Lingqing’s eyes were chaotic, and he looked at her and said, "It was you."

At the beginning, the vice middle school of Shanghai met Abe Taiyi pedestrians, and Lingqing and others would be killed one by one because they took the lead.
Only Abe Taiyi was rescued by a powerful fox demon, leaving an arm and a fox tail.
It was also at that time that Lingqing learned from its mouth that "there is a thousand ways to be born."
At that time, he also thought about exploring the details of the fox demon by taking the information template of Jingxue.
But I found that the tail is real and unreal, and it is made up of a regular energy.
Method is made into template.
And that rule was given to Bai Zhiyuan after being tempered by the spiritual Taoist.
After all, so is his practice, which is really a fantasy.
But now it seems that this fox demon is best at this charm technique.
Ling Qing survived the emotional robbery and was strong and abnormal. If it were not for the innate protection, she would have been almost enchanted.
Chui fook see two people will he left to one side to talk was a heavy way "Su Daji now that you’ve seen it, then leave me here and I have something important not to delay".
Su Daji looked at him and then at Lingqing’s eyes. "Let it be, then I’ll wait for the little Taoist to finish before I speak."
Say Shi Shiran Lingqing sit opposite Xu Fu on the other side.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Rule information
Chui fook looked at his face and sank, but he vaguely felt that something might be wrong.
Immediately no matter still aside, Su Daji turned to work, and the divine power constantly assimilated the stars all over the sky
At Su Daji, Lingqing smiled at Chui Fu’s constantly plundering the corners of his mouth.
First, Tiankui Star, a huge celestial orb, showed a figure.
Without looking, the star orb tied by chains shook the pennant in his hand in the wind.
Quirrell star also showed a figure, with more than a hundred starlight scattered around the star orb.
A series of starlight links one hundred star orbs together.
Boom, boom, boom ~ ~
The movement of the star orb makes the chains that bind the orbs tighten constantly, but it still can’t stop them from moving.
When a starlight shuttles through a hundred star-studded orbs, it finally disappears into the flag of the sun, moon and stars in the hands of Tiankui Star.
Buzz, buzz! ! !
Strong vibration will make the tight chain hum.
Chui fook was about to adjust the divine power chain when he heard a bang. One chain was the first to be broken.
Then a strong starlight blooms and melts the chain fragments into starlight.
At the same time, it sticks to the fracture of the chain like glue and devours it continuously.
Then, there was a continuous banging, and the chains broke one after another
He always felt that his divine power and hard-earned rules and information were coming to this star like water.
Chui fook tried to pull to take away the assimilated information and take it back.
However, when the stars bloom, the information assimilated by him is gradually taken back by the stars, and even the information of self-understanding rules is integrated into the stars.
He looked frightened. "I said! What is this? "
Lingqing felt all kinds of information falling out of the broken chains of stars.
This information is very complicated, just like the information of the rules in the "Law of Detaining Spirits and Deifying Gods" of the Warring States Deputy Middle School.
There are many repetitions in the unfinished work.
Obviously, this should be because Xu Fu collected the rule information with the help of millions of ghosts and gods in Japan.
In this way, although the rules of heaven and earth can be more widely accepted, it is also a huge sea of information.
He piled all his brains into 40 thousand illusory stars.
Three hundred and sixty-five star-studded orbs and a Zhou Star-studded battle array were laid by the highest land, the earth, the earth and the stars.
More and more rule information is involved.
Tens of thousands of chains kept popping out of the void and then being ground in the starlight.
Chui fook saw Lingqing wordless and felt stronger and stronger suction, knowing that he couldn’t just go on.
In the heart, a horizontal body blooms with strong light and saves in strong energy.
Bang! !
The symbol he attache to exploded violently.
Ling Qing saw that his body was shining, and he was already alert. God had just exploded and he reached out a little.
An ofuda flew from the fingertips and disappeared into the blooming light, and the accumulated explosion energy quickly subsided.
But it’s just for a moment that Chui fook has completely drained his mind.
See no longer poured into the chain spirit green some regret tut tut tongue.