It was the demon that kept the bones from being sucked into the demon spirit gourd, not the bones to protect it.

Entering the demon, you can’t break it unless you find the demon Yuanling. This demon is like Jin Xian being sucked into the demon spirit gourd. Even if you can destroy all the array attacks in the gourd, it’s hard to break the gourd.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-seven Exhausted Shou Yuan
Wan Xianjian then slowly gathered strength for Leitian to know that the demon is quite strong, and it is very unlikely that it can kill the roller. The aftermath of Wan Xianjian’s sword box just before Wan Jian’s blow didn’t seem to hurt the demon, but the demon absolutely didn’t dare to face the fight against Wan Xianjian’s sword box. Wan Jian’s blow will create a better opportunity for Liu Jieshen’s ruler.
Leitian doesn’t care about procrastination, because the longer you procrastinate, the more familiar you are with the six-robbery ruler, and the greater the chance of hitting the enemy.
I want to kill the demon by some simple means. I want to start looking at the magic gun with seven stars in my heart.
This Seven-star Voldemort Gun is a self-made smelting thing with hands in Leitian, and no one else can do it. Moreover, the force of the Star Market Gate can be attracted in the Seven-star Voldemort Gun, and the puncture force exceeds that of Xianbing when it is a fatal blow.
This is what Leitian believes most. It comes from a famous jade. Before Jane came, almost everything in Qing Di was troublesome. Although this kind of trouble is also a test for Leitian, it has to be treated with caution.
This seven-star magic gun is not without any residual consciousness. No avenue is a pure gun technique, which allows Leitian to solve its power.
Leitian joined the Wumen tactics at most. This seven-star magic gun has some auxiliary forces.
Wu Men’s tactics rarely take up the day until he rewarming it again, only to find that he has unconsciously integrated the way of benefiting the vitality into the seven-star magic gun technique. When he walked in the demon, he saw that all the places were white, the land was soft and the temperature was slow, and now it seemed as if a world was growing.
Leitian released the evil spirit and the surrounding scenery blurred again. He sneered, you demon, what else can I do to learn magic? Don’t bother, I won’t kill you.
The scenery in front of us is clear again. There is long green grass. In the long grass, there is a gentle young man. The young man looks like a Confucian scholar of Dajin Dynasty, wearing a white robe.
How did that Taoist kill you so much? You’ve already killed four ghost immortals in this building. Aren’t you afraid of doom coming to nothing?
Leitian smiled and said nothing, but pointed to the boy’s foot.
The boy was barefoot and didn’t wear shoes. He saw Bai Qi pointing at his feet. The boy’s face was reddish and Bai Qi gestured. He could understand that, which meant that he didn’t have manners and was not on the road.
Leitian is an era of practicing humanity. It is quite disrespectful for Confucian scholars to know that a place where Confucianism was once unusually prosperous was stricter than Buddhism.
Leitian means it is also very obvious how I am my business.
That young man is Yao Yuanling. He shouted, "I told you to leave this building and don’t come again, or you’re welcome."
I’m here to get the life and death book. You didn’t
Why didn’t the young man look angry?
Leitian suddenly threw a tiger charm. The demon had never participated in a battle when the Emperor was alive. Although it was high, it was a real battle. After the thief Leitian flew the tiger charm, he was still watching what it was and was ingested as soon as it was tied.
He forgot that he was still wonderful, and suddenly he panicked and was instantly controlled by the power in the roller.
Leitian felt that he was a false alarm. He was directly sent to the demon ground and the dust fell to the ground and lay quietly on the floor.
Leitian bent down to pick it up, but it was a page-turning paper. Some of it was yellowed and mixed with bamboo stripes. The cover was dark and the golden pattern was shining. It was quite heavy, almost the weight of a short axe.
Leitian’s eyes lit up. This demon is stronger than he thought. Most of it is not a problem in hell. This tree demon can’t beat himself even if he doesn’t move, but he can seriously hurt himself by anti-seismic force.
Because this is the demon body, the demon has cultivated to the physical realm. In human gas refining, this is less Jin Xianxiu, but in the demon family gas refining, this is even more difficult. It takes Jin Xian to make this demon realm fall, but the body is not damaged at all
Even if the hell disappears, the other body will not be honored.
I’m afraid this demon has spent two weeks here, but it’s a pity that it’s powerful but doesn’t know how to gain and gain.
The demon’s control by the tiger charms also makes him feel better. The Qin Emperor’s creation of humanity just kills him, who gets his strength from Confucianism and Taoism.
Leitian didn’t stand up, but arranged a large array of Yin and Yang to rob Lei in this building, refining this demon body in the array.
This demon body can last for several weeks, so can Confucianism, which once existed in several weeks. Speaking of it, the strength of Confucianism once surpassed that of Buddhism, and 100,000 buddhas were defeated by Confucianism in several weeks.
Leitian didn’t try to refine it, but let the demon kiss begin to melt the black cover word into his own rarity.
Before the overlap of the two rare things, it was not that most of them were powerful monsters devouring low-level monsters. This time, Leitian is weak and strong, so it is necessary to thoroughly expand the rare things.
Because after the Golden Fairy, the demon race will lose its body and will not give up, then Jin Xian Avenue will also complete the leitian refining of this demon body, which is tantamount to directly embracing the indestructible rare body.
The magic resistance can release pure immortal power and refine his body into the leitian demon.
Leitian’s rarity has undergone tremendous changes.
The hexagonal cube has become a cover, the blue-gold face is a violet, and there are a total of 100 masters who completely penetrate the gap. These 100 are demons, and each of them has been stabilized to the extreme.
This is much stronger than the evil spirit gourd with many star market materials, and it can be destroyed by doom.
Leitian still refused to let the demon go. He asked the demon to divide his hundred into seven hundred and twenty smaller ones and disperse them in Sen’s seven hundred and twenty acupoints.
These acupoints will also disappear when Jin Xian is achieved.
Leitian is to refine the strongest demon fairy body and other achievements. This demon fairy body is the embodiment of his weapon, the second yuan God.
It’s impossible for the demon to destroy himself, but it can be divided. Cutting like this is equivalent to wasting his life on the tiger’s symbol to suppress his resistance.
Leitian doesn’t want to keep this demon as a helper. He knows very well that this demon can’t be changed even if the Buddha comes.
Demon realm power has never practiced any fighting methods, and staying in the roller can’t help you fight.