This Ye Long Lama is very polite, as if he knew Huanyu’s identity. After a few pleasantries, the two sides agreed that it was necessary to win this battle before the two armies could attack and engage.

They each sent one person back to report to the commander-in-chief and the commander-in-chief agreed to it, so that the three armed forces immediately got more than 100,000 pairs of eyes in the grassland.
Huan Yu pulled out a sword. Ye Long Lama walked into the field with his mord, said it face to face, and then walked around in circles. The distance between the two sides was still four or five feet. Ye Long Lama threw his left arm with five fingers and grabbed it at Huan Yu’s other door. His arm suddenly lengthened by two feet.
Huan Yu knows that Tantric handprint Kung Fu dares to neglect the sword and attack the enemy to take the point. This sword is as fast as light as Shi Huo, but Ye Long’s arm is woven faster and instantly recovered.
From this, the two sides learned that each other’s external skills were extremely unfinished, and they needed to act cautiously. They had a glimpse of each other for a while, and suddenly they made moves together to see swords like rainbows and flying sticks, and more than seven strokes had been dismantled.
Then, the two sides used their unique skills to make a steady stream of evil hands, but when they saw them sealing the staff and going in and out, there was ventilation and slow time, just like a game, but after all, it was fast and slow, so it was either a long sword, a peach Zen branch or a Zen stick to recruit a long sword
Tens of thousands of troops from both sides have never seen their fighting experience. It’s always three or two encounters. It’s either you or me. It’s hard to tell the outcome after half a day of fighting. That’s why they feel that these two people are strong in martial arts and have diamond cut diamond.
Li Chengliang at this time, while fighting from the scene, he spoke orally. Today, he looked very calm and calm, and he was a general.
The appearance of the big military forces secretly changed from the former cavalry to the later cavalry, but now the cavalry is gradually moved to the front. However, when the appearance changes, the other tens of thousands of troops are paying attention to the grassland. atrix didn’t realize the change
Huan Yu fought fiercely, so he had to exert his unique luck. Kung Fu’s sword split out many different sword styles with strange footwork.
His eyes are much better than when Zhu Gong was photographed in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and his skill has been completely restored. This is the miraculous doctor Han Yi’s contribution and determination to create his own swordsmanship. There are more than 12 strokes. When he sent it to the tenth style, the Ye Long Lama already felt the pain of breaking the law
Huan Yu saw the opportunity to rise up and fight hard, and the sword was cut straight in the past to drink loudly, just like a thunderbolt. The Ye Long Lama heard this drink and cried to know that the other side’s sword had a sense of mountain cracking and stone cracking, and that people who dared to resist and sweep it away while the other side’s sword fell on the auspicious staff had jumped back.
Sunshine, but when I saw the sword and the rainbow hair, I split the mord into two sections and the army sent out earth-shattering colors. At this time, the Ye Long Lama also led the people to flee
With a wave of Li Chengliang’s flag, the golden drum and the horn sounded like a flood.
A fierce battle exhibition, the prairie Huanyu calmly retreated and found Li Chengliang to protect it tightly
This battle killed the sun, the moonlight, the blood, and the bodies of the troops piled up like mountains, and the swords and guns were everywhere. The East Lu was killed by Li Chengliang, and it was almost impossible to fight back. When the tens of thousands of troops retreated, they were hunted down by the disorderly army.
This is the famous battle of Dongchangbao in history, and it has been chased out of the Great Wall for more than 200 miles. The barbarians led the crowd to flee and lost their souls, and they dared not make any more mistakes for many years.
It has been more than four months since Huanyu returned to the capital and left. His two wives have moved to the capital, and they all gave birth to a boy safely. Huanyu just happened to preside over the feast of the second moon celebration. Huanyu looked at the two wives and the two sons and couldn’t help but feel smug, but he still had regrets in life.
Finish one.
Control transportation
Zhegu real person
brief introduction
When I was born, my earth-shattering appearance was scarier than Pan An’s talent, and my luck was really not troublesome. I jumped off a cliff unscathed, and I was blessed with all kinds of treasures. I never bothered the heroes of the times. I shook the king’s domineering beauty, and a group of younger brothers prostrated themselves. It was a wonderful life. Hu-day, I took a breath and stole my fortune, and Hong Fu Qi Tian called all kinds of fortunes. My name was you, and I was poor and poor.
Section 1 Hum Harley Boxing
The vast universe is vast
This is the origin and the end of everything.
This side of the universe is full of wisdom and greatness, and the blood flow of life in the chest merges into a brilliant galaxy.
When the Milky Way crossed, it was contaminated with cosmic wisdom and magic.
In this galaxy, the green disk of stars floats like a smooth cobblestone sound spectrum in the soft waves of the galaxy.
Pangu stars are mostly green mountains and forests, and mountains and trees form a unique landform here. There are no plains, no oceans, countless peaks and endless forests.
One of the millions of green hills is called Yuan Xiangshan Mountain, and there is a school of repairing truth called Yuan Xiangzong.
In the early morning, there was a 14-year-old boy sweating and practicing hard at the edge of a cliff somewhere in Xiangshan Mountain.
The boy’s face is bare with ordinary eyes, and he looks serious and vigorous, and his fists are like the wind like Lanshan. He is naked and wears blue pants of Yuan Xiangzong’s brother, showing a tight muscle. The lines are soft and smooth, and the sweat is like pearls.
Deep in the mountain forest, there are also a group of teenagers, one by one, staring at the boxing teenagers at the edge of the cliff
One of the leading girls in red stretched out her finger like an onion and pointed to her face and said, "That’s my servant surnamed Hu Mingtian. What do you think?"
The boy in blue with him nodded disdainfully. "Oh, he is Hu-day? Miss Yuan Feifei, the gold medal beater? Not bad, not bad. He practiced this fist in a well-organized and aggressive way, but why didn’t I know there was such a fist among our brothers? "
Yuan Feifei Zhan Yan smiled like a apricot blossom. "Lan Gong didn’t know that Hu-day’s family was poor, and once my father took a fancy to it, he gave my family a hum Harley fist! Later, Yuan Xiang lived in Dashanmen, and my father gave him to me to tell me to hum. Unfortunately, it was not polished thoroughly, and sometimes I couldn’t educate him! "
Lan Gongwen’s eyes narrowed slightly. He and Yuan Feifei have been together for three years. It is natural to know that Yuan Feifei can be a brother. Most of the power of Zhongfu comes from this Hu-day.
When he said, "With him, I think this trial of being promoted to a younger brother will increase my confidence by 10%. I heard that Hu Tianxiu is close to the foundation, and Miss Yuan has talent!"
Yuan Feifei threw a glad eye. "It’s my pleasure to help Lan Gong. Thanks to this Hu-day hum! During the introductory test, the elders said that his bones were poor and his blood was complicated, so he was a medium-sized waste, but you were a watery root. I hope you can bring someone else along when you fix the truth in the future … "
Lan Gong hid his impatience in his eyes and laughed. "Naturally, I’d like you to introduce me to Miss Princess!"
This practice is divided into 13 stages, namely, practicing Qi, building a foundation, lighting, cultivating Yuan, then elixir, moving heart, being silent, being pregnant, out-of-body experience, distraction, combination, Du Jie and Mahayana.
Hu Tian knew that he couldn’t live up to his qualifications, so he often made up for it. He went to bed late earlier, and he always spent an hour and a half every day practicing this hum Harley fist except for the Basic Induction which Yuan Xiangzong distributed to his brother.
Hum, Harley’s fist is flowing in my heart
"Lei Erqi is heaven and earth, generate’s aura is magnificent, Zhuang Wei is positive and negative, and yin and yang complement each other. The miners are swift and thunderous, and the thunder gas is full of gas. This is …"
He is now at the peak of his practice, and he is one step away from reaching the initial stage of the foundation. This practice period is to return to the day after tomorrow and be born.
Ordinary fighters dream of the innate realm, but the stage of fixing truth is just beginning.
"This hum Harley boxing how more practice more upset? Is it a bottleneck, huh? There is a group of people watching me approach here. "
Hu-day ears moved near congenital fighters have a sense of qi activity should he stop fist turned around.
Yuan Feifei took the lead in bossing the tunnel "Hu Tianlai visited Lan Gong. You have gone on a good luck trip. If Lan Gong sees this door test, then act with us."
Yuan Xiang’s middle brother has three equal outer brothers and real brothers.
This means that my cousin will take part in the door trial after three years of practice, and those who pass the door trial will be promoted to the younger brother. If the younger brother has excellent qualifications and excellent performance, he will be regarded as a real brother by the peak master and elders.
Hu-day face calm light eyes scanning people see this blue male grow white face and red lips handsome and special, then with both hands from the ground to nod a way "pavilion is the famous Lan Yu male? When the water is shining and the water is flowing, the master will be the real brother? I’ve heard a lot about you. "
Lan Yu smiled and squinted, and said, "You have played all over the world, and the first person’s reputation has long been heard."
Aside Yuan Feifei face sink to low drink a way "hu-day what is your attitude? I asked you to come and visit, and you stopped where you were? Do you still have me in your eyes? "
Nazhi Hu-day did not move at all. His tone was slow and insipid. "Lord? Miss Yuan must have made a mistake. When Master Yuan led me through the door and gave me a hum of Harley Boxing, he wanted me to support him, not to be your servant in Yuan Family. I promised your father to take care of you, but it wasn’t what you wanted me to do. I must listen to you. "
"bold! You ungrateful slave can’t raise a wolf cub. My father and I really misjudged you! " Yuan Feifei didn’t expect such a scene, and her fingers trembled with anger.
"Ungrateful?" Hu-day sneered at a Kan Kan and said, "On January 7th, the first year of entry, Miss Yuan and Wang Lei had an argument. Wang Lei wanted Miss Tiger Boxing to smash her skull. I finally forced her to retreat after vomiting blood for three liters and decided to practice Hum Harley Boxing."
"On March 1st, the first year of entry, Miss Yuan slapped her martial sister Sun Xiaohong, which attracted Lin Tian to slap her face, and the color was blocked by me. After the mediation failed, her right arm was sore and numb, and she practiced boxing one month later."
"In the first year of entry, on September 23rd, Miss Yuan broke into the senior brother’s lock, causing trouble to Senior Brother Tianchen. A furnace of Xuandan was destroyed, and Senior Brother Tianchen was extremely angry. He took responsibility for Senior Brother Tianchen’s mountain collecting herbs and guarding the kiln for 33 days, which finally released Senior Brother Tianchen’s anger."
"Introduction in the second year of February …"
Hu-day Kan Kan never refutes the words of "ingratitude". Every time she says an example, Yuan Feifei’s face will sink and her expression will be wonderful.