"I guess the church ignored" Tianyang smiled and laughed.

Lin Jianbing headed to say, "At that time, the church ignored it and thought that Gawain might have mental disorders."
"After a while, Gawain suddenly broke out and he left the church and went into the opposite world."
"At that time, the church sent a team into the negative world to search for him, which lasted for five years without results, and then the church temporarily shelved the matter."
But just ten years ago, Gawain came back, and he became crazy, sometimes he was awake, and more often he acted like a madman.
"But the church controlled him and watched him secretly."
"And this thing has been 200 years after he entered the inverse world."
"Gawain has hardly changed in 200 years. Although the life span will be greatly extended after day order, there will always be some subtle changes."
"But it’s like for Gawain.
Yesterday, he entered the reverse world, and he didn’t leave a trace. "
"And even in this 200-year-old Emerald Castle, there has also been an ultimate in the church of natural gods."
"That’s the ultimate hunter."
"It’s weird that the hunter seems to have been in contact with Gawain according to the investigation of the church of natural gods."
"Up to now, we don’t know how they are in contact."
"The only explanation is that Gawain entered the inverse boundary of Glory Castle and then quietly left and secretly went to Emerald Castle."
"But this reason has not been confirmed yet."
"Two years ago, Gawain fled the church again, which is even more confirmed today."
Tianyang, after listening to his thoughts a little, said, "I made a deal with the church of natural gods when I went to Emerald Castle."
"I got the hunter’s notes, and it can be seen that she did come into contact with Gao Wen, but she didn’t say how they met."
But according to the face records, they either had some way to communicate at any time or they were together at that time.
"I still remember that diary."
"It’s the third day, and I’ve heard those illusory sounds again. They have instilled a lot of mysterious knowledge into my mind independently. I asked Gawain, and this often happened before he became a finalist."
"He called this phenomenon enlightenment."
Tianyang retelled the first page of Adi’s diary.
Lin Jianbing showed a thoughtful expression. "I never saw it as you said."
He sighed again, "It seems that the thing called’ Papman’ didn’t lie to us. When we sensed the’ God Swallower’, the gods at all levels revived under stress."
"Now there is such an incident in the element heart of the Harvest Castle. If it is confirmed that it is really Gawain, then there are too many things we have to deal with."
"Black people riots, swallowing gods, and the revival of gods in various ranks …"
Lin Jianping sighed a long time. "Maybe the world behind the door has come to an end."
Tianyang looked at him and said, "Lord Lin is not the time to give up yet."
"If you give up, the world will really be finished."
Lin Jianbing gave a wry smile and his eyes became sharp again. "You’re right. It’s not time to give up now."
"We still have a chance to kill God successfully in the first stage."
His voice just fell and the communicator rang.
Moreover, not only Lin Jianbing’s communicator rings, but the sun also rings.
Two people suddenly heart covered with a shadow some bad feeling.
They took out the screen of the communicator and showed that they had received a text message, which was sent by the court.
Tianyang sent a text message and saw a heavy breath.
Lin Jianping even read with a dignified look that "thirteen fortresses such as Ziguang Fort, Humu Fort, Liuli Fort, Lvsen Fort and Yinxing Fort have been occupied by black people by the time of publication".
"A large number of black people have spread to the surrounding areas of the fortress, causing a large number of casualties due to the loss of contact with the accident fortress …"
Tianyang put the communicator at Lin Jianbing. "