At that time, Ling Youdao saw that his attitude was so firm, and there would be no hard struggle. He was going to ask other array masters to design converters.

However, he took the next step and asked Master Yi about the crack.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to find other array masters, and it’s really not reassuring to invite some array masters with poor ability.
Master Yi is a well-known third-order array mage. Both ability and people have to believe in Nai.
Design the converter without looking for him, but seal the crack and look for him.
He is certainly not the only third-order array master in Beihai, but he can’t find the second one in a short time, and it is impossible to spend a lot of time looking for it. Otherwise, even if he finds it, it is estimated that the crack has expanded to the array master.
So Ling Youdao didn’t want to give up and just wanted to make a tentative inquiry.
But I didn’t know that he had just talked about cracks, and Master Yi immediately showed great interest in it.
Ling Youdao didn’t want to see Master Yi in detail at that time. He was very interested in cracks. As soon as he turned his mind, he said that his family had discovered a crack connecting the underworld.
The word "underworld" really shocked Master Yi, but it also made him more interested.
Ling Youdao’s talk at that time was that he was going to ask other array masters for help.
Master Yi immediately said a lot of things about how dangerous cracks are, and almost didn’t call him a dog’s blood, but he was happy in his heart.
That is, when Master Yi was in a hurry, Ling Youdao came up with the converter design. To help him design the converter, he asked Master Yi to help seal the crack.
Although it sounds contradictory and incredible, it has been reached in this way.
However, Ling Youdao later thought it over carefully and felt that Master Yi’s reaction was not surprising.
The probability of cracks is too small, especially the probability of cracks connecting a certain world is even smaller, not to mention the monks of the Golden Dan period, even the monks of the Yuan Dynasty may not be able to touch them.
Cracks, to put it bluntly, are also a kind of force to transport him to the third-order array master, and naturally he will see and see.
Master Yi wants to see the cracks first, so it’s better to seal them before designing the converter.
This is indeed very true, but at that time, Cang Li Ling knew that the specific location of the crack had not been found.
After listening to it, Master Yi couldn’t design the converter first.
However, when he designed it, he found that it was not that simple.
When Ling Youdao received the news of the crack and found it, it was also the moment when Master Yi designed the converter key. He didn’t want to disturb it, so he left a note and went back to the meteorite sea area first.
He left Baiyunfang City for a few days, and Master Yi successfully designed the converter back and forth for almost three months.
After reading the note he left, Master Yi immediately left Baiyunfang City with the design drawings and arrived at the meteorite waters, and arrived here in a hurry accompanied by the deacon Ling, who was stationed in Baiyunfang City.
Soon they came to the crack at the bottom of the sea.
These days, Ling Youdao, Mu Yanran and Ling Youjin have been here to solve many ghosts coming through.
For those ordinary ghosts and ghosts, all three will let go to solve the problem. When the ghosts and handsome try to come over, the three will make moves and force them to return.
As soon as Master Yi arrived, he was attracted by the cracks in front of him and couldn’t help but walk in and watch.
"Master Yi, ghosts in the underworld may come at any time, but don’t get too close."
Ling Youdao walked into the dissuasion road. If he is close to him when he is on high alert, he naturally won’t say anything about ordinary ghosts. It’s not an instant thing for Master Yi, the monk of the then period, to come over and be handsome.
However, the array master was obviously attracted by the crack, so don’t be wary. Even at the very least, he didn’t have a sense of security. Ling Youdao was deeply afraid that a ghost would suddenly come over and hurt the array master later.
After listening to Ling Youdao’s words, Master Yi realized the danger and stepped back a certain distance.
"This is the famous Master Yi of Baiguifang."
Smell speech mu Yan ran ling youjin gave him a slight hand and smiled "seen Master Yi"
"Master Yi, this is Ling Youjin, the fifth brother of Ling Mou’s wife Mu Yan Ran."
Master Yi nodded at two people.
Although this master Yi Xiu is not so good, he is really old. Ling Yuansheng forced him to be nearly a hundred years younger, not to mention Ling Youdao.
Even if they are both in the same period, can you talk hard? Is Master Yi still a senior?
"Master, do you think this crack is like a seal?"
Ling Youdao looked at Master Yi and asked
"I’ll take another look at the details. Even with the seal method, I need a lot of precious materials."
Smell speech ling Youdao nodded, "Master, rest assured that we have already prepared for such things. I will do my best naturally."
But if we can’t seal it, our family has also withdrawn from the meteorite waters. "
If you can seal it, you can seal it, but you can’t seal it. Then you can see that the situation of the five factions has really risen to the level of Yuan Ying. The war between Cang Li Ling and Shi Ling will definitely decisively withdraw from the meteorite waters.
Of course, before reporting to the five schools, the Ling family of Cang Li must have withdrawn, otherwise the five schools will still know that the situation here will never allow the Ling family of Cang Li to withdraw. After all, how can you ask other forces to resist the ghosts of the underworld when you have withdrawn? "
Although it’s cruel, Master Yi also knows that this Cang Li Ling family has done a good job.
Later, Master Yi left the crack to observe and design the seal crack array, and Ling Youdao, Mu Yanran and Ling Youjin protected it from the side.
From time to time, ghosts come from the other side and are killed by three people every time. When the ghosts come over, the three people will make moves to force them back.
Time goes by so slowly that I know that after more than half a month.
"I wonder if Master Yi can seal it?"
Master Wen Yi vomited a sigh of relief and smiled with meaning. "Fortunately, you found the right person. The general law master can’t handle sleeping here."
When I heard this, Ling Youdao was overjoyed to know that the seal was probably safe, but he didn’t show his face. "Master Yi means that he has found the seal method."
Master Yi nodded his head and then handed over his hard work for more than half a month to Ling Youdao.