-day to see her so expression will also guess her mind nine points with a slight sigh and turned away.
Since ancient times, how many heroes and heroines have fallen headlong into pomegranate skirts, abandoned their blood and killed their clank.
Hu Tianzi thinks that if he can’t grasp such a great opportunity by crossing such an opportunity, he will not live up to heaven and earth and regret his life.
Others cross the other side of the world, such as romantic, lingering, and he doesn’t care. He knows that if he doesn’t care about everything, he will live a fart!
"There is nothing wrong with six desires: color, fragrance, taste, touch, seven emotions, anger, sorrow, fear, love, evil and desire. I have never denied that this is the soul of human nature. I have never wanted to deny that this is worldly desires and I must never stop me from climbing the peak of Xiuzhen!"
It is easier to defeat the enemy than to defeat yourself.
Thinking like this, the Taoist mind is refined and refined into a layer of knowledge. In the middle of the sea, King Huanxi Zen, sexy devil with five heads, and Jun Jian all tremble at the same time. An indescribable understanding is like a loach slipping and losing his hand.
"Now is the time to’ repay’ the tiger handsome!" State recovery full Hu-day blood beast Hongluan threw her head back with wings and struck a beautiful arc and flew straight in the direction of Huyaying.
Verse 1 But let’s be brave today! ! !
The frenzied wind blows wildly.
Dancing wildly in the black hair wind, hunting with flags.
Shouting, roaring, and killing resounded through the world!
Kill kill!
In the Chibi Canyon, the blood flowed and the limbs flew, and layers of corpses paved the assault road. Since Hu Tianjin Queer both fell behind the enemy lines, Jin Wenbo led the Golden Family to break through the exit at the other end of the canyon.
The terrain advantage is much weaker than expected because the Jin family has the organic sword pedal to fly to the middle and cross such terrain obstacles.
The locusts are generally powerful and energetic, and the battlefield is full of blood and devastation in just a moment.
"Old things die!" General Huwei held high the black gold whip and wrapped it around Jin Wenbo’s neck, throwing the real-yuan exhausted old man to the ground.
"Even if I die, I will drag you with me!" The real power is exhausted, but the mind can move. Jin Wenbo carries a sword and throws his legs at the tiger’s tail as soon as they fit.
A firm but gentle wave crossed the tiger’s tail general’s head. First, a blood line oozed out, and then, poof, a neck blood spring rose to the sky, and his head rushed up and fell to nowhere.
"This ….." Jin Wenbo looked up and immediately face surprise wantonly see high school blood beast Hongluan soothing beautiful wings sitting two people is Hu-day and golden sparrow.
I found that Hu Tian is certainly not just Jin Wenbo.
Brush, brush, brush.
Suddenly there was a shower in the middle of the day, and the rain was caused by all kinds of instruments, five flower doors and everything, all of which were shot according to the red phoenix birds!
As soon as Hu Tian’s face changed, he immediately realized that his stupid battlefield was in the limelight, especially sitting on the back of a red phoenix was simply the most eye-catching target!
"It is no wonder that even those who fix the truth during the foundation period have the ability to fight, but they still leave the ground and we will go!"
As soon as the red phoenix bird screamed, it rolled up a crimson flame and plunged into a battlefield where there were no members of the Golden Family.