"I’d better go home alone. You know the situation all the way. I’m a little uneasy if you follow me back."

Ding Qiunan wanted to think, but she nodded her head, and now she has to be very careful whatever she does.
Two people sat on the sofa chatting until the girl finished drinking milk powder for her, and then went into the bedroom to rest.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Live together
The weather has begun to turn cold in autumn and September.
After dinner, Li Chuzheng took Ding Qiunan for a walk in the courtyard.
The girl’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, and it is extremely inconvenient to move alone.
No matter when you are lying down or sitting up, you need someone to help you.
My sister’s family moved to the yard in May to live with them so that Li Qin could take care of the girl.
At that time, the logistics support in Li Chu went with a big boss at the grassroots level for about ten days. It was his first business trip.
It’s definitely not possible to leave a girl alone. That’s when Li Qin’s family moved in.
Ding Ma also wanted to come and take care of her daughter, but it was a good thing that Li Chu persuaded her mother-in-law to come and take care of her. But what about her father-in-law and her little brother?
Walking, the girl stopped and grabbed Li Chu’s hand and frowned. "Li Chu, why do I feel that this pain is different?"
Li Chu listened to the girl and quickly grabbed her wrist and began to feel her pulse.
Soon let go of Wang Wen, who was listening to the radio at the stone table, and said, "Brother-in-law helped me push the scooter."
And shouted in a high voice, "Don’t wash the dishes yet, sister, and take out that quilt in my room."
Li Chu, the scooter, has been ready for a long time, just in case he suddenly has to go to the hospital.
Li Chu’s voice sounded like an emergency call, and everyone moved.
Both Dong and Jiayuan, who are playing on the swing, came to help.
"Jiadong, go and take out the baggage in my room." I also arranged for Jiadong to live.
Li Chu helped the girl sit down slowly after laying the quilt on the scooter, and then brought the family building and put the baggage in the scooter, which contained children’s clothes, small quilts and diapers.
"Chu, you and your brother-in-law are pushing Qiu Nan to go to the hospital first. I’ll give Wang Shugu a message and come."
Watching them walk out of the gate, Li Qin ran into the living room and called Wang Shugu to inform him.
Then told Jia Dong to take care of Jia Yuan at home, and she rode a bike to chase Li Chu and them.
When the doctor on duty in obstetrics and gynecology saw that it was a parturient or Ding Qiunan, he knew that she was pregnant with twins and quickly arranged for someone to call Li Zhu.
Go into the delivery room and arrange for the girl Li Chu to be driven out of the delivery room by the nurse.
Outside the delivery room, he can really understand the feeling of spending seconds like years now.
Obstetrics and Gynecology Master Li rushed over at this time. She walked beside Li Chu and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, Xiao Li, I will watch it inside."
"Please, Master Li"
Li Zhu just went in for a few minutes when there was another burst of footsteps on the stairs.
Li Chu looked back. Aunt Wang of Wang Shuhe came, followed by Seimi Zhang.
"Uncle, aunt" Li Chu and her sister and brother-in-law were greeted.
"When will Qiu Nan go in?" Aunt Wang asked when she saw Li Chu.
"Just go in for a while, what are you and my uncle doing in such a hurry?" Li Chu asked Aunt Wang of Wang Shuhe to sit on the bench of the foreign minister in the delivery room.
Aunt Wang waved her hand and said, "When I received the news, I couldn’t stay at home. When I came here just now, I asked Xiaozao to give me chicken stew, and I’ll send it here soon."
Uncle Wang said at this moment, "Little Chu Qiunan doesn’t know about her family, does she?"
"I haven’t been informed yet."
"Xiao Meng asked Xiao Chu to give you the address, and you drove a trip."
After Seimi Zhang left, Aunt Wang also saw that Li Chu was in no mood to talk, so she took Li Qin and asked her about the preparation of children’s clothes
Wang Wen accompanied Wang Shu on the other side.
I can’t hear anything inside. Li Chu is upset and hovering at the door of the delivery room
I don’t know how long it has been in the past when the delivery door was suddenly pushed open and a nurse came out from the inside.
The nurse looked at Li Chu with a strange look in her eyes.
Li Chu looked at the nurse in a daze. He looked at his watch and went in for a little over an hour. What do you mean, you’re out looking at me now?
Wang Shu several people saw the nurse come out and quickly came over.
"Dr. Li congratulates you on the safety of your adult and two children." The nurse elder sister also sold a child without saying the gender.
"Call" several people breath a sigh of relief at the same time.
"A boy or a girl?" Li Qin next to worry asked
The words sound just fell and came out of the delivery room. Two nurses were holding a child in their arms.
A nurse said, "Congratulations, it’s a twin girl and a sister."
Aunt Wang and all four of them gathered around to see the two children. Li Qin looked at the children and was happy directly.
Li Chu looked at the delivery room with her eyes wide and round.
See two nurses with children behind Ding Qiunan wearing a coat he took in and wearing a wool hat is slowly running away by himself.
Li Zhu and the girl are talking about something.
Li Chu hurried in to help the girl. "How did you come out by yourself?"
Ding Qiunan’s face is still a little pale, but he is in good condition. Looking at her husband, he said happily, "I feel that nothing is wrong and I will come out by myself."
"Xiao Li Qiu Nan’s physical fitness is the best I have seen in so many years. These two children are so relaxed."
Li Chu nodded after listening to Li Zhu’s words. "I usually have a good effect on Qiu Nan’s conditioning body."
Ding Qiunan then said, "Li Chu, have you seen the baby? I haven’t seen it yet, but I was held out by them. "
"How can I feel at ease when they see you?"
Li Zhu smiled and said, "You are not qualified as a father."