Alas, my routine has not been updated for a year.

Uncle Tong has gone all over, and I can’t hold on …
Yes, this matter is under the official control of the computer
But the problem is that they will pay attention to the core departments and pay attention to all kinds of necessary production in production and life
If you don’t eat spiritual food, you will be hungry and the dead will enjoy yourself.
Can this problem really be solved naturally after all the dust has settled and people’s hearts have stabilized in 2008?
If the wind, they must think so, and those entertainment industries will be depressed in the necessary industries.
Of course, some spiritual food will not disappear, but should be more abundant because of the official funding …
But the problem is that Fang Ning doesn’t want to eat those …
He thought sadly that Uncle Tong had flown out of the valley to catch thieves …
I really envy this heartless guy for practicing after he has eaten enough and catching thieves. He can live so full every day.
I miss being seven years old. I remember that when the river touched a big mussel for a long time, I was happy to fart and keep it in the jar every day. I never got tired of watching it until the mussel froze to death in the New Year …
Lack of entertainment life, it is rare for Fang Ning to come back and practice kungfu every day.
Asking for help is not as good as asking for it, but it’s hard for my uncle to make a decision. I want to be independent at any time after I practice myself to the realm of "turning the gods into dragons"
Time flies, and soon it will be the 17th day of the Gregorian calendar on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.
At this time last year, fireball descended to Fang Ning and successfully bound Uncle Tong.
He was particularly nervous when he was on the verge of this point, for fear that Uncle would get away.
Now this day has officially arrived.
He is particularly uneasy tonight.
Fang Ning didn’t practice overtime and didn’t search for novels. The game was to keep a close eye on the knight-errant action and look at the weather changes outside from time to time
Uncle is busy as usual when he realizes it, and the night can’t stop his sharp eyes.
One by one, while people are floating, they want to take the opportunity to make a big profit or cheat a bunch of guys. They are all pulled out by the uncle and beaten at the door of the special affairs office or in the compound of the public security machine.
It was a long time before Grandpa Tong found that the host was wrong and casually asked, "Why do you always look at your body?"
Fang Ning said firmly, "I’m doing this because a programmer can make routine checks on a system that has been online for a year."
"There’s nothing to check. I’ve been running well, unlike you who fall into a trough from time to time and maybe have a nervous breakdown." Uncle Tong refused.
Fang Ning smell speech a little rest assured that there is nothing unusual about the big ye.
Just then, Uncle Tong suddenly said excitedly, "There is a big monster. Today is really a good day. It must be a birthday present from my father in Heaven …"
Fang Ning smell speech ten words before he remembered that today is the second birthday is one full year old.
It’s my fault that my own master didn’t think of giving it a birthday party.
Fang Ning, the "heavenly father", said that the uncle was a strong relative, and that point was himself …
In an ordinary residential building in a small town in the south
A young man, naked and with colorful tattoos, is holding two copper wires with different colors in his hands, and sparks flash past him.
His eyes are reflecting cold light and his mouth is growling.
"Hum for a year. After getting this power, I endured it for a whole year!"
"What’s the truth, what’s the knight-errant A, what’s the oriental lighthouse? I’m in front of King Lei!"
He didn’t know that a black gas was flashing silently in his body.
Wang Lei used to be a street punk who got some kind of thunder power at this time last year.
Fortunately, he usually has nothing to do and often reads all kinds of urban power novels, knowing that he has to keep a low profile and develop well before he can come out and pretend that the enemy will not line up to deliver his head according to his own level in reality.
So he has been quietly practicing the so-called cultivation is to absorb power to promote the growth of power.
Because he is very careful and has no special performance at ordinary times, he has not been exposed.
After fireball last year, there were quite a few people who got the same powers as him and had similar ideas with him.
Everyone is not stupid to get rid of some sexual arrogance or the need to practice power, which leads to the need to be exposed. Most powers will choose to keep a low profile.
After all, China has a large population, and it is still easy for ordinary people to commit crimes, let alone these powers.
The fame of Chivalrous Man A is to make these people hide deeper.
Wang Lei is a prominent example.
He felt that it was time for him to officially go out tonight.
In order to cultivate this thunder power, he kept a low profile in the streets this year and stopped doing petty work