A proud sword glanced at Liu Zhen intentionally when he said this, giving people a meaningful feeling.

Fang Yun cold and strange expression is Liu Zhenwen’s face is not good, but both of them didn’t come to the mouth, but they smelled a proud sword with a look of excitement and impatience. "Brother Yun Han didn’t know that this time Yun Tian’s city was surrounded by a lot of credit! Without leaving the land, we will have some foreign aid experts, but the whole Yuntian City may encounter that thousand magic scorpions! "
The rest of the people heard the strange language and speculated that the Chinese side in the rear was tall and tall, and took the lead in taking a step. "Where are the predecessors from now?"
At the sight of this man, Aojian suddenly stepped out to see Fang Yunhan’s face. Unexpectedly, he noticed a strong and oppressive feeling. It was from that tall man who was very strong, giving people a feeling that meridians should be frozen. It was definitely not easy to provoke people to think like this, and Aojian was immediately derived from my heart.
"Is this brother called?"
A proud sword is obviously a match for a brother, but it seems that although this person is powerful from his point of view, it may be superficial to fight against himself with a real knife and a real gun, and it is not necessarily defeated.
Unexpectedly, Fang Han’s indifferent smile slightly raised his voice and said, "Away from home?"
This sound export international Fang Han left palm micro-motion a force enough to freeze all things, and a frost vortex poured out from his hand, and the surrounding environment suddenly turned extremely cold, and the frost snowflake burst out and unexpectedly slammed the proud sword.
"This brother is so angry!"
Proud sword one is also in a crisis. The whole person takes a step back, and his body is really condensed. His palms are scattered and his words are pushed out. He hopes to exert a "Tai Chi Seal" of Taikoo Gate to resist Fang Han’s offensive.
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Still missing
Fang Han did not move. The whole person did not move in situ. With the absolute control of ice and snow, it was only a slight display of Xuan chill, and Fiona Fang’s dozens of zhangs of water vapor condensed the frost vortex and suddenly turned into an ice gun and stabbed it at a plate of proud sword only a few feet away!
A proud sword moves in the Force to gather his body. Yuan has locked the whirlpool trajectory into Fang Han’s sudden change. If he is stabbed by the ice spear, he should waste his legs less!
Beads of sweat suddenly fell from his forehead, but it will fall in the future and it will already be broken.
A proud sword wants to resist this ice gun at the moment, but it is already at a loss. When a proud sword turns, it will stretch its palm forward by oblique chopping, hoping to cut off the ice gun directly with this palm.
However, this is a strategy and a proud sword. Because in the realm of cultivating immortals, all the immortals know the five divine powers, and this mysterious force belongs to a kind of force that is quite difficult to deal with.
However, these five great powers are just that people in the boundary between the boundary and the boundary smell things but can’t see them, and they just have a lot to say.
However, the proud sword is too dismissive. Can Fang Han’s strength be resolved with one hand?
A proud sword hit an ice gun with one hand, and the ice gun was not affected much. Although the direction changed slightly, it was still stronger than Xuanhanli, and it stabbed a proud sword.
Proud sword looked horrified, and as a result, his eyes closed slightly as he expected, and proud sword was bent on saying that this bad luck could not escape.
Although all the experts around you are willing to rescue, they are trying to stop it. After all, the proud sword is repaired, and this group of people is still taking advantage of him. How can others be like this?
When he wanted to give up the resistance, the cold force of the frozen earth did not come to him as expected. When he opened his eyes again, he saw Fang Han withdraw his gesture and stared at himself coldly.
"So can you answer my question?"
Fang Hanyin is as cold as ice without emotion, which gives people the feeling that this person is cold and ruthless, and the cold force freezes everything, which makes people feel cold. Even the old brother of Taikoon, such as Proud Sword, fell into the wind in an instant and lost to him completely.
Proud sword a respectful ceremony to Fang Han said, "This elder brother is very strong in repairing the Yun Tian city wall this time, but thanks to the separation, I’m afraid Yun Tian city is in danger without his hand."
Fang Yunhan smell speech was a little surprised. Not only that, but even people familiar with Fang Han, Shao Tianhen and others were puzzled.
As far as this time they received the battle report, the siege man is a master of Alcatraz, a thousand magical scorpions. This demon is earth and proficient in magic door posture and occult arts. It is by no means easy to provoke people to be separated from each other. Can it compete?
In this regard, Qianyu of Taiyishan took a step forward. "A brother of Aojian should not talk about it indiscriminately. I know very well that when I talked about the fairy meeting, I also said that how can he fight with him in just a few days and make rapid progress to compete with thousands of magical scorpions?"
As soon as this statement came out, people around you showed disbelief, obviously they had great doubts about Lu Lixiu.
A golden light flashed behind the proud sword, and it was the Franco-Prussian monk who came with a slight ceremony. The Franco-Prussian tone was indifferent. "Why don’t you go to Yuntian City to discuss it again if you don’t talk nonsense and don’t go away from home to contain the magic scorpion?"
Liu Zhen is very confused about this, although he wants to ask, but the square cloud cold nodded slightly. It is precisely because all people want to follow the proud sword to the Yuntian City Chamber. He does not ask about this. He made a wink to Hai and ZQQ, and they followed.
The virtual cloud in Yuntian City Council Hall stood up in cassock to greet him. "Thank you, many Taoist friends in Taikoo Gate. This time, it was a catastrophe that the demon, the devil and the ghost unexpectedly attacked strongly."
Fang Yunhan said to this ceremony, "What Xu Yun’s predecessors said is that this time, Taikoo Gate sent dozens of brothers to help Kyushu League to try to expel the demon as soon as possible."
The virtual cloud nodded slightly and pondered over what to say. Fang Yunhan took the lead in saying, "Excuse me, can there be a brother named Lu Li Ginseng in this Yuntian City War?"
Virtual cloud smell speech was slightly changed and then looked at the proud sword, which nodded slightly. "Everyone is the same. Let me talk about it. This time in Yangzhou, I met Brother Lu and talked with each other, so I went hand in hand to prepare for the solution of Yuntian City. Unexpectedly, we arrived in Yuntian City and were besieged by thousands of magical scorpions. After exploring, we learned that there were dozens of masters in the periphery who came to reinforce this. Brother Lu took the lead in attacking and killing into the enemy lines. We also attacked later, and then added the master of Yuntian City to kill from the inside, which was also caused by the master of thousands of magical scorpions
Fang Yunhan nodding to land away from hand, he is also admired in the heart for being proud of the sword. These Fang Yunhan asked, "So can there be a teacher younger brother Lu?" Isn’t he here in the sky? "
Proud sword a smell speech a stay face regret tone regret tunnel "to tell you the truth, this time the situation is very tragic, when we were trapped, we had to form a sword array Wan Yuzong, two outstanding brothers. This finally got rid of the demon master and others to kill and escape into the guardian array of Yuntian City. At that time, Teacher Lu was fighting a thousand magic scorpions. It is said that he had even cut off several magic immortals and ghost immortals to make thousands of magic scorpions become angry and personally kill them. The tragic world war I was more than the explosion that shocked the fields, which caused Fiona Fang to shake the earth for dozens of miles. After that, thunder rolled down and