Although it is a problem for aliens to dig another tunnel, it is still of extraordinary significance to block this tunnel. It can win more time for the city, and if it is supported by Qingtang, it may be possible to arrange more defensive measures to turn the West June 4th into a real fortress.

The situation has not changed since June 4th, and there is little point in trying to strengthen the retaining wall. It is better to abandon this place completely and withdraw the Ministry of Lucky People.
Yip hon doesn’t know what Mian really thinks, but he is so popular that the order is to clear the swarm, so he must find a way to finish it instead of giving Mian any advice at random.
Moreover, this unit is too strategic for a fleet, and it is impossible for it to be a long-term resident city. Yip Han intends to clean up the remaining residential areas in a few days, and it is time to order the troops to withdraw from the West June 4th.
Just as Yip Han led his troops to wipe out the remnants of the enemy, he suddenly received a new order from Beiyuezhou asking him to immediately lead a team to block the entrance to the dungeon and not let go of a giant worm!
Look at the incidental statement in the command that Yip Han soon understood the external situation.
Ever since the Marine Corps blew up the passage, the giant worms in the whole western region have been restless, and there are signs of moving in the direction of June 4th in the west. Not long ago, a new round of rainfall was ushered in in the western region. More than 100 kilometers of giant worms in Fiona Fang suddenly went crazy and rushed to June 4th in the west.
Although the weather is not so good, the satellite still finds that the insect swarm is abnormal, and the West June 4th is not far from Qingtang. There are many mercenaries who rely on Qingtang to make a living in the wasteland. After finding the abnormal insect swarm, they report the abnormal movement of the insect swarm to Qingtang while looking for opportunities to eliminate giant worms.
After receiving a large number of similar reports in a short time, Qingtang immediately attached great importance to it. After summarizing the news from local newspapers, Qingtang immediately found that the target of the giant worm was West June 4th.
This will be easy to handle, although the bad weather will continue for some time, but the bad weather will not affect the garrison to die.
Ma of Qingtang Command issued a sniper order to reward mercenaries for killing giant worms.
At the same time, Qingtang also issued a ban on mercenaries to divide some areas around the West June 4th into danger zones, and it is forbidden for people to cross the border at their own risk.
On the other hand, Qingtang plans to bombard the swarm at an appropriate time in the first-time war plan to the north.
Qingtang, the largest residential area in the whole western region, has a perfect defense system, and all kinds of artillery groups are available in the far and near. It is not a matter to shell a group of giant worms. There is no need to alarm the North Capital after the battle of this scale, but it is just a file for future reference.
Soon everything was ready, and Qingtang released the man-machine on the one hand to monitor the situation of the swarm, and also shelled the swarm to guide the direction
A few hours later, the first batch of giant worms broke into the restricted area, but the worms were scattered and had no fire coverage value. Only when the worms got together and hit the shells did they have value.
However, aliens have long learned from the human war that human firepower is not easy to provoke, so they deliberately disperse the swarm, which is very similar to the human skirmisher line. I don’t know whether the aliens came up with it themselves or heard it from the insect-transforming people.
Generally speaking, the roots will not knot until the swarm reaches the entrance of the dungeon!
It is for this reason that Ye Hancai received an order from Beiyuezhou.
Not a lot was left for Yip Han. He immediately led the team back to the core area and brought the ammunition department to the dungeon exit.
That’s not to mention because Ye Han felt that he didn’t have much ammunition in his hand. When the swarm could not arrive for a while, he ordered the Ningwu to throw a batch of weapons and equipment at the battleship.
A few minutes later, Yip Han asked the heavily equipped soldiers to hug in the drizzle and hit the drop box on the spot to bring their weapons with them.
Including 127 mm three-tube heavy machine guns, light laser guns with backpack pool, 2 mm remote-controlled sniper guns equipped with special ammunition, individual rocket launchers and sufficient ammunition, etc.
Just design and finalize the design cold weapon also threw yip hon together to get a look at it and almost didn’t vomit blood on the spot-isn’t that a stick?
This thing is really a thick prototype of the swing stick, but the length and feel after swinging are good, and the weight is bigger than that of the steel bar. It is obviously a special material with such a small volume and such a heavy weight.
The soldiers were armed as soon as possible, and a few people dragged their boxes back to others. While retreating, they buried hundreds of mines and prepared a meeting gift for the swarm.
There is no wave when dragging it back to the tunnel and dropping it into the box. This thing is also a simple bunker after being dismantled and reassembled. Maybe there is nothing to stop the swarm.
Everything was ready, and after more than twenty minutes, the first giant bug appeared in the soldiers’ field of vision.
The man-machine lens penetrated the rain curtain-it was a small group of jumping insects with a total number of no more than 20 and a special distance between them 2.
This target is not suitable for fire coverage, but Yip Han didn’t intend to give an order to the sniper when the horse knotted the insect.
The sniper had already put the sniper gun rack on the top of the mountain. After receiving the order, the horse manipulated the sniper gun to aim at the swarm. A muffled caliber 20 mm shell flew over two kilometers in an instant, and one gun and two sounds penetrated two bugs continuously, thus drawing the battle prelude.
Chapter 1622 Heaven sends justice
The thinking of jumping insects is very simple, but the original intention of aliens to build this kind of insects is that human beings fight, and fighting in their nerves is as important as living.
If aliens or insect people immediately restrain these insect people, they can endure it, but suddenly, even if the insect people hide in the dark, they will not control the swarm. As a result, as soon as the gun goes off here, the insect will consciously rush out and wade directly into the minefield without any suspense.
Before the sniper’s second shot, the bug has stepped on the mine, and the special anti-giant-worm directional thunder exploded. More than 1,000 high-speed steel balls instantly smashed the seven giant worms into a sieve.
The remaining giant worms did not hesitate to continue to rush into the minefield at all.
In this scene, there have been several times in the war between humans and giant worms. As soon as the gun rang, the soldiers knew what the result was, and everyone didn’t even bother to look at it.
That is to say, to catch my breath, two mines exploded to clear the remaining jumping parts, and the defenders won the first round of conflict.
Shortly after the end of the first round of conflict, Luo jiaqi armor detected that there was an unknown pheromone in the air, and all the worms who arrived at the field stopped at a distance, and none of them were near the minefield.
If you just stay away, forget it. The key is that the density of insects is pitifully low, and the root is not worth shelling.
In the next two hours, thousands of giant worms arrived near the dungeon. Ye Han ordered the sniper to fire several times to kill the giant worms, but the swarm was always restrained by the enemy without crossing the line.
A person knows that the swarm is gathering strength and planning to attack the dungeon in one go.
Yip hon don’t worry at all. I haven’t arranged for him except to inform Ningwu to get ready.
After another half hour, the swarm finally moved, and they flocked to the back of the passage without leaving any front of the passage.
Although the passage is built at the bottom of a cliff, the cliff surface is not high, and the climbing ability of giant worms is not a problem at all.