"You are not even qualified to give brother Shi Xiong shoes!"

Only Lin Hongying, Bi Feishuang and Zhu Fu were all sad and nervous.
Hu-day of the egg curtain simply stopped. "This is the fighting instinct that has been filled for a long time? Hum! My blood is the wind. Can you tell the position by listening to the wind? It seems that you don’t have a kind of blood ….. "
If there is no wind mark, Hu Tian can’t threaten to be sure, but now that he has absorbed the wind mark, he is a hundred-year-old green feather and wind dove, and it’s not a matter of Hu Tian’s attacking and letting go. He has already achieved the integration of wind and man, and his body will be weathered into his own body when he is integrated into the wind
He is the wind, that is, even if he really listens to the wind, he can only hear a whirring wind
Stone bear one leng to admit "huh? ! You are the first person to see the truth since Wu Xuan spread rumors, but what if you guess right? The battle must be defeated by you. "
"Hum, you can tell that my attack position must be a beast avatar. Think about the fighting process just now … you can always hit my paw without my speed, as if it were an ambush before an Oracle … mind induction!" Hu Tian’s eyes suddenly burst out. "This is the telepathy of the magical beast psychic bipolar rhinoceros!"
A person’s blood may not have a kind of stone bear. The blood is a third-class beast, a plateau bear, and the snow hides a second kind of blood. The magical beast psychic bipolar rhinoceros relies on the second kind of blood beast magical power to gain his first reputation!
Section 15 Jiatu Plateau Bear
"You incredibly! ?” Shi Xiong’s face is horrified. For the first time, he looks at Hu-day again, but he doesn’t know that Hu-day has studied "The Method of Beasts". He knows all the blood and magical powers of all the beasts.
"But even if you know? You are awake, and the two major veins, Green Feather, Wind Dove and Tianma, can’t interfere and hinder my mind induction. I know how to make a move. The sea clearly shows that I have won this battle. "After the stone bear was horrified, haha laughed and showed confidence in everything under control.
Hu Tian’s forehead is sweaty all the time. He has been fighting. He either takes advantage of the enemy’s sudden attack to seize the first hand, or uses guerrilla layers to kill the last enemy. In other words, it’s all tactics first, strategy first and wisdom fighting!
But now, no matter which way he takes, once he gives birth to the idea of stone and bear, he will instantly sense that the plot is all work.
"What should I do? !” In a flash, Hu-day’s thoughts came one after another, and all kinds of ideas and tactics came one after another and then rejected them.
"…" Stone bear gradually drops cold sweat on his forehead Hu-day. Every plot involves him. In just a short moment, he has sensed that there are hundreds of tactics that are cruel, cunning, diabolical and cruel. It’s outrageous! Rao is that he has experienced many battles and deeply realized Hu-day’s fighting wisdom, and he is not filled with a layer of chill.
"Why have you stopped fighting?"
"Don’t Shi Xiong brother in what plot against? You see a cold sweat on his forehead! "
"mean! Hu Tian is so mean! It must be that means that banned Kuroda’s hiding means! Ah, I didn’t see how he did it! "
Don’t say he didn’t see it. Even Yanchiyun couldn’t see this false means on the spot.
The speed of stone bear drags down the active attack, and Hu Tian’s tactics are blocked. Find means when necessary.
The battle scene became weird, so the heavyweight fight was so white that both sides stopped fighting!
The delicate situation is due to the fact that fighting is not only about strength, but also about wisdom. Stone bears have magical powers, and their minds can sense all the fighting commands of the other side. Hu Tian can do anything even when he first notices it.
He’s a firm but gentle man, so-called god-shaped blood-shaped gas-shaped body, and he can be isolated from all induction and detection to the deepest part. Hu Tianxiu may not be isolated from mind induction, but if he transports all animals, he is afraid that he will be sent out as a laughing stock immediately after being discovered by the whole trial hall.
Hu-day thought very hard because every thought deliberately avoided the object of stone bear, and finally he found that his current means and cards could not be used for mind induction.
"In this case, it is better not to simply fight hard!" Hu-day eyes suddenly broke out!
"Ha ha ha!" I feel Hu Tian’s thought that the stone bear laughed wildly and was full of ambition. "Hu Tian, you are poor!"
Hu-day’s face is as heavy as water, and he also knows that he is no match for the physical quality. But now the arrow has to send his hand, the ring shines and a cloak suddenly appears in Hu-day’s hand.
This cloak is composed of blue flying feathers. At first glance, it seems that the leaves are green and lush, and they are like jade pieces. They are bright green and want to drip. Their hands are light and soft, and they can hardly feel the weight.
This is converted from the contribution points of Zhu Fu, the feather coat of the Jade Feather, the Wind, the Dove and the Blood Method.
Everyone was surprised that Hu-day was wearing a feather coat and a big bird was flapping its wings in a lotus flower!
What a bird!
Slender forehead, light green neck, dark green back, long tail, dark green color gradient, a pair of claws showing bronze metallic luster, slender wings with edges like blades! Clouds of blue whirlwind birds whirring around set off a fierce power!
"Jo-!" In the flight, the green-feathered dove gave a shrill and sharp alarm, and suddenly her wings swooped like a sharp arrow, which flashed straight at the stone bear.
"What a fierce attack!" In an instant, the sense of crisis in Shi Xiong’s heart was great, and the hair was surprised and angry at first. When Hu Tianxin thought of Shi Xiong, he knew Hu Tian’s attack intention.
But he can’t avoid it.
He is firmly locked by Hu Tian’s momentum, and there is no other way.
The style of the dove swooping down from the green feather is changed from the previous delicate and flexible style, which is fierce and strong, driving the crazy roaring wind blade to be as violent and overbearing as the collapse of Mount Tai!