When the two wrestled, Sun Wu Ruyi’s golden cudgel waved to the sky.

The sky raised a stick to meet him, but then his face suddenly changed and he said, "No!"
Sun Wu ignored Tian Hua’s words, and the golden cudgel continued unabated.
When the sky called him to frame Sun Wu’s attack, a black snake suddenly appeared at his waist, and then the black snake opened its mouth and exhaled at Sun Wu’s face.
Chapter VI I am the Jade Emperor and I am the Tathagata Buddha.
Sun Wu, the Great Sage of Qitian, is indestructible, with a golden cudgel in his hand. Five hundred years ago, when there was a big disturbance in the Heavenly Palace, the heaven would seize and cut a hair on Sendai, but it would not hurt the divination, and it would not die in the furnace.
Sun Wu also laughed when Raytheon’s mother mobilized Sunday Thunder to nullify him.
However, Sun Wu’s sudden appearance of a black snake at the waist of the day made him scream and fell backwards.
"You will be so-"Tiantong Arm Ape incarnation looked at the body wrapped in black snake and revealed a wry smile.
A wisp of thought from the arm-linked ape came to the demon body, and the demon queen also looked for it and came down with a thought.
She has already surpassed the world with the avatar of the monkey, and when she saw Sun Wudou fighting into a ball, she realized it.
God felt something was wrong, and it was too late to stop her.
Even after Sun Wucheng defeated the Buddha, the venom of the Queen of the Demons could not bear it. What’s worse, it is now Sun Wu.
"General, am I doing something wrong?"
The demon queen is slightly wronged by winding her body.
She just saw Tian and Sun Wu’s fighting consciousness and made moves, but she didn’t notice Tian’s attitude until she made moves.
After hearing the words of the demon queen, he didn’t even want to say, "You and I are husband and wife, and we are hostile to each other. You are in a hurry and you are wrong."
He won’t blame the monster queen.
"Sun Wu, I want to share a victory or defeat with you, but now I am an armless ape. I won’t take advantage of people’s danger to recuperate."
Said the sky without moving, and lifted the snake venom in Sun Wu’s place.
The queen of all monsters can poison even some Tathagata Buddha in the world. If he doesn’t do it, Sun Wu’s injury will never be cured and will worsen.
But I can’t see the roots of others except the Queen of the Demons
"We are destined to meet again."
The thought of the monkey with the arm fell with the thought of the queen of all monsters
The demon day has changed back to Huang Paoguai.
"Who the hell are you?"
Sun Wujiang looked at the sky with a sigh of relief.
He doesn’t know what kind of monster Huang Paoguai is. After all, he hasn’t dealt with anyone before, but he can feel that something is wrong.
There is definitely something wrong with this monster’s identity.
At least it’s not the same as saying that it will rob the princess monster.
This is lingshi monkey intuition
"I’m the Jade Emperor, I’m the Tathagata Buddha, I’m the true king of Zhaohui Erlang, and I’m also the Monkey King Sun Wu-"
Big smile
"D" Sun Wu said coldly.
It’s really strange that the sky suddenly turned into another person just now, but if the sky is Sun Wu, the great sage of Qitian, who is he?
Sun Wu didn’t take this word seriously.
Laughing without a word doesn’t explain.
Sun Wu saw the sky like this, but he didn’t want to say his identity, so he asked the sky again.
"What was that monkey so strong just now?"
Sun Wu, who is also so strong as a monkey, is quite curious about the armless ape in his heart.
"You are the same as the four monkeys in the world. You learn from Bodhi Bodhi Bodhi and bodhi old zu, and you can turn over hundreds of thousands of miles in one somersault. He is a disciple of Maitreya in the future, and he has learned from thirty-six changes in the highest day, and his starting point is not lower than yours."