I don’t know. I really don’t know. I dream of inflammation. My hand is clutching a cicada’s head and shaking my mind in disorder.

Screen can understand that she is in a nervous mood at this time, but miss, you have never thought that since they already know about this, they will definitely not let you go. What should we do when your child arrives?
Inflammation zhi dream fiercely stretched out his hand over his abdomen and hurriedly said, no, I can’t let them hurt my child.
She is frightened at the moment, the most private and greatest natural motherhood. What was the shock she felt before she became white? It was not that she suddenly became a mother and bred joy, but that she Ye Chen spent a short time together and gradually became passionate and finally collided and crystallized. He said that she was his first woman, so this child was his only blood. How could she allow their children to be hurt?
But aren’t you white, young master? Even if they spared you, they would certainly not be able to spare this child. Pinger said more anxiously that this is a simple and obvious fact.
Then what should I do? Yan Zhimeng asked painfully while shaking her shoulder.
Screen bit her lip and said in a low voice, miss, the only way you can escape is to escape here to a place where they can’t find it, otherwise there will be no other way, and they will definitely not let you go.
Chapter 1 Snow Girl from Heaven
Escape phlogistic zhi dream face pale to absence said how to escape here everyone even screen you can easily kill me, how can I escape? Even if I can escape, it’s too big and where they can’t find a place. Even if he dies, who can I rely on?
Miss Pinger’s expression followed dim. She was short and put her head on the belly of Yan Zhi’s dream. She said lightly, It’s good of you to come, little one. It’s not time to kill your mother.
Miss, they will definitely abort your child. They want you to die, wait here, try to escape, or die. If they trust you, you will escape. If they catch you back, they won’t hurt you. In this case, why don’t we try to escape me? I will help miss escape even if I don’t want my life. Screen got up and said with a serious face.
Ping-erh, thank you for shaking your head again. You go first. I want to be alone.
Well, you must call me Ping Er, who is worried about the young lady. After watching her for a while, she walked quietly.
After Pinger left, Yan Zhimeng endured for a long time, and tears finally welled up, while she whispered where are you? We are children.
When she was suffering for a second, no one came to disturb Yan Zhi’s dream. At this time, her fate no longer belonged to herself, a prisoner waiting for trial.
Kwai Shui Guo rarely snows in winter, but in the evening, it is slightly cool. Suddenly, Yan Zhi dreams that she will be carefully wrapped in a quilt and stare out the window. She doesn’t care about the cold, but she can’t let the children in her stomach get hurt.
As night falls, the temperature is still falling, and the snow is getting stronger and stronger. On a snowy night, there is white snow everywhere, and the thickness of the snow is knee-deep.
The door was pushed by ZhiTuYan evening tea expression came in, followed by a bowl of hot soup screen inflammation zhi dream heart sank eyes hand consciousness in his abdomen.
Yan Xi Ming tea in front of her not far away will be dull and say, dream, this is the medicine prepared by the ghost woman for you to prevent miscarriage. You drink it first and then have dinner with me to finish. He gestured with his first glance and took a few steps forward to present the soup to her.
I can’t believe I’m looking up. It’s steaming. The soup is just around the corner. My hands are shaking and my eyes are telling her not to.
No, I don’t drink phlogistic dream. Knock the soup bowl in Pinger’s hand to the ground and jump out of bed. It must not be an abortion medicine but an abortion medicine.
You’ve finally taken off your disguise, showing an angry and ferocious face, and grasping at Yan Zhi’s dream with one hand, you can’t die, but the bastard in your stomach must die.
Yan Zhimeng hurriedly hid and cried out, Ximing, please leave me alone. If I can have this baby, I will do whatever you want with you.
You dream that he must die today. Er, Yan Zhi’s dream implored him to be angry and crazy. He hit her with a punch. Zhi Meng screamed and his hands protected him, but suddenly he didn’t dodge and a petite figure stood in her front. Cohesion greeted Yan Xi Ming with a punch.
Two fists collided and anger didn’t have much real power. Yan Xi Ming was directly beaten and blocked in front of Yan Zhi’s dream. Screen waved her teeth but didn’t move. Her horse waved her hand and broke the window and shouted, Miss, let’s go. It’s snowing outside. This is the best opportunity given by God to miss.
Let’s go
You bitch dare to hurt me. Yan Xi Ming’s face is low and terrible from the ground. The screen is clear, and then Ling Ran is not afraid to rush to Yan Zhi’s dream. He bites his teeth and jumps from the window into the vast hakodate.
In the South Emperor Zongbei Emperor Zong, even a maid is not weaker than an ordinary gang leader, but how can her strength rival the open North Emperor Zongshao Yan Xi Ming Ping-er? After three exchanges, she was less than 50% strong, Yan Xi Ming-er flew away with a slap and then jumped out of the window. Suddenly, his feet were ups and downs, and his body was pulled by something. Ping-er hugged his legs tightly and pleaded with Shaozhu, begging you to let miss go.
Roll inflammation evening tea feet a jilt shock screen vomiting blood fly away for a second, he has rushed to the window to chase to inflammation zhi dream direction.
Inflammation zhi dream escape immediately attracted the attention of the number of dark guards in Zongzhong, and several breaths came to this side together, and Yan Xi Ming Ming yelled, roll for me, and no one is allowed to get close to this direction.
He didn’t let others know that this scandal belongs to the little patriarch, and let those powerful breath finally retreat after hesitating for a while. At this time, he was just preparing to get sick, and the strong breeze behind the tea suddenly reached out and grabbed a jade hairpin in his hand. In this short gap, his legs have been hugged by Screen again. Although the young master is a young lady, I’m sorry for you, but you’re an adult. Let her go.
Roll for me. Yan Xi Ming Li heard a crisp bone fracture, but those arms that locked his legs tightly still didn’t let him frown. The strength suddenly increased a few minutes. Finally, the screen was thrown away again. He sucked in and chased Yan Zhi’s dream against the falling snow in hatred. The speed is fast and fierce.
Heavy snow can reduce visibility and mask a person’s breath to a certain extent, but in front of such a top player as Yan Xi Ming Tea, the heavy snow is not the same as catching up with several jumping kungfu in Yan Xi Ming Tea, and now his heart is beating towards her abdomen, but for her life.
A strong breeze suddenly inflames Zhi Meng. As soon as he turned around, he was hit by a face, and a snowflake flew away. A tearing pain came from the body and dyed a little scarlet in pure white snow.
My child was severely hit by a heavy hammer, and she fainted in the snow with tears in her eyes in front of the huge blow.
Yan Xi Ming-Ming’s handsome face finally showed a twisted smile. Just before he wanted to, suddenly a huge cold pressure like Mount Tai coping on the vast side came from Yan Xi Ming-Ming, and he was shocked by this terrible pressure. He also felt from his father that when he drank, a layer of lux floated on the surface of his body, and air billow’s cohesive force pushed his hands.
However, after he attacked him, the pressure to meet him suddenly disappeared, and it was still a long time since Yan Xi Ming-tea was still alive. He punched a ball of cotton flowers and said that it was not uncomfortable. Suddenly, in front of him, a woman with a white veil and enchanting figure was reflected. In this flying snow, the snow and ice made the pure beauty of the goddess of ice and snow suffocating. At the moment when Yan Xi Ming-tea was absent, the woman reached out and waved her hand.
Just venting the flaw, big dew, inflammation and evening tea quickly came back to prepare for resistance, but he still didn’t fly in front of air billow, but he felt that his body was getting colder and colder. Kaka Kaka’s ice suddenly didn’t show signs, and in a blink of an eye, it reached several meters thick and blocked him desperately. This kind of ice was not ordinary ice, but was instilled with a strong ice force. Even with the strength of the sky, Xuan Bing could not break free in a short time.
The woman walked to the front of the fainted inflammation dream, lovingly touched her face, and then put one hand on her lower abdomen and sighed faintly, neglecting that I was late?
She waved her hands at the same time to form a thin layer of ice on the surface of Yan Zhimeng’s body, then picked up her body and flew into the snow and disappeared into the vast snow curtain.
Even if I run out, I will keep your only blood.
Shortly after she left, her face was dignified, her soul was broken, and then she stopped beside the frozen inflammatory evening tea. At this time, the thick ice crack was suddenly blown to pieces, and the large and small ice cubes flew to get by the inflammatory evening tea, panting and seeing her father around her. He was first stupefied and then said that it was a woman, a very powerful woman. I didn’t fight back at all in front of her.
I already know who she is. No wonder I always feel that this snow is weird.
Snow, is she?
That’s right. It’s the Snow Girl who has this magical power. This snow is caused by the Snow Girl. Don’t say it’s you. Even I don’t want to find out that she broke into the snow. Hum, it’s the Snow Girl who found it here, which makes me understand that this big chapter of hers turned out to be to take her away. The eyebrows are getting tighter and tighter.
Dad, let’s go after her, even if she is Snow Girl.
Give Snow Girl enough time to prepare a snow, then she will be an enemy. Snow Girl is an enemy because every snow flower can instantly make her sharp weapon. She didn’t hurt you. You said that he didn’t want to offend me. We don’t need to provoke such an enemy. Since she wants to take that girl away, she should take it away. After that, she turned around and returned. This time it was someone else, even if other gods dared to trespass, he would never let it go, but it happened that the other person was Snow Girl, and it was cold and terrible in the far north, even if he was inflamed. The strength there will also be greatly reduced by the climate, but Xuenv can reach the peak of strength there. Even if Beidizong wants to provoke there, he will pay the price. It is not worth a negative for their daughter.
Inflammatory evening tea unwilling bitten to grind finally back.