Xia Houlian walked aside and obeyed, carrying the big box on his shoulder and then sent it to Tingyu Pavilion.

He looks good, but his face is a little feminine, which makes people feel that he is a weak woman, but he doesn’t want his explosive power. He is also very strong and has a fight with that Zhuangbo.
Zhuang Qingya took Tang Luoling’s small hand and looked gentle. "Can Linger have a good talk with her aunt?"
Did Tang Luoling say it was not effective? Naturally, there is no such thing as Zhuang Qingya has taken her to the backyard of Zhuang Guogong’s house.
The backyard of Zhuangguogongfu is a bamboo forest.
There is a small pavilion in the bamboo forest. The tablecloth is ready, the cakes are hot and the tea is hot.
It seems that Zhuang Qingya has already been arranged, just waiting for her to come here.
As she sat down, Zhuang Qingya handed her a cup of hot tea. "In fact, I’ve been trying to find my sister for years because I can’t leave Kyoto at will, and the situation is not big enough to send powerful people to find my sister. It was not until that year that my sister gave birth to you that my sister wrote me a letter. I was happy for her and felt that I owed my sister a lot of shine. If you have anything in the future, you might as well tell your aunt that you can do it."
Tang Luoling some don’t understand "aunt you don’t blame my mother? Because my mother eloped with my father, I let you get married to Lord Gongding. Do you think you owe my mother? "
"Kid, you don’t understand that my sister, who was deeply in love with the sovereign, was just a brother and sister. She didn’t want to marry the sovereign. In the end, my sovereign could have a lover, and jack shall have Jill, and my sister would leave her hometown. Brother Tang left Kyoto. My father was so angry that he was ill for half a month before getting up, and my mother was worried that she would give me her dowry department."
Zhuang Qingya is even more sad when talking about the past.
Tang Luoling was silent. This bloody story really made her feel uncomfortable.
Dog blood happens every day, but if it happens to you, no matter how much dog blood you feel, you can’t help it.
"Shine, you are sixteen. Do you have a marriage?"
Zhuangqingya suddenly so let Tang Luoling alarm bell rang immediately.
"How can my aunt ask?"
Zhuangqingya heart nasty said, "I think if you don’t have a marriage, then let you and your son pair up or let me make up more for you. Don’t worry, I will never treat you like someone else’s evil mother-in-law. Chapter 331 Princess Gong Ding 3.
This is just a mess!
Tang Luoling immediately shook his head "no! Aunt, I appreciate your kindness, and I don’t want to get married so early. The elders in my own marriage family will make arrangements to thank my aunt for her kindness. "
"Why? Do you think your son is not good enough for you? "
"No, I don’t deserve him because I’m a Jianghu person and I don’t want to join the complicated royal family. Please forgive me."
She explained that Zhuang Qingya sighed, "It seems that you have no intention."
Of course she doesn’t have this intention. It’s you!
Tang Luoling’s flat mouth didn’t dare to say much, but he just held a cup of tea with his eyelids closed.
There was a great silence in the pavilion.
"Shine is my aunt’s birthday in half a month. Can you go to Gongding Wangfu to celebrate my aunt’s birthday?"
Zhuangqingya suddenly asked
Celebrate your birthday?
Go to Gongding Palace?
Tang Luoling frowned. "My aunt’s birthday must have invited many butler daughters to shine. It’s a rebellious Jianghu children. If they go to talk and accidentally offend people, they will trouble my aunt. Shine will not go, but my aunt’s birthday gift will be sent."
"Shine, you can go once? I really want you to attend my birthday. You live in Zhuang Guogong House, which is my sister’s daughter. If those ladies with eyes open dare to provoke you to look down on your aunt, it’s up to you! "
Zhuang Qingya advised that she would protect Tang Luoling.
Tang Luoling wanted to refuse, but behind him came a voice, "Sister Linger, you should go."
Looking back, she saw that it was Zhuang Hao.
He was holding some freshly steamed cakes in his hand, perhaps because of his excellent hearing. When he heard what they were talking about, he cut in.
Tang Luoling was a little unhappy when she heard his advice. She didn’t want to go, but she didn’t want to cause trouble. But what does Zhuang Hao mean? I cann’t believe I dared her to attend. It’s like pushing her to mix this pool.
Zhuang Hao put the cake on the table and then sat down beside her and said softly, "Madam Gong’s family is close. The way you treated your wife yesterday will surely make her go back to the palace to complain to you. If you don’t attend your aunt’s birthday, you are afraid that the palace family will be more wanton. If you want to take revenge on General Yun, I think it is necessary for you to see the ladies in the palace."
Tang Luoling, the ladies in the palace, also heard about it.
But she felt that there must be other reasons why Zhuang Hao advised himself to attend.
Forget it for a while. When there are four people, she can just ask him again.
"My second cousin said so, so I’ll just go."
Tang Luoling smiled and agreed.
ZhuangQingya shine at the moment "great! Then I’ll go back to the house and have someone hurry up and make you some clothes. I won’t let others underestimate you! "
With that, she left in a hurry.