Yuan Ye’s amazing degree can get to this point quickly. Mulinsen is definitely better than Xiahou Yun by this trick alone.

What’s the matter with you? Xiong Zhan growled angrily. It’s so boring to always dodge. I also respect you in Xiong Zhan. You do things. I bear the battle and collide with Xiong Zhan. He shouted unwillingly. He obviously knows far from the people in front of him.
In fact, Xiong Zhan is also angry. He has a strong attack and a strong defense, and he is not good at attacking many strong ones from afar. He ran away once or twice when he met Xiong Zhan, and this has happened thousands of times. Xiong Zhan hates those who dodge by degrees.
You are interesting, Mulinsen. You still have a smile on your face.
It’s funny that the bear fight is a little thing, but it’s a little thing. I’m a bear fight, and I’m facing the war. I’m talking about the bear fight, and two sandbags, and the fist suddenly hits the roof, and it’s as terrible as a landslide, and the impact is more terrible than making the fist crack
Don’t you dare, little man? Xiong Zhan held his head high and said
Mulinsen is often about 1.75 meters tall, while Xiong Zhan is 3 meters tall. It is also a good idea to call Mulinsen small.
Haha, Mulinsen couldn’t help laughing. I’ve never done it at the bottom of this pretty river star field. It’s better to have a good activity today. Then Mulinsen finished boom. Mulinsen’s body was faintly soaring around the flame, and his red-browed eyes actually burst into red light, and the god of war was still in the fire.
Good bear war burst out laughing and strode towards Mulinsen. He shook the ground step by step.
Yuan Yeze watched carefully.
The body hangs over the flame to Mulinsen quietly watching Xiong Zhanchong.
Drink bear war expression ferocious a growl right fist to carry all the power to run directly toward Mulinsen boom.
Listen to the rumble, the fist shakes everywhere, and the instantaneous fist arrives in front of Mulinsen.
A good binge drinking has been calm. Mulinsen’s right hand flickered like a flash, and Yuan Ye felt a dazzling red light, which burst into a red light, and Xiong’s battlefield fist came to a real fight.
Without a trace of tricky face collision.
Wow, the double boxing place still smashed the glass and cracked dozens of cracks.
Bear war Mulinsen body is a slight shock that bear war or even take more than ten steps back Mulinsen is also a step back.
En Yuan Ye’s eyes rolled in shock. This Mulinsen didn’t have any weapons at all. Yuan Ye noticed that Mulinsen’s fist was white and white, and it was like a white jade. The bear fighting force faced the boom. Even the statue of dzogchen was not only facing Mulinsen’s white fist, but he even retreated more than ten steps.
Good bear war is not the kui is a bear war can actually make me take a step back, Mulinsen smiled and praised one
Bear war is shocked to see Mulinsen and his fist. I can’t believe bear war is very clear. Just now, he felt a sharp force when his fist was struck instantly. He handed me that sharp force, which was like a volcanic eruption. Bear war also felt that his fist trembled before this explosive force.
Who are you? Xiong Zhan said in a low voice
Did I forget it as soon as I finished? Then I’ll say it again. You can call me Mulinsen Mulinsen with a light smile.
Xiong Zhan’s eyes narrowed and he nodded slightly. I remember you, Mulinsen. You are very strong. After that, Xiong Zhan turned around and strode away.
Mulinsen chuckled at Xiong Zhan’s departure and couldn’t help admiring the fact that she is the most potential person in Maya once she enters the realm of human respect. I’m afraid she must be the first master in Maya. honest and frank’s promotion to human respect in the future may be a turning point for Amitabha in Maya.
Sigh a Mulinsen is also looking at Yuan Ye. You should be Yuan Ye.
You are surprised to know me, Yuan Ye.
Li Yuxiao told me that there is always a golden stove behind you. Fortunately, this feature is obvious, otherwise it would be difficult for me to find you.
It was Li Yuxiao who sent you to me.
It’s true that I, Li Yuxiao, have a stronger relationship with the Amitabha community than I owe him one. This time, he said that you were killed and divided between life and death. I came from heaven to find you. It’s a good landing. I don’t even know when I, the Amitabha community, will come to you.
It was Li Yuxiao who moved Yuan Ye. Then you should be a man who respects others.
Yuan Ye has seen too many masters. What is the strength? He knows that although the sky is a place where people respect dzogchen to fight, the performance strength of Mulinsen just now is not comparable to that of dzogchen.
My strength is known to many people in the Amitabha world, and of course, many people don’t know that there is nothing to hide. I am indeed a human being, and I am regarded as one of the five greatest people in the Amitabha world.
It’s really respectable Yuan Ye, who is ready or can’t help but breath. Chapter DiYiQiWu one day at a time.
There are many stars in the world of human respect, but what it means to achieve human respect in other worlds means that we have thoroughly understood heaven and can see through it. These people can achieve human respect in other worlds. One is that absolute beauty has amazing talent, understanding, luck and diligence, and all aspects cannot be lacking. Only in this way can we create a person to know how they achieve human respect, which will be very helpful for them to enter the ranks as soon as possible.
Predecessor Yuan Ye looked at Mulinsen and said that my heart has always been a doubt.
Said Mulinsen hands twisted strangely now a pot of wine to drink a cup of light say with smile
I am puzzled by the statue of dzogchen. Yuan Ye frowned and said, I have seen many masters and many peaks before, but I have hardly seen the statue of dzogchen. Only recently have I seen it. Even though there is still a transition in the huge gap between the statue of the peak and the statue of the peak, I feel that the statue of the peak should be different from that of dzogchen, but I found that the gap is too big. Is it a necessary stage for people to be honored?
Yuan Ye dare not say that he has never seen a statue of dzogchen or a desire to worship the dark abyss in Asura, but some powerful monsters are dzogchen-level, but there are few human beings, but this Amitabha world respects dzogchen like this.