Kitahara gold family can frown and feel that something is wrong.

At the beginning, the cruel Dojo was born in this world, and Monty Papman appeared and took away half a piece of the cover. Some time ago, he cast a spell to take away the other half of the cover, and a complete monty can was born.
Followed by the bronze ancient temple, it is hard not to think of it together. Perhaps it is what the cruel inheritor inspired by swallowing the monty jar. This is the change in the ancient temple.
This is a great power. People speculate that they always think that it is very possible for Papman to sneak into it.
What’s more, I have linked the immortal medicine Monty, and I think it’s very likely that I took it away, which has aroused the minds of many important people.
"If the real monty Papman dominated, I am afraid that several families also had causal bodies."
A powerful man’s eyes fell on the head of several great Taoist forces in the Eastern Wilderness, and his body was meaningful.
After hearing this, many people showed a pensive color, and they also thought of a story about a man who died after bringing out a fairy corpse from the bronze temple years ago.
At that time, the fairy corpse was divided equally by several major forces in the Eastern Wilderness, but at that time, they strongly denied that they had never seen the fairy corpse. Everything was a rumor, which made many people want to prove it.
Li Yu’s look is unchanged. Naturally, it won’t be what the world thinks. In that case, I’m afraid there are only a few people who can recite it.
As soon as people’s eyes gathered in the field, the heads of several great Taoist forces in the Eastern Wilderness were eager to know the secrets of the year, which depended on the fairy hall.
"That was 70,000 years ago. Now that you want to know about us, let’s say it."
Finally, the Queen Mother of Yaochi sighed and didn’t hide it.
"At first, we really thought it was a fairy corpse, but later we found that maybe it was wrong and it was not as beautiful as we thought."
The master of Ji Jia shook his head. In those days, the strongest forces in the six wild regions shared the fairy corpse equally.
In addition to the Jiangjia, Jijia and Yaochi Yaoguang shrines, there is also the Tianxuan shrines, the oldest wind clan in the Eastern Wilderness, which perished 6,000 years ago.
At that time, a peerless master came out alive when he broke into the bronze fairy hall, bringing out a dismembered and extremely mutilated corpse and sending out a peerless murder.
70,000 years ago, the friar crushed the Beidou enemy and swept the enemy out of the territory. The strength of the enemy was so strong that all the big families had to respect it, but they were burdened with flesh and blood, and all the glory disappeared.
"Now that I think about it carefully, it is a mutilated body of an emperor."
"But it’s missing a lot of key parts. We only share one third of the body equally. If the emperor’s soldiers suppress the murderous look, I’m afraid they will follow suit."
"It is very likely that 70 thousand years ago, the peerless strong man also saw a third of the mutilated flesh, otherwise how could he recite it? Even if the murderous look dissipated through the ages, it would be enough to kill several ancient sages. Only by transcending that realm can there be a chance."
A few pilots sigh lightly, and it can be speculated that several of them have benefited greatly from it, continued their glory and gave birth to a generation of strong men.
"It is no wonder that all major forces have to rush to the Fairy Hall. Is this the hope of reappearing as it was in those days? But it is hard to say that the grace has fallen, and there is also a cause and effect."
The great power of the mouth is associated with the collapse of the sacred land of Tianxuan, which is also an embarrassing past.
Only then did many monks suddenly realize the truth 70,000 years ago that the six major forces shared the fresh flesh equally, which must be a valuable treasure. No wonder they strongly denied that such a large fairy burial needed to be digested slowly.
"Monty Papman Bronze Immortal Hall, the cruel emperor of the past, hey hey, this day is really going to be lively, and I’m afraid the future will be stormy."
Some people are also looking forward to what kind of young and strong people will emerge in this vast five-domain future.
The ancient emperors inherited this world in succession. Is it necessary to borrow people from later generations to fight for an exhibition across the times?
Hengyu Emperor is unbeaten, Wang Luangu Emperor, Kitahara Wolf God, Cruel Emperor, Monty Papman, Virtual Emperor, Ji Haoyue Yaochi Saint Zhongzhou and other imperial dynasties are really great, Yun Qi.
"The ancient emperors continued an epic struggle!"
Even the helmsmen can’t help feeling that their time is coming to an end, and that their youth is coming!
"It’s a pity that the Nangong Great Power’s previous two epigenetic students haven’t appeared yet. I hope they can get out of it in the future."
Some people smile bitterly, and now the fairy temple has sunk into the ground, and I don’t know if those three people will have a chance to walk out again.
The master of Ji Jia’s family was slightly black, and that good Taoist priest was so wicked that he coveted the tomb of the God King of his family every day. When he explored the forbidden area in ancient times, he also mixed into their family team to spy.
"That Taoist had better not come out. It’s too harmful."
He drank a glass of wine and muttered to himself.
"Pit all the holy places to spy on the tomb of the God King of Jijia, dig the tomb of the Qinling Group in Zhongzhou, steal the demon king of Nanling and bury it in the tomb of the giant in the North, dig the tomb of Qing Di in the East, which is also a remarkable person."
"He also dug the ancestral graves of Yin and Yang religions in Zhongzhou, but it seems that the top five religions in Zhongzhou in the past have been silent for a lot, and I don’t know if a new saint has been elected."
As soon as I arrived at Duan De, it became lively. The field forces have more or less experienced his patronage or been cheated, and the resentment is quite deep.
Many people are mirth at his act of entering the ancient bronze temple, and their intuition is clear and the vast clouds and clouds are cool again.
The great powers of the four dynasties in Zhongzhou look a little strange, and the Yin and Yang religions have fallen into that realm. Not only the good Taoist priest has a more immediate person, Wang is closely alive, and it will be hard to kill others for decades and then have a saint.
"Buddha Amitabha, please come to the West Desert again when you have the opportunity since Wang Foruo comes to Japan. The struggle in Mount Sumi is getting more and more fierce, and maybe it will be a confrontation."
While hanging the temple, the monk came to Li Yu’s side and told him about the recent changes in the west desert. The struggle of Mount Sumi is fiercely involved in this life, and the leading parties are unwilling to give in.
According to the old monk, it is penance to fight against the holy Buddha and ignore the secular world; Hanging Temple and other holy temples have joined forces and are in charge of the struggle of the Sumi Mountain Sect to enter the Da Lei Yin Temple.
The West Bodhisattva, the first of the ten Buddhas in the West Desert, is also cultivated by this institute, but it has a high prestige for the remaining Buddhas than seeing the truth of my Buddha from the earth.
There is also a famous Maha ancient sage who once fought against the Buddha, but it seems that he has been silent for quite a long time.
"I will go to Sumi Mountain tomorrow."
Li Yu nodded slightly. This is a dispute between the Buddhist sects. I don’t worry about the interference of foreign Buddhists. It is not difficult for several extreme forces to overwhelm Maha.
He reveres himself as the king Buddha and the future Buddha emperor. If he can enter the Da Lei Yin Temple and take charge of the Amitabha Buddha, he will do his best to benefit the poor.