Time goes by little by little.

Sun Hao still sits cross-legged, but his body is stiff and his sense of poisoning and paralysis is getting heavier and heavier.
Physical condition is getting worse and worse.
Sun Hao has fallen into silence and sat cross-legged as if the wound was not himself, as if he had been attacked or himself.
Tough and rock-solid cross legs sitting in the corner to block the small fire and the dark blue kitten.
Consciousness of young finally can’t see, lightly awake "Xiao Hao, you are still incarnate a ghost …"
Sun Hao was unmoved.
Small fire struggled to Sun Hao’s consciousness and said, "Brother, please go."
Sun Hao is quiet and unmoved.
Struggling to get up from behind Sun Hao, the little paws tried to pick up a thin seam.
The scenery outside was completely stunned.
Sun Hao’s body was red and golden, and the blood was scattered in a large area, and the blood flowed in terror. It seems that ghosts can still be seen in many places.
Sun Haomo, no
Under great pain didn’t * * a.
Sun Hao can get away by himself.
But without him, he still stood in front of him like a rock.
Tears welled up in my little eyes.
Xiao huo thinks he can’t go like this, and he can’t implicate his brother any more.
Struggling to get up from the ground, a little bit pulled Sun Hao to block his body and a small fire was exposed.
Silent Sun Hao finally spoke in the knowledge of God and said, "What are you doing, Little Fire?"
Sun Haoli resisted the real female ghost in front of him. It was almost time when the lamp was exhausted and the oil was exhausted. He didn’t have the strength to stop him with a small fire.
Small fire didn’t answer.
Chapter one hundred and four Big Cat Gaia
The small fire forced forward and rushed forward. Sun Hao’s blood flow rolled forward and he opened his mouth and made a swallowing movement.
Swallowing is very powerful, but the front is also instantaneous.
A small fire hit the ground with a splash.
Sun Haoyi roars very reluctantly and takes out a chapter, The Dead Wood God, Yu Fu, hits a small fire, and then tries his best, but he can’t move any more and can’t save the small fire.
In the eyes of a large number of true female ghosts rushed over again.
Scarlet blood eyes burst into piercing screams and swooped down.
Watching the little fire horse be submerged by a large number of female ghosts.
A roaring "small fire" in the heart, Sun Hao’s eyes exploded and he dropped blood, and his mind moved to force the platform to condense the tower.
Try to save the small fire anyway.
How long can it be blocked?
Shine the word token in the divine knowledge.
But young old an idea to come over "small hao don’t sex not even drive town word to also can’t stop how long …"
Sun Hao "Master, don’t stop me"
The young old man actually controlled the town word token and wouldn’t let Sun Hao drive it at will. "Xiaohao should know what to do and what not to do in his life this time. Sometimes he has to give up something and give up the monk to know the trade-offs …"
Sun Hao "Master, you let …"
When Sun Hao was about to forcibly break the Qing Lao’s interception of the imperial town token,
I feel strange again.
The dark blue kitten rushed out behind him.
Trembling dark blue kitten
I was very afraid that the dark blue kitten, almost forgotten by Sun Hao in Sun Hao’s protection, suddenly rushed out from behind Sun Hao.
Afraid to the extreme, the hair of the female ghost kitten will stand on end in the face of the rush.
Keep aiming around the small fire that fell to the ground, trying to wake up the small fire mouth and bite the small fire, trying to drag the small fire back behind Sun Hao.
Deep blue, the kitten, forgot many things.
I forgot my origin, but the kitten, Deep Blue, clearly remembered that it was Xiao Huo who saved herself when she was about to be hit by the aftermath of the sky.
In the past few months, the kitten Deep Blue has deeply felt the care of a small fire, and has deeply felt Sun Hao’s kindness. It looks very funny and likes to scare himself. The strange octopus makes him as warm as a brother.