He also suddenly heard from his eldest brother one day that he wanted to "avoid the world" for a while and sat and watched the weather change.

These days, it was said that he had passed away, and even the mask group did not tell others.
He doesn’t know much about his eldest brother’s purpose, but I think it must be necessary to inform himself and his boss about it. First, because they are more stable and strict, and second, because they met each other as early as possible.
He didn’t tell the truth about Yang Mi, knowing what the eldest brother was worried about.
Wang Zui thinks that he is crying to death and wants to live. He also did not disclose the details, because eldest brother said that this matter is very important and will explain and apologize to you later.
Recently, the activities of the mask group have also stopped. They originally wanted to go out to see it this year, but now that their eldest brother has passed away, everyone is in a heavy mood and needs to adjust.
Because according to their search and eldest brother’s news, creatures outside the circle are the best at eroding people’s hearts and can’t go out when they are in an unstable mood
The news from Tu Shan surprised everyone the day after tomorrow.
I didn’t expect the Nangong Sunset, a master of the contemporary enemy clan, to die!
This news shows that many monsters are celebrating each other, but many people feel sorry for it.
Even though Nangong grew up and lived in Tu Shan at sunset, everyone knows that he is a personal view after all, and he still has his own racial position in his heart after all these years.
If the sky is peaceful, if everything is in chaos, then the sunset in Nangong will be an umbrella for mankind.
There are also careful people who think about the reasons for the death of Nangong at sunset. After reading ancient books, they find that he seems to have failed to live past the age of 21 every time since Ouyang sunset.
It’s as if the jealous talent is a restriction on such a Uber.
Ouyang Sunset can rise in the shortest time in every life, but it seems that he is also very short.
There is speculation from the demon king that this is a natural balance to avoid the demon race being overwhelmed.
But this guy … Will he be reincarnated?
Some monsters who hate Terran hope that this real monster will never reappear again.
There are naturally such people on the human side.
For example, after sitting in the hall at this time, the face can’t stop smiling, and the man Jin Renfeng.
"Dead …"
Jin Renfeng murmured
"Dead ha ha ha ha-"
He got up and laughed happily.
Finally dead!
Sure enough, as he expected, Ouyang Sunset Theory, such as reincarnation, can’t escape the curse of life at the age of 21!
He waited for the news of the other person’s death every day this year until he really waited!
Since that day, when the South China saw the Nangong, it was like holding a mountain in my heart after sunset, and even my practice was slightly affected, which almost became my own demons.
Because he couldn’t understand that when the other person looked at himself that day, he was stared at by those eyes with a little murder, as if his heart was broken, and all his plans seemed to be exposed.
And because he knew that Mr. Jian with a mask was the Nangong Sunset House, he endured it even though he knew that his younger sister often had private meetings with each other in Huaishui Bamboo Pavilion.
You, you love me so much that you can survive in the end. Aren’t you still my golden phoenix?
I’ll have second thoughts if the Nangong dies at sunset!
Shenhuo Mountain Villa will be my master, ichor, and all my sisters will be me!
In Tu Shan?
Don’t even try to get involved in Shenhuo Mountain Villa. If the monster dares to come, the Alliance will naturally be in solidarity.
Besides, he hasn’t been half bad to Xiao Tan over the years, and he hasn’t done anything hostile to Tu Shan. What reason does Tu Shan have to take care of my business?
If you want to change your blood, my golden phoenix is the strongest in the world!
And pool Huai Zhu is really getting more and more attractive, and I don’t know if there is any relationship with that little …
Well, in the end, it’s all me.
Let me completely drain the value of Oriental home.
Thought of here, his heart is a little hot.