The materials needed to refine the magic weapon are too expensive and more than he can afford now, which is also the reason why some real people in the cultivation world can use the magic weapon.

Finally, the magic weapon refined from coccyx is not suitable for him.
Ling Youxian Ling Dingshan was assigned materials and lingshi, which was similar to Ling Youdao, but she was much less eager to start. She failed to get lingshi and got a small piece of turtle skin and a lot of Qingyuan turtle blood.
Although Qingyuan turtle is huge, it can’t hold hundreds of monks in the construction period. In the end, whether it is blood or body or various organs, it is divided by hundreds of monks in the construction period.
In the end, there was some blood left in the square except for hundreds of monks in the foundation period.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Dare to get something for nothing as an example!
When the big demon Qingyuan turtle is killed, the monster beast in the thousands of miles in the center of Nagasaki Island will not pose a threat to hundreds of immortals on this island.
Don’t look at those monsters gathering in Nagasaki Island, which caused Nagasaki Island to be flooded. Hundreds of cultivators can retreat to avoid the edge.
But it won’t be long before those massive monsters without the control of the big monster Qingyuan turtle will leave and re-spread thousands of miles of waters in Fiona Fang
By then, those who cultivate immortality can break the monster beast in this sea area one by one with superior strength.
To put it bluntly, it is a matter of time to destroy the second-order monster beast in this sea area.
Although the immortals successfully killed the big demon Qingyuan turtle, they also paid a lot of money.
The nine powerful monks who killed the big demon Qingyuan turtle were injured and were responsible for intercepting hundreds of monks during the construction period, all of whom were more or less hanged.
And some people are seriously injured and certainly can’t continue fighting.
Most of them will recuperate on this island for a period of time, and then they will leave the boundary and give up the game.
This is a big deal. After all, it is too slim to get into the ruins of Zhenhai Palace. For them, it is cost-effective to earn more training resources.
Now that I have earned a lot of cultivation resources, I dare not take risks in case of injury.
Of course, the worst part is not these people, but those who died in battle.
Don’t look at the hundreds of people who were responsible for intercepting before the tsunami came, firmly controlling the beach defense line of Nagasaki Island, and the monster could not get in.
But this is the result of human lives, and the reason why we went to the island later is that no amount of human lives can change the time.
According to post-war statistics, this time, more than 200 monks were killed when the monster beast was intercepted.
That is to say, there are more than 600 Buddhist monks on this island, all of whom are lightly or seriously injured.
These are still the second-order monsters in this sea area, and there will definitely be others killed.
After all, even without the big monster Qingyuan turtle, the overall strength of the monster beast in this sea area is still very strong
During the foundation period, more than 600 monks divided things and returned to their temporary wooden houses one after another.
Because more than 200 people died, many wooden houses came out. Those who were seriously injured would not take part in the next operation. During the foundation period, the monks left their team and went to buy wooden houses.
Nong Chengye also suffered minor injuries in this interception, and the injury before was not good enough, which can be described as injury and injury
So he’s not going to take part in the next operation, and he’s going to leave the boundary with some people in a few days
Wooden house, he bowed his hand to several people in Lingyoudao.
"Thank you for taking care of a few Taoist friends for months, otherwise the farmer may not be able to persist until now, and it is even more impossible to obtain so many cultivation resources."
Ling’s four Yanshi brothers and sisters have had a life-and-death relationship with Nong Chengye. Since the other party is so polite, several of them are naturally very polite
Ling Youdao said with a smile, "Haha, everyone is just helping each other."
Yan smiled back and said, "It’s also good for farmers to be friends at this time. After all, the barrier behind will be more chaotic."
Smell speech Nong Chengye nodded his head deeply, otherwise he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to leave.
"Before leaving, Nong wished several people all the places to enter the ruins of Zhenhai Palace."
"Haha, I borrowed a good word from a Taoist friend."
Nong Chengye shook his head. "Not many Taoist friends are very strong and will definitely get places."
Upon hearing this, several people smiled and didn’t answer the words.
Seeing this agricultural success again, I turned and left this wooden house.
After a few breaths, Mu Yan ran suddenly said, "Farmers are ready to go, but those of us who have lost places in Zhenhai Palace ruins can’t leave yet. Let’s hurry to heal, and we will be more secure when we can recover one point during this leisure time."
They nodded and then went back to their futon and sat down.
At that time, several people in the wooden house healed and said nothing.
This scene is not only performed by eleven teams, but also by many teams.
After Qingyuan turtle noon, when the monks were still healing, Wei Ming sent someone to invite the captains of each team to go to the meeting. If there is no captain, the team will go alone
Ling Youdao knows that it must be something important, otherwise it is impossible to choose this mouth to call the captains to discuss.
Naite had to give up healing for a while and went to the big wooden house with other captains.
The wooden house is not only melon and fruit, but also wine, spirit and meat, which means that it will not be long before.
Ling Youdao was discovered by the eagle-eyed Wei Ming as soon as he entered the room. He waved to the door in front of him, "Ling Daoyou, come and sit here."
Smell ling Youdao nodded and then stepped away.
What kind of strength deserves what kind of status?
Before the first world war, everyone knew that his strength naturally made it impossible for him to hide in the crowd.
Of course, Wei Ming and other people also tried to woo and make friends.
You know, there are three monks in Ling’s family who are comparable to the false Dan monks, and all three of them will definitely get the places to enter the ruins of Zhenhai Palace.
And entering Zhenhai Palace, the strength of the team formed by Ling’s three people is definitely not weak, whether it is alliance, joining or absorption, it is a very good choice.
"Wei Daoyou didn’t know what brought us here?"
Wei Ming immediately said, "It must be a matter of interest to everyone."
Hearing this, Ling Youdao became even more curious. It can be seen that Wei Ming didn’t mean to continue talking, and he temporarily suppressed his doubts and curiosity, and found a place to sit quietly and wait for him to explain.
After dozens of breaths, Wei Ming estimated that everyone had arrived, so he pressed his hand to signal everyone to be quiet
After the previous interception, people still believed in him. At least, they didn’t leave the people to escape alone because of the unfavorable war, but fought with them until the Qingyuan turtle was killed and evacuated
As soon as he pressed the monks in the hand field, they stopped talking.
"Wei knows that many Taoist friends are injured and it is really not appropriate to disturb at this time."
"But seeing that our interests are suffering, Wei has to invite everyone to come."
There are curious people, dignified people and impatient people.