Day looking at Bai Mudan smiled gently and asked again.

"Peony, do you want this maid to plead? If you want me to let her go, I’ll let her go. "
Bai Mudan felt even more nervous when she heard the news. She was worried that pleading would offend the sky.
When the time comes, the maid’s life may be saved, but she can’t protect herself.
Chun Ying protected her before, but now it’s Prime Minister Wang. How can Chun Ying protect her
Did Bai Mudan look at the poor maid or made a decision according to her own mind? She said to Heaven, "Please let her go if you don’t have a reason to kill her."
Tian haha laughed. "Peony, you said you would do your best to help others, and you really didn’t break your word."
Bai Mudan smell speech face immediately revealed a confused color.
During the day, it was the sky when the leader met with Bai Mudan. Now it is the appearance of Prime Minister Wang. Bai Mudan didn’t connect the two.
The sky didn’t solve Bai Mudan’s puzzle, but pointed to one side. Tiger Tiger Tu asked Bai Mudan, "Peony, look at my painting quickly?"
As soon as Bai Mudan came in, she noticed the tiger’s face, and it was cruel only after adding days, but she was startled.
Today, when asked about her, she said, "Megatron on Tiger Mountain" in a puzzled and flattering way.
"Master Xiang is as proud as this tiger."
"From this painting, Peony seems to see the great ambition of Master Xiang."
When I heard Bai Mudan’s words, I had a little heart. "You will hold me."
"But this tiger is not me, it’s you."
Bai Mudan is confused.
Wang Lianhua also confused looking at the day.
She was surprised that her father had taken something wrong and would say that a woman was a tiger.
"You said that Tiger Mountain is indeed Megatron."
"The famine victims in the south of the Yangtze River have gone to court for relief food, but those officials, big and small, have to hand it over."
"If there is no tiger to deter them, I don’t know how many Koo people will starve to death in the end."
"Peony, take a trip to Jiangnan Road."
Bai Mudan was blinded by the words of heaven. She knew the meaning of heaven. God actually asked her to go to Jiangnan Road to deal with those corrupt officials and ensure that the relief food could reach the victims smoothly.
Regardless of the fact that Tian is the biggest corrupt official, just say that she is a prostitute, even if it is not enough to plug the teeth of those corrupt officials.
A woman like her is either protected by Chun Ying or bribed by corrupt officials.
Bai Mudan said, "Peony is a weak female official, and I’m afraid she can’t help Master Xiang."
Chapter 20 Come and be my daughter
After hearing Bai Mudan’s words, the day has a profound meaning: "You are not a weak woman, you are still a daughter of the prime minister."
"Master Xiang?" Bai Mudan looked at the sky puzzled, and there was something not in the daytime.
"Bai Mudan, would you like to recognize my adoptive father?" God picks his own eyes directly.
Bai Mudan hesitated for a day and became the prime minister of the king. Every name is bad to the extreme. If you want to compare it, it is probably Qin Gui in the Song Dynasty
Although Bai Mudan has fallen into the dust, she is noble and pure, and she doesn’t want to get mixed up with such a traitor from the bottom of her heart.
It’s Bai Mudan Bingxuecong. She also knows that she seems to have a choice when facing the sky, but in fact she has a way to go.
In addition to the day left her a way, she would be a dead end if she took another road. Bai Mudan thought so in his heart.
"See adoptive father"
Although Bai Mudan rejected the thief’s father in her heart, in order to save her life, she chose to obey the day when she knew it.
Immediately made a pair of filial piety to greet a day.
Tian smiled and introduced Wang Lianhua to Bai Mudan. "This is your sister-Wang Lianhua."
Bai Mudan courtesy thoughtful to Wang Lianhua gave a gift.
Wang Lianhua’s face was embarrassed. She was at a loss when she suddenly had a younger sister.
Although she is a prostitute, her three views are normal. Even if Bai Mudan is a small woman, she will not have a problem.
However, Bai Mudan is not a serious woman but a prostitute, which makes it difficult for Wang Lianhua to look at Bai Mudan in a normal way.
Hesitated after a Wang Lianhua also to Bai Mudan gently nodded his head.
Bai Mudan is a child prodigy. She always talks to people. Even though Wang Lianhua didn’t say anything, Bai Mudan guessed her mind.
She is not embarrassed by being despised, but still looks natural.
It seems that Wang Lianhua has a strange attitude. Did she feel it?
Heaven said to Bai Mudan, "No one will dare you to be right if you go to inspect Jiangnan Shaomian under my banner."
"In secret, someone will naturally block it for you."
Lv Dongbin is always paying attention to Bai Mudan. He still wants to become immortal in Bai Mudan. If Bai Mudan goes to Jiangnan Road, Lv Dongbin will certainly follow.
When the time comes, if someone wants to assassinate Bai Mudan and Lv Dongbin, they will definitely do it.
Although Lv Dongbin is still robbed now, there are countless immortals who can surpass him in the first three realms of the cave immortals.
It is a piece of cake for Lv Dongbin to deal with some mortal beings.
Those big corrupt officials in Jiangnan have no courage to confront Bai Mudan.
After all, Bai Mudan is a goddaughter with a good name.
Although the current Prime Minister Wang has lost his sacred heart, I don’t know how many officials have been drawn by him.
It is precisely because of this that although the power of Prime Minister Wang came from the emperor, the emperor did not dare to touch him easily