I can’t blame him. Tianmen led the team this time, but the old Uber, who is said to be almost 140 years old, is under too much pressure. If such stupidity is missing on the road to ease the knot, even if he is a master of quenching gas, he will have psychological problems.

"hmm? Is this true? " Chen Shaobai smile let a person feel like mu chūn wind, bright and pure eyes, some people with high vision almost unbearable, to stand up for him.
"Naturally, and I’ll let you punch three punches first!" Xu Zi was full of ambition, and his face was full of ridicule.
Chen Shaobai rolled up his sleeves, made a handsome figure, and showed his muscular arms: "I practiced sword at the age of fifteen, and I have been practicing it for more than three years. Listen carefully, and don’t go back on your word later."
Watching the diners around and even Dahong and impermanence, no one can find the hidden banter in Chen Shaobai’s eyes. (To be continued.

Chapter two hundred and eleven Wine Sword Fairy
Chapter two hundred and eleven Wine Sword Fairy
Chapter two hundred and eleven Wine Sword Fairy
"Go back on our word? Ha ha ha, with you? "
Xu Zi laughed three times in the sky, and his spirit sank into the abdomen, running his magic, and his muscles suddenly exploded, directly propping up his slightly loose black robe.
I miss him. He’s cultivated with a heavy sword. He’s a character like a fairy. He’s afraid of losing a bet with a mortal who has no magic. Going back on our word?
Even through a robe, people can see the strong, smooth and explosive muscles inside, and the hearts of onlookers can’t help but hang up.
Although not many people present are true men and women, the so-called beginning of life xìng’s goodness, as long as it is human, has a little desire for truth, goodness and beauty at the bottom of my heart. Although they can’t do it, it doesn’t mean that they have no respect for Chen Shaobai’s just move of "helping each other when the road is rough".
As a result, many top-notch diners in Yuhua Square are talking about it, denouncing Xu Zi and supporting Chen Shaobai.
The atmosphere in the field is getting hotter and hotter, and the air seems to contain a little unshakable ShaQi. Xu Zimei’s eyes are getting colder and colder, and it seems that he will succumb to it and hurt people.
"Looking for death!"
The cold hum with Mo Li made the spectators shut their mouths involuntarily. Although Xu Zi was not reasonable, it seems that he suppressed the audience by himself.
Will banter mocking eyes cast she to Chen Shaobai, Xu Zi dazed.
What’s wrong with this stupid scholar?
It seems that he saw his mind. Chen Shaobai smiled indifferently and fell down with one hand: "Our scholars are sitting upright, with their own integrity, not afraid of power, yin Wei and yin wealth."
How well this is said! Many people who had a strange mind and insinuated Chen Shaobai’s stupidity suddenly hid their faces and bowed their heads, feeling that they were as insignificant as a grasshopper and ant in front of such people.
But …
Such xìng lattice, without kung fu and no protection, has not died yet? Is there really a god in the world to bless him? Or, is the legendary "integrity" playing a role?
"You noisy! Will you fight or not? If I don’t shoot again, I will fight first! " See impermanence and two fellow brothers of Dahong with displeasure in their faces, Xu Zi felt a twinge in his heart. Knowing that he had something important to do, he couldn’t delay too much time, so he urged him to speak.
"Ok, I’ll punch."
Chen Shaobai will fold up a sleeve, will skirt to the back, to avoid dust, face se silently talking to himself in a low voice.
This unusual behavior aroused great interest of others, and the three disciples of the Magic Sect and some people with advanced swordsmanship and extraordinary ears listened attentively, and after they understood the words in each other’s mouth, they could not help laughing.
"In heaven, the Great Sage, the Great Mercy, the Jade Emperor, the Great Heaven and the Xuan the king of world God, the Dream Qin Immortal and the Wine Sword Immortal help me to punish evil and promote good."
It turns out to be a guy who believes in Buddhism and worships immortals and makes himself a fool!
For other people’s strange eyes, Chen Shaobai was oblivious. He immediately sank his waist, turned his shoulders and twisted his legs, and punched Xu Zi in the lower abdomen.
As if the whip had blown out the air, this crisp exploding told everyone that at least Chen Shaobai was not a sour scholar who was sedentary and did not care about the grain, and even learned some boxing techniques to keep fit.
But it’s only limited to this. A scholar with some stupid strength and a great swordsman all over the world can see the result even if they fight three punches.
"Ha, ha, ha, come again … ugh!"
See this "faint" punch, Xu Zi laugh hysterically, is preparing to speak provocation, don’t hide not flash, let Chen Shaobai to play the rest of the two fists, but his next words, but was all that airy oblivious to focus on a punch in the chest.
Chen Shaobai slowly withdrew his fist and looked at the strong man with a chest-length beard in awe.
"Woo … wow!"
Xu Zi’s face turned red with Se, and her body bowed into dried shrimp. She went backwards for three steps in a row, but finally failed to hold back her abdominal cramps. Wow, she spat it out.
The bloody smell of raw food filled the air, with a rotten smell of minced meat. Among the chyme residue, there are not only mice, monkey brains, babies that Xu Zi just swallowed, but even his own intestinal fragments.
Xu Zi was furious, and with a roar, he tried to stand up, but a moment later, he found that all his powers were imprisoned, and his hands and feet were tender and he could not move at all.
A master of quenching gas in the secret realm was punched and vomited by a scholar who had no hands to bind chickens?
The emperor, is this playing with us?
Impermanence and Dahong look at each other and see the shock and surprise in each other’s hearts.
As the leader of the three-person group, impermanence, though gripped by unknown fears, still crustily skin of head and stepped forward two steps: "Who are you? If you don’t cross the road, make it clear. "
This performance, like pure Jianghu children, although impermanence has a baby face and a short stature, no one dares to make fun of others.
No matter how you look at it, this is a super strong swordsman!
But … How did that Jian Hao just meet a silly scholar and become a soft-footed shrimp?
Ignorant of everyone’s comments, Chen Shaobai, with a playful smile on his face, said meaningfully: "The good people who cultivate lofty spirit, are not confused, and practice Buddhism and believe in immortals have their own gods to help them."
When this sentence comes out, the impermanent face Se is extremely ugly, as white as paper.