People can suddenly stop an assassin’s attack now, but no one can do it first. Everyone is desperate. At this time, Meng Fei did something that everyone felt puzzled.

He suddenly shouted at the front.
Don’t stop
Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding.
As if in response to Meng Fei’s angry drinking of a series of fried beans, it was as crunchy as soup. Now, in everyone’s ears, Princess Zixi’s body was half a meter, and several sparks exploded.
These metal weapons strike to form Mars as if it were a shape cover, which firmly knocked the weapons in the hands of assassins.
A sword
A very ordinary sword.
This sword is strangely in front of Princess Zixi.
Firm but gentle horizontal folding
The sword light closely blocked the assassins from killing one blow.
A white dress and a sword.
When the sky was flying and Mars gradually dispersed, one man and one sword stood proudly in front of Princess Zixi.
This is a very ordinary-looking young man, not tall, short, fat or thin, dressed in a coarse robe, with long hair in flax and a cloth rope gently pulled behind his head.
This young man walks past you in a sea of people, and people will never look at him again after seeing him. Of course, I have to say something unforgettable about this person, that is, a pair of bright eyes like night stars.
Look at those calm eyes that contain the world’s domineering eyes. You will definitely see a god of war instead of a person.
The sword in his hand is very ordinary, and its face is covered with large and small cracks and a little rusty. Even if it is given to farmers to cut wood, it may be too dull, let alone kill people.
But Meng Fei can see very clearly that just now it was this rusty sword that seemed to break into several long swords at any time, but an incredible horizontal firm but gentle shock wave broke out, blocking all the offensive of six powerful terrorist assassins from Princess Zixi’s side for half a meter without even letting go of a wisp of breath.
The sword is incredible. It is at least a warrior of war. This kind of weapon will not be much in a big Xia dynasty.
Of course, besides the sword, outsiders are even more incredible.
The man stood there quietly without saying a word, but he spoke louder than words.
Six cold-blooded assassins were forced to retreat and became a five-pointed star. Princess Zixi surrounded the young man. In the middle, they were obviously frightened by the strength of this young man. They were the most cold-blooded assassins. They actually showed a little fear and hesitated for the second time.
This young man is worth a thousand troops with one sword.
Where is he? His expression is like an eternal and insurmountable wall. Princess Zixi behind him blocked the storm, as if no one in heaven and earth could hurt her anymore.
The scene was suffocating for a while.
The purple figure flashed beautifully, and the girl in purple clothes, Zi Qi, returned to Princess Zixi.
The atmosphere is quiet. Chapter one thousand and seventy Goodbye siren.
That young man doesn’t talk, and no one dares to talk.
Just then, suddenly,
Poop, poop, poop.
Four roads of blood are soaring.
People can’t believe that two strange black machetes in their hands suddenly surrounded Princess Zixi look very similar. The swordsman is tall in front of his side and his back is hit by Meng Fei’s sword and the assassin with a horse-cutting knife. The white assassin with ferocious claws in his hands.
The four men suddenly opened their mouths and sprayed one mouthful blood, as if they had encountered something and could not see the blow.
The only performance is often the sword assassin.