Billions of souls feed the demon!

This horrible scene is revealed in the golden world. If all the creatures in Wang Yang look up, they can see it.
It’s a pity that Wang Yang is already dead.
The chaotic fiend swallowed a wisp of soul of hundreds of millions of creatures in his mouth, and the whole golden world trembled wildly at the moment, and the blood flowers in his eyes kept putting and dying, like the blood flowers in the cycle of life and death, and thousands of them trembled with the golden world.
O move the lack of dharma body is chaotic O at this time, suddenly take a step to step on the bloody sea of flowers, and a pair of chaotic talons are stretched out and inserted into the virtual depths.
"Tear" a golden world suddenly cracked a huge mouth was abruptly torn by the chaotic fiend.
Boom Boom Boom
If the Tianhe River flows backwards, the chaotic vitality in the crack condenses into a torrent and surges out into the golden world.
In the world, those pupil blood flowers grow wildly, and each plant is as huge as a mountain in an instant, and that strange flower stretches out to wrap the world one by one.
One flower and one world! This is a law of the avenue, but it is really naked at this time, which is more shocking than the incredible imagination.
Come on, the chaotic vitality irrigation is not the crazy growth of those pupil blood flowers, but one by one, the world was originally condensed by the belief and willingness of many creatures. The phantom has real signs, but it is still far from the truth. But when the strands are condensed from chaotic vitality into a torrent, the thousands are also "humming". A crazy change is moving towards reality.
There are many shrines in the kingdom of God, and several servants of God are really born.
Pure land gives birth to a bitter sea, and the Buddha shines brightly.
In the blood of the nether world, hundreds of millions of people are born with hags, shura and the devil.
Nine heavens, the number of palaces, Qionglou, 33 celestial fairy islands.
One by one, the holy places in the world are really changing towards reality. If you go to heaven and earth, there will be thousands of original and unique holy places.
"Buzz …"
All the creatures in the "holy land" seem to feel that the breath around them is getting more and more real. Since their birth, their faith has become stronger and stronger, and they have poured out crazily and merged into the golden world that is undergoing drastic changes.
The heavens and the earth have their own vitality. The celestial world is naturally immortal, the demon world has its own magic spirit, and the demon world has its own mysterious magic spirit, and the most original and powerful vitality is found in one place, that is, the chaotic vitality and chaotic sea.
Wu abandoned the dharma body, and the soul was connected. His mind moved, and the chaotic fiend transformed by the dharma body directly tore the virtual vitality in the chaotic sea and poured it into this world, which made the "holy places" really solidify as if they could become real at any time.
It’s a pity that the change is sudden!
Almost at the last minute, thousands of "holy places" were going to become real, and hundreds of millions of people in it felt their souls shake, and at the same time, their bodies melted away from the golden world and the "holy places" forcibly created by their inner desires.
To the best of Wang Yang, the breath department of hundreds of millions of creatures has returned.
The scene like a ghost earth was completely broken when hundreds of millions of creatures returned. The cities, the islands and the sea areas were where the creatures once again appeared.
They woke up and turned around as if they had had a dream, but they all felt an unshakable belief in their hearts, which seemed to have branded their souls, and they would not and could not resist.
They have a thought that seems to have been going on for a long time.
"If you want to believe in piety, you can soar, abandon the heavens and return to the sacred place that is recognized in your heart."
When they woke up, a grand sound fell into the ears of hundreds of millions of creatures, but it penetrated into the soul like a whisper.
"I chaos pick Buddha fiend unified the heavens, ten sides, six palms all gods, immortals, demons, people, and ghosts to view the past, present, and future. I feel the bitterness of the whole life, and I feel the bitterness of reincarnation. Today, I set up a university to influence the whole life to educate the world …"
"Those who enter our church can eliminate disasters and pains and ascend to bliss …"
"Those who enter my teaching can realize the road to eternal life and eternal life, and the bitterness of reincarnation will become immortal."
It seems that I have been in the soul brand for a lifetime.
In an instant, the whole six seas in Wang Yang are in every corner.
Hundreds of millions of creatures at the same time showed piety than lowered their heads to read the "scripture"
"Heaven and earth, I abandon the whole life into the avenue that I abandon the religion of heaven, and I can live forever and be immortal …"
Huge than faith, willing to force hundreds of millions of creatures to condense together and pour into the golden world.
There belongs to Wu abandon sound at this time.
"Heaven and earth! I give up! "
"Abandon religion! Stand! "
When Wu abandoned the sound, two exclamations sounded at the same time in the mainland of China and the depths of the distant and silent sea.
Chapter seven hundred and three Return to Zhongzhou (1)
To the best of Wang Yang, there is a mysterious and empty world.
There are blood flowers with double eyes in the room, and a world is wrapped in the stamen of each huge blood flower, which is exactly the truth of one flower and one world.
The world follows an unprecedented strange law, and the source is not the avenue of heaven and earth, but a fiend.
The fiend is covered with chaotic scales, horns and tails. Born in heaven and earth, it seems that there are several creatures in the sea, and there are many ghosts in the ten places …
It is the source of this mysterious world, and all the sources in this huge world come from this unprecedented chaotic fiend. The breath that emanates from it is perfect, and it is impossible to find the breath that is missing from heaven and earth, but it emanates from this fiend.
I don’t know what great changes have taken place. This statue of perfect and chaotic fiend has actually fooled the induction of heaven and has not been destroyed by the scourge.
Chaos fiend’s virtual shadow is a poor change of the throne, and every change is an illusory and real road of the earth. There is a figure sitting in the throne.
The figure with closed eyes wrapped around the Yellow River with one arm and a mysterious gold medal in the other hand.
The breath from his body is actually returning to the virtual realm, but strangely, it is such a "weak" breath, but it does not give rise to a sense of being out of place in this mysterious world, but gives people a feeling that he is the master of this mysterious world.
"Hum", "Hum" and "Hum"
In front of the abrupt throne, about 20 lights came on at the same time, and twenty people came out.