This is also true. Qin Shaojie nodded, then looked at the direction in which XuanYuanJian flew away and said. "Then let’s go and have a look."

"See what?"
"Of course, it depends on the Xuanyuan sword." Qin Shaojie depressed said. "Even if there is nothing here except the two of us, we have to get the Xuanyuan sword back, right? I don’t know, what other small discoveries are there? "
Chapter 601 Corn is grinding its teeth, and a big meal is to satisfy its cravings.
Qin Shaojie has been to this forest for dozens of times, and there is nothing but the tree. Even if Qin Shaojie wants to find a cliff and fall, there is no chance to find a cave or something.
Xuanyuanjian inexplicably flew away, which made Qin Shaojie have to be careful after entering this familiar forest again. The amber sword was already in his hand, and he walked forward with Dou Re-mei carefully.
"I said, are you a little too careful. It’s not like this place has never been here before. As for being so nervous. " DouReMei holding his arms, looking at Qin Shaojie a face of nervous appearance teasing.
"Then I can’t say for sure." Qin Shaojie said. "The more you look at a safe place, the more full of crises. Life matters, so be careful."
"Cut, it’s still a set. Why didn’t you say it before?" DouRe mei pie pie said.
"Xuanyuanjian didn’t run before." Qin Shaojie argued.
DouReMei no longer speak, but followed Qin Shaojie made her way forward.
The two men turned back and forth for nearly half an hour, but as usual, they didn’t find a hair.
Qin Shaojie a butt sitting on the ground, the amber sword poking around, depressed with a sigh.
"Where did this broken sword fly? If it’s bigger, it will disappear."
"Disappear?" DouReMei suddenly asked.
"Yes." Qin Shaojie depressed said. "This place is so big, I also saw the Xuanyuan sword fly and disappear, but where can it disappear? Is it difficult to drill into the ground? "
Qin Shaojie this is freely, DouReMei is nodded and said. "It’s not unreasonable."
"There is a fart." Qin Shaojie muttered. "I’m just saying, can it really get in?"
"That’s not certain." Dou Ruomei said. "Think about it, how did you get into the first dreamland?"
Qin Shaojie wanted to think, it seems that the first dreamland refers to the misty cliff.
I jumped by myself. After being trapped, it was the Northern Ghost War that first found out how to get out.
"Think again, how did the second dreamland enter?" Before Qin Shaojie spoke, DouReMei asked again.
"It seems …" Qin Shaojie paused and said. "The first illusion is to jump off the cliff, and the second illusion is to jump into the lava river."
"Wait, you mean …" Qin Shaojie asked with an epiphany. "Are we going underground?"
"I didn’t say anything." DouReMei shook his head and said. "I just feel a little strange. You said it yourself, but don’t you think it’s a little relevant?"
After hearing what Dou Re-mei said, Qin Shaojie bowed his head and remained silent.
This is a bit interesting. The first two dreamlands are all about finding a place to jump, but Qin Shaojie also tried. The mountain was flattened by Qin Shaojie more than once, but the volcano did not appear. The forest was abused by Qin Shaojie many times, and nothing changed.
Not to mention the stream, Qin Shaojie jumped down and swam many times, and found nothing. If it wasn’t for Dou Re-mei’s blocking, this fellow wanted to untie his belt and shoot at it with a’ machine gun’, but the only thing under the ground was never thought of.
"That makes sense, but do we really have to go underground?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"Don’t go down? I have been here for two months, and I am going to vomit after eating corn. " Dou Ruomei said. "I’m going out for a big meal, and I’m going shopping."
Speaking of which, Dou Re-mei was beaming as if she had already gone out.
Qin Shaojie is sighing———woman, you can get excited just by thinking about it. It seems that the status of men is somewhat dangerous in the future.
"What big meal to eat?" Qin Shaojie didn’t good the spirit said. "It doesn’t matter if you go underground. My earthbending rune can let us go down."
"What are you waiting for?" Dou Re-mei said quickly. "Hurry up, I can see the big meal waving to me."
"A big meal is a fart." Qin Shaojie said. "Just know to eat, why don’t you think about it, what if we go on? Don’t talk about a big meal at that time, there is no corn to eat. "
"What do you say?" Dou Re-mei looked like a wronged little woman and looked at Qin Shaojie tearfully.
"You can’t think of a way. I finally thought of a way and you denied it."
"You can think it over. If you can’t get up, there will be no corn to eat. " Qin Shaojie emphasized it again.
"Think about it. Think about it." Dou Ruomei said. "We are practitioners, even if we don’t eat for hundreds of years, we won’t die of hunger. That corn is just for grinding our teeth. It doesn’t matter whether we eat or not."
"Shit, all you eat is grinding your teeth, so you still want to go out for a big meal?" Qin Shaojie asked helplessly.
"How can it be the same?" Dou Re-mei argued. "Corn is corn, and a big meal is a big meal. It is completely two concepts. Corn is grinding teeth, and a big meal is a solution. Being hungry does not mean that you are not greedy. "
Qin Shaojie was defeated, and the defeat was smashed to pieces.
Women are really unreasonable animals. They are changeable, but the only constant is fickle.
I don’t know who said this sentence, but Qin Shaojie deeply agrees with it. I only hope to have the honor to see him once in my life, so that I can pay homage.
"Have you thought about it?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"I think about it."
"No regrets?"
"For a big meal, never regret it." Dou Re-mei said firmly.
"Good, then go down."
Qin Shaojie said, and issued a true yuan between his hands. After a few empty strokes, his hands were patted on himself and Douremei.
When the preparations are completed, Qin Shaojie will plunge his head into the ground, but he is pulled by Dou Re-mei.
"What’s the matter? Do you regret it? " Qin Shaojie looked at DouReMei asked doubtfully.
"Regret is not." DouReMei shook his head and said. "However, you should hold my hand first."
"Ah?" Qin Shaojie one leng, then didn’t good the spirit said. "Elder sister, you still want to take advantage of me at this time."
"I bah." Gave Qin Shaojie a white DouRe mei, said. "Let you take my hand is you take advantage of, ok? Does holding a hand mean that I am interested in you? "
"Then what do you mean?" Qin Shaojie wondered and asked.
"You are really a thinking animal." Dou Re-mei sighed and said. "I’m afraid that if we go down, and we lose contact again, that’s not good. So, let’s go down hand in hand, so we shouldn’t be separated again, right?"