"What a monthly salary of ten thousand yuan? Boss, are you crazy or am I deaf? " Smell speech Yuan Tiantian opened his mouth in surprise.

"Sweet sister, you are the president of the volunteer association. It’s more professional. You should take Longling cuisine to take a bath first!"
"Yes, yes, come with me!" Yuan Tian Tian readily promised
"Pear fragrance asked Buchu Longling Cuisine to help her buy some clothes!"
"It’s the boss!"
Arranged Pi two dog went back to the bedroom on the second floor and dialed Ada dialect.
"Brother Dog, I bought a ticket to nine planets City at the airport!" In recent months, Liu Yan has missed Pi two dog more and more, but Liuhua Palace is under strict supervision. She wants to slip away quietly, but she has never found a chance. Today, she can come out for a field trip to the flue-cured tobacco base, begging the patriarch’s grandfather for several days to get this business trip.
"ah? Great, Yanyan, I miss you so much. Wait for me to pick you up! " Hearing that Liu Yan was coming to nine planets City, two dog jumped up with joy.
Chapter 595 Wong Tai Sin way out
"Brother Dog, you must help me keep this secret when I come to nine planets City." two dog said that it’s not a big star. How can it be kept secret? Is Ada still afraid that paparazzi will photograph her?
I don’t know how surprised he will be if he knows that Ada is the eldest grandson of the Liuhua Palace, which is bigger than the big star.
"Yanyan this also want to keep a secret? Nine planets City has me. Who dares to be bad for you? I am not at all polite to him! "
"Oh the elder brother of the dog is not afraid of kidnapping but … anyway, you don’t say out! You won’t come if you don’t promise me! "
"Okay, I’ll keep it a secret!"
Besides, Wong Tai Sin broke with him from Pi two dog, and his famous hotel plummeted. Without Pi two dog’s fate dishes, the catering industry’s hawkers would not be able to go to Xian Hotel and patronize Yanji Hotel. Later, Yanji offended Pi two dog Yanji’s seven famous hotels, and the western hills were getting worse day by day.
Two restaurants, Wong Tai Sin and Yanji, occupy half of nine planets City, and two dog has a huge number of anti-fate dishes, so that anti-fate diners can run to the Queen’s Club.
At the beginning, the business philosophy of the Queen’s Club was not to win by catering. Later, the owner of the Queen’s Club, Pi two dog, increased the amount of food.
Shu Yuer, the general manager of the club who came to order a meal, discussed the skin. two dog invested heavily in a 20-story building next to the club and moved the main battlefield of the Queen’s Club into the building. A large number of diners in nine planets City became repeat customers of the Queen’s Club.
Of course, Bao Mei-er, vice president of the company, has been constantly exploring the channels for marketing against fate, from the initial 50 to 100. Most large units in nine planets City have become the channels for selling vegetables against fate, and these units have their own channels and diverted a large number of diners.
So Wong Tai Sin and Yan Ji are having a hard time.
Wong Tai Sin can’t help hearing the loss report every day. Although Wong Tai Sin has his own way to receive high-priced food from some units, this is not a long-term solution. Once Pi two dog finds something fishy, he will definitely come forward to stop the real super boss in nine planets City. It is not Wong Tai Sin but Pi two dog.
"Daxian, we can’t wait and die. I heard that Shang Tiebing’s son, Shang Zukuo, has a lot of profits and a lot of business predators. Why don’t we also give a blood to discuss with the business?" Wong Tai Sin’s head strategist made suggestions
"He is the second sai-jo not top! Shang Tiebing, a native of nine planets City, knows that he is a real private and practical official, nine planets City. He is famous for putting his family first! I heard that Shang Tiebing, who let the second ancestor turn over a new leaf, kicked Shang Shao out of the house. This is to tell everyone what Shang Shao has provoked. Shang Tiebing will not help his son wipe his ass! " Wong Tai Sin shook his head into a rattle.
"Daxian, what should I do? This hotel must find a takeover as soon as possible. From last winter to now, the loss of this hotel alone is as high as 10 million!"
"Alas, please skin two dog acquisition! Sell it to him at any price! If I knew that this small cow would not help the skin stand firm! " It was a team with Pi Jianli that Wong Tai Sin completely angered two dog and eventually led two dog to decide to suspend the merger.
Wong Tai Sin’s gut is turning blue. This is the stupidest thing he has ever done.
"Daxian, why don’t you ask Yanji, the bitch, to find Pi Boss some time ago, as if begging Pi Boss to continue to cope with fate, and then there was no text!"
"oh? Makes sense! " Xian Wong Tai Sin’s fat body got up and drove to Yanji Hotel with two cronies and four cherry blossom national guards.
When I came to the lobby of the hotel, I found that the booming hotel was now reduced to a few diners, except for a few loyal fans who could not see the past fire and explosion.
At this time, Yanji was busy avoiding debts because she owed a huge debt of 20 million.
When the assistant reported that Wong Tai Sin had come, she also stood up for the creditors and wanted to collect debts, which scared her into the secret room for the first time and went on a business trip.
Unexpectedly, Wong Tai Sin was well-informed and rushed into Yanji’s office. Yanji confirmed that Wong Tai Sin had not come to collect debts before coming out to entertain guests.
"Daxian, you scared me and you took over the debt collection business!"
See Yanji look embarrassed Wong Tai Sin surprised way: "Beauty, you are such a fine person that you have offended Boss Pi. Yeah, I remember that you are very close to him. Why … so pinched?"
"Don’t last autumn, I don’t know where there came a rumor that Pi Boss was abolished by Qiu Qingwang. Not only can he not grow vegetables, but even men can’t do it. I believe it. Then I announced the severance in front of Pi Boss, and then I took the initiative to find Qiu Qingwang’s big backer after I finished the stupidest thing in my life. Who would have thought that Qiu Qingwang was a cheat? I didn’t say millions and put myself in him!"
When it comes to Qiu Qing Wang Yanji, she is so angry that she doesn’t fight.
"Ha ha, don’t say that you even took me seriously. Qiu Qingwang really defeated Pi Boss in nine planets City. Later, I learned that it was a straw bag. Pi Boss defeated him. Pi Boss left him a face and deliberately let out the wind. I didn’t expect to try out some people who were really like Long Xianxiang and Prynne."
"Big fairy, I’m the stupidest hotel owner in the world, dominating the exclusive goods agreement. Billions of treasures have been torn up by myself! Oh, I am so stupid! "
"Beauty, I heard that you looked for boss Pi a while ago and it didn’t seem to go well, did it?"
"Don’t betray him and he can’t pull back a cow!" Said Yanji is full of a look of life and love.
"The boss don’t give fate that let him buy? This won’t work either? I’m not afraid of your joke that my star-rated hotel has been losing money since it lost its fate. I want to get rid of this hot potato. Do you think it is possible to sell it to the boss at a low price? "
"two dog, who sells leather at a low price, is sure to be happy that he successfully squeezed out Zhang Dakuang a few days ago. Now Baiyang Town is his day. His name is going against the sky. The agricultural planting area is scary and the large capacity has gone. Naturally, it is necessary to find an export eyelid. There is a queen’s club in two dog, and it is not enough for a few million people in nine planets to live in a city!" Yanji confident way
"oh? In this case, your famous hotel can also be packaged and sold to the boss? "
"Boss Daxianpi hates me to the extreme and he can’t buy my store!"
"Then you don’t wait to die. Ding Baoyi, a relative of the Urban Construction Bureau, has a share of fate food here. I can help you unite Ding Baoyi. You can sell the store to Ding Advanced!"
"Then thank Daxian!"
"Then make a message" said Wong Tai Sin really dialed Ding Baoyi’s words.
"Wong Tai Sin, I’m a boss now. Don’t call me, okay?" Ding Baoyi knew that Wong Tai Sin was always giving two dog trouble, and she didn’t have a good impression of Wong Tai Sin either.
Chapter 596 Wong Tai Sin for acquisition
"Ding bureau we are old friends, so I won’t hurt you. Isn’t your brother Ding Advanced engaged in catering industry? Yanji has a seven-star hotel. She plans to transfer it at a low price. Ask your brother if he wants to eat? " Wong Tai Sin XianLian way
"How much is this specific transfer price?"
"I always said that her famous Yanji Hotel headquarters building can be transferred for 100 million yuan, and another 60 million yuan can be transferred for every 30 million yuan, totaling 260 million yuan!"
"Yanji you here? You let her answer the phone herself! "
In a moment, Yan Ji will come from the other side of the words and say "Hello Ding Ju"
"To tell you the truth, you can transfer 260 million yuan to seven hotels, but you know I must get the consent of boss Pi for such a big event!" Ding Baoyi cautious way
At this time, Wong Tai Sin grabbed the words and said in a hurry, "Ding Bureau, please tell Pi Boss about my famous hotel. If Pi Boss wants to eat 50% off the price, pack it and transfer it for 200 million yuan!"
"Big fairy you this is bitter? When Boss Pi controlled your hotel, you got a dividend of 20% every month, and the income of tens of billions was not white. Why did he have to confront him? " Ding Baoyi a face of meng than way
"Ding Bureau is not afraid of your jokes. There are always people in my ear who say that if I don’t act, the super boss will be replaced. Every day, someone brainwashes you and I seriously underestimate the strength of Pi Boss. This … is a series of tricks. Now it’s a big loss with Pi Boss!" Speaking of his missteps, Wong Tai Sin blames himself.
"Okay, I’ll tell Boss Pi."
Pack up Ding Baoyi dialed Pi two dog in one sentence.
"two dog Wong Tai Sin called to say that Yanji’s name was transferred to Seven Hotel at a price of 260 million yuan and asked my brother Ding Advanced if he wanted to eat it. I said that it was necessary for the boss to agree. What do you think?"
"Ding Jie Yan Ji, a bitch, spends a lot of money on her hotel. Every hotel is luxurious. To tell the truth, 260 million yuan is a good price, but don’t eat it if your family is advanced. Let me come and Wong Tai Sin will swallow it in one gulp!" Two dog domineering way
"ah? Ok, Wong Tai Sin and Yanji are talking about Wong Tai Sin together. Let me ask you if his famous hotel is 50% off and 200 million yuan will be packaged for you. Do you want it? " Yan Ji said, God, two dog has developed so much. He swallowed 15-star hotels in one breath, which is equivalent to getting half of the catering industry in nine planets City.
"Wong Tai Sin, the king’s egg, is dishonest. I want him to suffer. Please take a message for me. His famous hotel costs more than 150 million yuan!" Speaking of Wong Tai Sin’s name, Pi two dog was furious.
"two dog Wong Tai Sin said that 200 million is a 50% discount. Can he promise if you cut off 50 million?" Ding Baoyi’s jaw-dropping heart said, Oh, my God, two super bosses in nine planets City are more eager to come here. This drama is repeated.
Ding Baoyi was afraid of making mistakes because she was facing a full-time job. From last winter to now, she couldn’t stay in touch with Pi two dog.
However, Ding Baoyi, a big boss in nine planets City, has been watching.
Pi two dog spent less than a year fighting all the way from a famous pawn in Da Nai Village to crush the super boss Wong Tai Sin and others, and now nine planets City Pi two dog status is shaken.
"If he doesn’t agree to talk about business, he will pull it down. After waiting for this temple, 100 million people may not take over!"
"Okay, I’ll ask him."
After receiving Ding Baoyi’s words, Wong Tai Sin asked, "What did the boss of Ding Bureau say?"