"The moon ice mark is actually you!"

Lu Li was slightly surprised, but the mouth was not big. Only two people could hear him clearly.
The woman nodded slightly, but she didn’t take off her veil and never spoke, which made Lu Li feel uncomfortable but didn’t care.
After Yu Jie returned, Lu Li’s personality changed a lot.
With the gradual increase of experience, I realize that my personality has some plasticity, and it shows many manifestations such as cruelty, kindness and refusal with different people.
I have seen a few faces in front of my eyes. This female appearance is beautiful and cold, like a moon and aloof as ice. absolute beauty’s temperament is better than that of Yun Qingxian, Ning Frost Fairy and others. Only Mu Qianxue can compare with other girls.
Lu Li has been slightly ashamed of having injured this woman when he learned that he was in a frenzy, and he has been a little stiff when he faced this woman, which made him feel very depressed.
Two people don’t say anything to each other, but the people around them are not very interested.
On the contrary, he watched a male brother’s stereo show great foresight in the midfield scene of the competition. He predicted, "Hum, this time, if it weren’t for my brother’s injury, how could that ugly woman prevail!"
Another brother chimed in, "That’s my brother’s wounded body, but that ugly girl is just lucky. Cui Xuanfeng came last in the first fairy convention."
This sound was interrupted by Lu Li, who said, "There is something wrong with the meridians of the man in blue. I am afraid it is caused by some strange poison, and he is mostly close to the holy one when he is cultivating. Can he win?"
The two younger brothers were ordinary people in Jiushushan, but they were slightly unhappy when they hit the nail on the head. They immediately turned back and scolded, "Where come we don’t know that we are-"
Lu Li interrupted his voice in a cold way, "Cui Zhu sent Lu Li."
"Ah malefic-"
Two people panic is forward-looking, like seeing the beast in the wild and fleeing rapidly.
This place is a god’s playground, and you can’t fly with your sword. These two people fled running all the way with their feet, but they never turned back and didn’t take away a cloud.
When I saw the ice mark on the moon, I glanced at the land slightly with indifference. "These two people fled in panic when they saw you?"
Lu Li said succinctly, "Because I killed several Taikoo brothers."
The ice mark on the moon is still indifferent. "If it is because of these, then these two people are too timid. This time, the fairy convention is looking forward to meeting you."
The voice just fell on the ice mark, but it turned away without leaving a chance to leave the mouth.
Looking at this strange girl, I can’t stop talking.
The ice mark on the moon has already left the view of Zhao Suyun, but it is a murder to start the sword and the sharp base can lock the victory, and it will be safe to go to Ye Guhong’s venue.
It’s not that Xiang Yun was not taken by surprise, but that according to the arrangement of the competition, the distance between Yang and Lie is the closest to that of Cui Zhu Paiyu. The three people are Zhao Suyun, Ye Guhong and Xiang Yun in turn.
It is also reasonable to watch the battle one by one according to the distance, and it will not make the brothers and sisters feel bad.
If the wisdom is far away, it can be regarded as a wise man, but it is mainly judged and deduced by him. In terms of scheming, he has never murdered anyone, even if he is far away from his enemy, it is a head-on battle.
It is not that the land centrifuge is not deep, so-called wisdom can be used in many ways.
Lu Li’s cultivation of immortality can be regarded as a wise man today. His mind is mainly focused on judging the opponent’s action, deducing and predicting the move in the competition, rather than scheming.
When I came to Ye Guhong’s side, I found that Ye Guhong was struggling. The opponent is said to be a powerful person who voluntarily gave up his elite brother seat to participate in this fight.
"That’s the flaming peak fire cloud carving. That’s the fire cloud crane. Teacher younger brother is practicing and walking on fire. The strength is that the first Buddha can’t resist Ye Guhong. Although he is handsome and extraordinary, he is still inferior in repair."
Although the words spoken by a female brother are still biased towards the blazing peak, the analysis is objective and not overly biased.
Lu Li immediately said, "Repairing is on the one hand, a portable instrument can also be used to defeat the enemy."
The woman smell speech hurriedly looked at the field and watched Ye Guhong accumulate momentum. When the spirit force of the wooden Xuanjian became stronger, her face became more ugly!
"This is a sword close to the fairy-"
Once again, the woman turned her head and left for the last Xiangyun area.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-three Strange flame
Xiang Yun looked up from the ground and looked up. His face suddenly changed, but there was a sharp color in his eyes!
"This Xiangyun opponent is very strong!"
Lu Li can’t help but sigh, but then his eyes shine and he stares at the situation of two people playing in the field.
Xiangyun’s opponent is a man with a strange costume, which can be said to be strange. This man is dressed strangely and wrapped in many red strips, but he is a man in appearance.
In terms of clothes, this man is dressed in a plain robe, but it is tattered. Although both sleeves are incomplete, the forearm is wrapped with cloth and has several thick layers, which is somewhat strange.
This man with his bare hands against Xiangyun Fire Phoenix is powerless. Even directly passing through the male body failed to cause any damage.
The man looks clumsy with one move and one style, but his speed is surprisingly fast. Xiangyun was almost hit by the man’s palm method several times if she didn’t react a little faster and the phoenix bracelet protected her whole body.