But there is nothing if it can’t be done after all.

Even the Tathagata Buddha was swallowed by the peacock when he became a golden body, and he had to hold his nose and recognize this mother as the peacock king.
Besides, Qin Changfeng was born again in this life.
This mother cause and effect is never refuted.
A thought of this Qin Changfeng suddenly lifted his leg and kicked the young man’s leg to make a splash and knelt before the bed.
"What are you doing …"
Men are furious and red-eyed, and they will get up and look for trouble.
As a result, Qin Changfeng raised his hand and slapped his face directly. "Didn’t you see the lesson?"
"What makes you?"
The man seems to be afraid to get up this time, but he is holding his neck and saying no.
Qin Changfeng whispered a word and then said lightly, "Have you ever heard of a eldest brother like a father?"
It is unbelievable that both brother and sister are startled in the room.
"Don’t hit my son, stop it …" The middle-aged belle in bed coughed again, but she still had to stop Qin Changfeng from continuing to teach the young man a lesson.
"It seems that I am sentimental."
Qin Changfeng smiled and took out a dagger from the object with the palm of his hand, tearing his clothes, and then three people were horrified to insert a knife directly into his heart!
As the knife light flies, it will soon cut a big piece of flesh and blood from the body and put its hands in the table and tea bowl.
Then he suddenly kneels before his bed as respectfully as when he was in Mount Sumi, and kowtows three times, saying, "I will repay you for cutting my flesh, and then cause and effect will end. You and I will never face each other again."
Say that finish turned and walked to the door.
Lift your feet firmly, and every step is free and easy.
The house mother’s eyes were wide open and she said nothing as if she were petrified.
When Qin Changfeng was about to walk out of the threshold, the bed belle finally came to her senses with a quiver and stretched out her hand as if to catch something and cried mournfully, "What’s your name, son?"
Qin Changfeng smiled, turned around, folded his hands and gave a gentle worship. "The poor monk Tianyin Temple’s dharma heart was born and died, so the benefactor can take care of himself."
Voice down again turned and strode out.
When you come, you are gentle and different. At this time, there is a kind of strength and strength.
This time, there will be no turning back.
As far as Qin Changfeng is concerned, he has been ashamed of his conscience, and so must the mother. It is enough to end this cause and effect.
Just at this moment, there was a servant with a knife and a stick, such as a housekeeper dressed as a lady, and dozens of meters, surrounded by aggressive people.
"This is the demon monk who gave me a good beating!"
A group of evil slaves swarmed and the three housemothers looked pale. Qin Changfeng’s face kept moving forward, and suddenly a golden light rushed past dozens of servants.
Appearing in front of the well-dressed lady again, she asked, "Are you afraid?"
The maids around the lady opened their eyes wide and were frightened. Their eyes fell to the ground and the dozens of evil servants died suddenly with their eyes wide open and their eyes bleeding to the ground!
"If you are afraid, don’t make it difficult for their mother and me. They once had a causal relationship, so you can count the benefactor as a favor to the poor monk."
The lady looked at what she was looking at, but she smiled and killed dozens of people with no blood on her clothes. After taking a deep breath, the monk choked back the fright and answered "Good".
Qin Changfeng nodded gently and then lifted her feet to fly up directly, and then she got carried away. At the same time, a golden Fo Yin suddenly flew out and went straight to the door, and the eyebrows of the girl in Tsing Yi flashed.
When all the people have lost sight of the monk’s figure in vain, he said, "This seal can protect your life and help you step on the road of practice. In the future, if there is a disaster, you can go to Tianyin Temple in Sumi Mountain to report your heart and they will help you."
Know that the voice dispersed for a long time, and the courtyard remained silent.
Less than a quarter of an hour will be like a dream to those who are still alive.
The first lady who came back to the world, she came into the door and sat by the bed, holding the sick woman’s hand in judo. "Sister, you are so ill, why don’t you tell your sister? Before leaving, my master repeatedly told me to take good care of your mother. Tell you what, from today on, you will move in with me and all the regulations will be the same as mine."
"This ….. that thanked the elder sister"
The sick woman also smiled as if she were sisters with deep feelings …
On the other side, before Li Fu and Qin Changfeng unconsciously came to a restaurant, the restaurant named "Shanhaiyuan" was the largest in the whole Heyang City.
I felt Qin Changfeng’s gaze from the side. Huo Ran looked up and saw a young man dressed in bright silk in front of the window railing, leaning against the railing and holding a glass in his hand, smiling and gesturing to him, "Would you like a drink?"
"It’s better to do as you are asked."
Qin Changfeng narrowed his eyes and smiled and entered the second floor to sit opposite the teenager.
The mysterious boy didn’t mean to help Qin Changfeng pour wine. He just held the glass and dangled it to his lips, but he didn’t really drink it. He looked at Qin Changfeng and said Gherardini, "Cut the meat and return it to the mother, cut off the world of mortals, and kill 36 ordinary people in a word. Is this the prestigious holy monk of Tianyin Temple?"
Qin Changfeng’s heart sank. The man knew everything he had just done, but he said calmly, "Like what?"
The teenager patted the railing and laughed. "It’s just interesting. I’ve been lonely all my life until I saw you today, but suddenly I have a feeling of meeting the same kind."
Qin Changfeng poured out a glass of wine and made a joke in his hand and asked, "How do you say this?"
The teenager looked up and gulped down the wine in his glass. "You are the guardian of light in the hearts of Buddhist saints, monks and sentient beings, but you don’t really trust these things. You are an extremely self-centered person. Do you want to be right?"
Qin Changfeng noncommittally continued to ask, "What about you?"
"Me?" The teenager smiled while holding the glass, but suddenly "bang" the whole glass was directly crushed into dust by skipping the slag crushing stage. "I am like this hand. I don’t care about anything. What is it?" I don’t like it, just destroy them all. "
Qin Changfeng gulped down the wine in the cup and took a new one to personally help the teenager fill a cup and sighed, "You are more lonely than me, and I am not as good as you."
The teenager drank the wine once again, and his face smiled even more. He patted the table and laughed. "Do you know what I will come to see you today?"
Qin Changfeng eyes pick a way "to kill me? Because I may be the only obstacle to your destruction. "