These six heavy-duty mobile turrets are not the same in size. They are arranged in a hook array from big to small to the height of Tianzhao. The volume is the heaviest. The blue of the first lying cow blooms hundreds of millions of light as soon as it appears. The purple breath of the second lying cow is difficult to fold the battlefield. All the cosmic energy seems to have been photographed by this purple turret, which drives Lin Sisuo Athena Clatina to feel slightly and judge that she is a peerless master. Although the Phantom of the Phantom can nullify those lower-level peerless masters at the end of the hierarchy, her peerless strength has been moved out of the human category.

"Hum Lin momo, Lin momo can’t believe that you are so outstanding in this phantom of the opera. Today, with or without me, I will not attack you." The silver-haired elf roared
At the same time, Lin momo also reached an attack command. Ten insect turrets were greatly blessed by Phantom of the Opera, and because the previous battlefield absorbed enough JingXie, even in the face of the peerless master sitting in the turret, it was not without strength.
The cannon light of two demigod star cruise ships spread out. Phantom of the Opera, Tianzhao moved at high speed, and several nearby shipwrecks were immediately smashed into pieces. Among these shipwrecks, Lin momo and the silver-haired elves were afraid that the waves would happen to leave the battlefield and fight for a cannon light. You came to me to be particularly gorgeous, and there was no shadow of the ship.
After the Phantom of the Opera and Tianzhao were moved out, the battlefield became more lively. The human fleet kept nullifying the Elves’ ships and dared to die. The fleet itself was clinging to the enemy ships. Outside, there were seventy star cruise ships, which were arranged with great concentration by Lin momo and fought with blood boiling. The human fleet had gained an advantage.
In addition, there are outstanding commanders and commanders in the battlefield, such as Mana and Julien. Even if you want to crash and burn, it is difficult to master the beat of the battle. Every minute, the elf ship is destroyed in human hands, and the battlefield situation is biased every second. The balance of victory tends to be weak from the strong side.
With commanders like Mana and Julien, and a firm fighting belief, the human fleet can’t be weak. The Elves are strong and the array is strong. They swear allegiance to the Elf King, but they lack the sense of justice to keep the slow fire growing! At the end of the day, the Elves rebelled against humanity, and they have been treated well for many years.
If the Elf King is willing to work hard, maybe the Elf clan is already in good harmony with human beings. It is the gap between generations of Elf and Wang Ting that makes these Elf souls stand still and stubborn. They always put the Elf clan’s pride on their faces and always engage in intrigue behind their backs. All this is not acceptable. Humans will not succumb to high pressure.
Of course, the situation created by Elf King for many years has great influence. It is hard to guess what the future interstellar situation will be like. After all, insect robbery is a human disaster. If there is no such prehistoric disaster as insect robbery, even if he lends Elf King a hundred guts, he will not dare to make small moves in the heyday of mankind.
Elf fleet is very difficult to deal with, even if Mana is good at calculating and making traps, even if the command style is close to the battlefield in Yu Dacheng, how can it be accurate? Because there are so many variables, if you don’t pay attention, the ship will be destroyed.
The battle lasted for twenty-two minutes, and the outcome was divided. In addition to starting a desperate battle with twenty star cruises, the human fleet paid the price of seven star cruises to completely beat the elf fleet.
Fortunately, the acceptable level of loss depends on the strength of Phantom of the Opera. Two demigod star cruise ships are playing farther and farther, and from time to time, they are sowing light waves. If outsiders can’t help, they can solve it themselves.
"Lin momo, I admit that you are very powerful. Even if Ling Shuai can’t take you, you can’t escape from my master’s palm."
"Hum silver hair and little phantom of the opera, muttering about the powerful background of the peerless master, but this is the old bones Elf King’s property that is simply white and blind in your hands."
The collision of magnetic energy and light energy often occurs in the virtual confrontation between two demigod captains. Magnetic energy naturally represents Phantom of the Opera and light energy represents Tianzhao.
Lin momoshi is very afraid of the peerless master. If Friar Wu fights face to face, the peerless master base belongs to the crown king of the battlefield. Even if the peerless master meets an elite star cruise ship, he can win with a repair.
Tianzhao, without these two peerless masters sitting in the turret, even has already been nullified by Phantom of the Opera. It is precisely because of these two peerless masters’ efforts to go to Phantom of the Opera that instead of taking much advantage, they are constrained everywhere.
Compared with Athena and Cletina, they suffered a little. This is the result of the worm turret absorbing a large amount of Zerg Jingxue and increasing its defense. If the turret is against the turret, the ten worm turrets may not be better than the enemy’s first green cow.
When the silver-haired elves realized that the people’s fleet was almost annihilated by the army, they were no longer willing to wait for the ten crystal pyramids in front of them to shine. One light whip after another was pulled out from the hull of Tianzhao to see that the energy fluctuation was to exert the powerful ship’s martial arts. The ten crystal pyramids came from the strange energy of the universe and were also promoted to the semi-god level star cruise ship. The key objects were large-scale strategic secondary artifacts created by the elves.
It can be said that the strategic artifact creation has only a few destruction blades outside the Milky Way because of its strong foundation.
Silver-haired elves have always been charged to wait for an opportunity to give the Phantom of the Opera a fatal blow. Although the evolution value of Tianzhao is not so outstanding, it has developed a demigod ship lighter.
"Brilliant magic world Tianwei is a semi-god-class ship whose fighting skill explodes all day." The silver-haired elf slammed into the ten crystal pyramids, and the light outside the cabin made people feel like light.
Lin momo knew that it was not good and quickly called back the worm spirit turret. Article 3,600 magnetic field superimposed light bands outside the ship struggled to dance to meet the vast light dragon, and faintly heard Yi Long sing and then fell into a quiet edge.
The crew of the Phantom of the Opera can hear their hearts pounding, and everyone’s palms and backs are sweaty. Who has seen the semi-god ship’s lighter? Even Lin momo didn’t develop it, and the enemy just talked about harsh conditions.
"Woo hoo …"
Outside the ship, it was like a number of wild beasts sprinting. The dragon kept breaking through the magnetic field superposition light belt and experienced a moment of silence. It broke all the 3,600 magnetic field superposition light belts of Phantom of the Opera, and then the dragon began to impact the guardian magnetic field.
"Competitive not the kui old demigod star cruise ship is this just want me to throw in the towel? No way "Lin momo eyes sharp murder this moment he incarnate son projection together phantom of the opera, is a huge artifact.
"Hum …"
An incredible vibrato came from the ship Tianzhao, and the Phantom of the Opera reappeared. The energy shield and the guard magnetic field have fallen apart. The mast of the ship has broken and the sails have fallen. It looks very awkward and the hull is covered with serious scratches. No one knows what just happened.
Nearly a third of Tianzhao’s hull broke apart, and pieces of hull wreckage burst into virtual Lin momo. This time, he did his best. He came to Haredas in a coma and had to attack. He must take Tianzhao.
Phantom of the opera, the force blow is not reckless. Lin momo has calculated the bone. Rimal, its collision angle just blew out the two most powerful heavy-duty mobile turrets. The peerless master has a strong collar in the universe. It is very difficult to kill them or limit them, so that they can be driven away first, so that Tianzhao is the chopping block and the fish will be disposed of by the Tenchu fleet.
Volume 1 Momo! Youth Tour Chapter 13 Blood Monument
Lin momo is in a coma, and the Phantom of the Opera and the charm son are in charge of the overall situation, which highlights the importance of constant wave tree people being active. Many constant wave tree people are relatively dull, and they are reluctant to show up, and they are even more reluctant to have more contact with human beings. Those who are lively in nature like to accompany the captain. It is lucky to meet one.
"Immediately put poison can play against Tianzhao cabin" incarnate son bit his teeth and looked back.
Phantom of the Opera Tianzhao collided and won the final victory. However, Phantom of the Opera itself is not without damage. After all, it is not easy to offset the semi-god-class ship’s lighter and carry the power. Besides the hull damage, the charm is more worried about the captain Lin momo.
Many wars Lin momo was previously injured by a peerless master, but he has just entered the recovery stage, but he has suffered a series of mental injuries. At this level, Star Cruises War is full of dangers and forced strategic artifact mode to drive the Phantom of the Opera. The burden is so huge that it is hard to imagine that even if Lin momo can recover this time, I am afraid it is hard to estimate the cost.
"Boom …" Blast light broke out and Harley accurately dropped poison energy bombs.
At this time, it is not to destroy the Tianzhao, but to disarm the Tianzhao Department, that is to say, to poison the Tianzhao in an extreme way. If many elf martial arts masters immediately embark on the boarding battle, the Phantom of the Opera can’t afford to lose its charm. It is to ensure that the personnel can win the enemy ship safely.
Colorful poisonous fog enveloped Tianzhao, and it took a while to poison the ship’s Elves.
Those two heavy turrets that were knocked out by the Phantom of the Opera didn’t turn back. The peerless master was afraid of the demigod star cruise ship. Even if they had artifacts in their hands, they would probably fall. Together, they felt that it was the key point to inform him of the position of the fleet to attack. After all, it was a maddening thing that the elf king must be furious.
If two peerless masters know that Lin momo is in a coma, they will definitely regret their decision, but it is not surprising that there is such a decision. The Phantom of the Opera’s actions are so amazing that they led more than 90 star cruises. So short a time, they scared people to death with such a record. If Dielmann blows himself up again, let alone the peerless master, even if the Elf King is close, I am afraid that the two peerless masters will retreat. Not only did they not turn back, but they fled in a panic.
Mana and Julien have not been idle. Seeing that the overall situation has been decided, Tianzhao is clamped by Phantom of the Opera, and they can’t afford to turn over much wind and waves any more. Hurry up and send robots to look for the lucky ones who dare to die. They will make it clear that the bones of the victims will be identified in all difficulties, so that they can explain to their families that they are heroes to be ashamed of.
Roderick and Connor quickly cleaned up the battlefield and quickly solved the sunken ship. The Elves Zeus and Langqi ran near the Phantom of the Opera to go to most of the crystal bombs. It will save a lot of trouble to trap the enemy with these crystal bombs.
"Are we lucky to have many brothers?" Even tilting face to face low asked 1.
"alas! Fortunately, Hugo, a cowardly guy, sacrificed him. He gave us the black cicada fleet to be in charge before he died. What a jerk! Can’t he be a hero again? " Yu Qingqiu’s virtual image bowed his head and his voice was still choked up after being processed. It was Hugo’s last moment of life that showed his difficulty in being brave, and the human fleet could win at a slight cost and defeat the elf fleet.
Even in silence who would have thought Lin momo passive Nuo Nuo guy so disappointing? Hugo was really arrogant when he first appeared, and arrogance was not the place. However, this guy was sophisticated and quickly adjusted his position. It was such a guy who was the most unlikely to work hard, and he was more desperate than the heroic posture to kill the Elf Star Cruises. Maybe the death of a wooden bug stimulated him. Maybe he figured it out. Maybe …
There is no more. Maybe people can’t come back from the dead. The Shakespeare has been unrecognizable. It’s hard to put Hugo’s body together. I believe that Lin Sisuo’s medical skills are no matter how high.
After receiving the news, the incarnate son specially requested that Hugo’s body be sent to the Phantom of the Phantom. There is a cemetery in the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom of the Phantom.
Mana suddenly interjected, "Deputy Commander Yu can pile up all the Elves’ bodies together, and then these Elves’ flesh and blood are used as materials. Captain Hugo casts a tombstone and our dead brothers. They didn’t die in vain. They are human pride and heroes who fight against rebellion. We should cherish them forever."
"Good Elf King has to pay for everything. Since he dares to provoke us to take the hindmost, since the Elves are behind the red storm, we will take the hindmost. This is the purpose of the hindmost and the wish of Momo."
Julien agreed and nodded at Mana. In addition to Hugo, there are many shipmen who have finished the last part of their life journey side by side. However, this is the most glorious moment, and history will not forget them.