But he didn’t want his brother Kuiyan to follow his own path, and never let his brother take advantage of the Ling family’s favor.

Kuiyan promised to keep his master’s words at ease all the time, but he didn’t want to leave him so soon, so he kept the tomb for twenty years, and he also successfully laid the foundation in this period.
Now that the tomb guard is over, he will also follow the master hospital from Cang Li Ling’s.
"We are all cultivators of immortals, and the predecessors walk far more than the younger generation. It should be clear that if you don’t advance, you will retreat. The Ling family is very strong, and this is a comfortable place for the younger generation.
If the younger generation stays in this comfort zone all the time, what about further attack?
When the master died, he let the younger generation leave because he didn’t want the younger generation to be content with the status quo. The younger generation must leave and ask the older generation for permission. "
Kuiyan is a monk in the foundation period, but this is the headquarters of the Ling family in Cang Li. If there is no permission from Ling, don’t say it’s him. Even then, it’s hard for a real person to leave. Only then will Ling Youdao agree.
Seeing that the attitude is firm, it is not good to stay, otherwise there will be friction, and everyone will look good.
He laughed. "Well, since Xiaoyou wants to leave, please leave, but Xiaoyou should remember that Cang Li Ling’s gate will always be there. If you encounter something after the fight and can’t solve the trouble, you can also come to Cang Li Ling’s for help. Cang Li Ling will try his best to help."
Ling Youdao once heard from Qiu Zhen that Kuiyan was qualified as a master of refining.
He may not believe it, after all, it’s hard to find a master refiner. He is always a refiner and not a fortune teller. How can he be so sure that Kuiyan has a refiner teacher?
But now Ling Youdao believes, so Kuiyan is not only a friar in the early days of building a foundation, but also a master of refining, but also a spirit device that can be refined
At first glance, I don’t feel anything, but more than 20 years ago, he was an ordinary ordinary farmer. Only after more than 20 years, he not only succeeded in building a foundation, but also became a master of refining, which shows that he has strong talent.
Although you can’t leave such a genius in the Ling family, it would be very good if you can make friends and leave a good relationship.
In front of Kuiyan, there is a secular world. There are not so many twists and turns in playing man of iron Root in a small mountain village. However, since he joined Qiuzhen, Qiuzhen has taught him a lot, and he has gradually become more refined from simplicity.
Ling Youdao is so open that the real person then gives him a face. Naturally, he can’t dial his face and then nods and answers, "Cang Li Ling’s affection for the family teacher will never be forgotten by the younger generation."
Ling Youdao nodded. That’s what he wanted to hear.
"You go and rest assured that no one will stop you from coming from Lingshi."
"Thank you, senior"
Said kuiyan to ling Youdao deeply a hand "junior leave"
Looking at Kuiyan’s departure, he couldn’t help feeling that "the strong are all out of adversity."
Kuiyan went out of Baiyun Mountain and was stopped by Brother Ling.
Even if he doesn’t go to find Ling Youdao directly from Baiyun Mountain, there won’t be any surging ideas. Brother Ling stopped him from going to find Ling Youdao just to avoid something that didn’t happen.
Kuiyan left. For Ling Youdao, this is an episode of his own cultivation of immortality.
For Cang Li Ling’s family, there are still those ten brothers who follow Qiu Zhen to learn from Ling’s family.
Among the ten people, Lingde holds the highest achievement, and like Kuiyan, he is both a monk in the foundation period and a master of refining.
All he can do is to rely on his father Ling Ren ‘an’s family to pay for his life.
Lingde’s starting point is much higher than Kuiyan’s, but at this time their achievements are quite enough to show how much Kuiyan is aware of it.
But anyway, Cang Li Ling has his own master of refining.
Eastern Xianxia School
Bi Zhengfang, the head of Xianxia School, has been closed for decades since Sanxian Cave and his party.
In this period, all the things of Xianxia Sect were followed by the elder Zhang Ling, Bi Zhengfang and Bi Can.
Bi Can, the elder of Xianxia Sect Hall, sat on a futon. The former looked at Bi Can and asked, "Master Bi has done a good job this time. It will be very gratifying if the leader knows this news."