In his heart, he calculated that it was true that July 7th had asked again.

"The man guarding Hulu Mountain can go in?"
"I met a pangolin symbol in it and found a species through guidance."
Guo Ning paused and said, "But the snake and a strange scorpion that Gui Mu transformed also escaped."
He killed Taoist Ma when he saw Lingqing, but he didn’t see his five-tailed scorpion.
So although it looks familiar, I’m not sure.
"I was just about to let them out."
Lingqing’s mind moves like a sapphire carving, and the whole body is as green as a long rod.
Jumped out of the tiger skin bag and stood beside him going round and round.
"You take this dragon rod and lend it to the man who keeps the mountain. Let him borrow the dragon rod to force it out.
Then read the dharma tactic to save your life and protect yourself.
He let him go to you and leave it alone. "
Guo Ning waved and held the Dragon Staff and got the tactic of urging the Dragon Staff.
See spirit green still practice also didn’t dare to bother more.
Turned and left the abode of fairies and immortals to send the dragon staff.
After several hours, Lingqing suddenly printed the formula in her hand, and then the body was really changed.
With a turn of the seal in his hand, the ever-changing ichthyosaur contracted and changed, and the appearance of Lingqing merged into other bodies.
Then, six kinds of spirit and beast methods, such as Lei Yan Tiger, Yishan Heibi and so on, were revealed one by one.
Every manifestation of a method will change the fingerprint and transform itself.
Straight all methods are integrated into the body, and the back method is another exhibition.
From his own appearance, he transformed seven methods one by one.
Finally, a flaming ape with golden eyes and a golden sharp mouth was revealed.
As soon as the ape appeared, he couldn’t stop changing and making noise.
It’s not bad when you’ve changed into a dragon, a tiger and a mountain.
It’s when I meet this white horse that I’m tempted.
For a moment, the mind is uncertain, and the horse is eager to show its mind. If it changes, it is not allowed to be restrained.
However, he was in no hurry to try and see that it was still out of control.
Simply giving up and changing is to stick to the true meaning in your heart.
The ape is also welcome. He is wrapped in a real yuan and will go to his body.
I want to unite my mind and body, break the cage, overthrow him, and reverse my priorities in a different way.
Turn his personal changes into a beast
Is once crashed into the spirit green heart will feel a flash of golden light according to show the shape.
The golden light converges into a golden cicada, and it can’t be turned around in a thousand ways on its head.
Stay with cicadas and concentrate on apes.
Lingqing was able to choke Qitian Fa Yin, read the mind, center the mantra and turn it into a gold hoop to cover its forehead.
be exactly; precisely
The heart is like a divine iron roll, and the body is like a mixed element.
Brilliant light, penetrating poverty, changing golden cicada, centering ape
It was the golden hoop that dropped the ape. After the achievement method was completed, Lingqing took the golden hoop again.
"Now is the time to realize the wonderful truth. He was just about to change his mind and win the monkey.
Where do you need this gold hoop? It doesn’t cover up the light. "
Lingqing aftertaste this heart this article "Golden Monkey Qitian Seal" basked in a smile.
If you want to complete your merits, you always have to go through all kinds of changes, and your mind is better than the queen of heaven.
It’s time to break the magic and return to the gold hoop to center.
Then, after going through thousands of trials and tribulations, we can get rid of the false and the true, and finally we can win the battle.
With this change, the poor golden monkey left four forms: crow, butterfly, peacock and crane in a few days.
Named by Lingqing, Lingya is immortal, Butterfly Dancing Red Dan, Peacock Five-Unique Palm, and Xuanhe Sword of Yin and Yang.
With poverty and change, you can naturally avoid disasters and solve problems, and you will live forever.
You can also travel around the world and the five elements, holding yin and yang and turning to rubbing.
This twelve spirit beast tactic was finally created by Lingqing one by one.
They are Baihuihua Long Bian, Tiger Lei Yin Boxing, Heibi Tieshan Depend, Tianma Juechen Tread, Green Lion Weiling Roar, Bailu Town Charm, Merit King Kong Zen, Golden Monkey Qitian Yin, Lingya Immortality, Butterfly Dance Red Dan, Peacock Five-Unique Palm, and Xuanhe Yin and Yang Sword.
Each skill and method of these twelve spirit beasts can be practiced separately or together in sequence, but it is also harmful to choose a few practices alone.
However, although this achievement method is still a fine level, it is also a fine level to mean one door alone.
Each skill can be refined into a unique magic power, and a Taoist foundation can be established after successful practice.