The fiery light covered the monk in the middle of the brokeback then, and his body became bloody when he burned for less than a breath.

Jin Yan cut a circle, cut the mouth and flew into the hot light, cutting the bloody monk in the middle of the golden elixir in half from the waist.
The two men did not consider picking up the man’s relics. Ling Youdao held a big sun mirror and shone backhand on one of the two besieged Mu Yan ran. The man’s left arm was instantly burned.
What happened when I screamed in pain? I hurried back to Lamu to start the distance.
Lingdingshan gesture a change to see Jin Yan cut out a ghosting big cut mouth is cut to the siege for another person to start.
His vigilance is higher than that of the man injured by the big sun mirror. When Jin Yan scissors approach, he hides his sword in his hand and cuts Jin Yan scissors backhand.
The man took the opportunity to pull Mu Yan ran away from Jin Yan scissors.
Passing 18-wheeler, the whole process is just two or three breaths without knowing what happened, which is to be able to react when facing danger.
At this time, the two monks who besieged Mu Yanran didn’t have time to look at their own people who attacked them. When they saw Ling Dingshan, they evaded Jin Yan and cut the man. "Qin Daoyou, what are you doing?"
Ling Dingshan snorted, "Who is your friend Qin Daoyou? I am Ling Dingshan, the elder of Ling family."
One person is slightly stunned, "Ling Dingshan?"
Another person was angry and said, "What a Ling family has infiltrated us."
Soon he whispered to the people around him, "We are not their three rivals. Go find Zhen Daoyou."
The two monks in the magic way then suddenly turned to light and fled in the direction of Xuanjia.
"Stop them"
The changes here have also been seen by the people who are fighting then. Brother Su is a little surprised and Qiu Ying is a little angry.
"Ling Yuansheng, don’t do this. You can avoid this robbery. Today, I will destroy you in Bones Mountain."
Dry Yuan Ding is filled with a deep blue flame. Ling Ling was born in a deep blue sea of fire. Ordinary ghosts and roots progress his body.
He wielded a magic weapon, XuanYuanJian, to slay those terrible ghosts who rushed to the crowd.
"Become angry from embarrassment? Hey hey hey hey show is yet to come. "
"delusion disturbs my mind"
Although they met each other soon, Qiu Ying didn’t believe Ling Yuansheng at all. He talked big to disturb his heart.
He held the high ghost sail with both hands, and all the ghosts gushed out from the sail and culled at the edge of the ling, and went to the deep blue fire overseas to form a circle of dark world.
Ling Yuansheng never dared to be careless about dealing with ghosts, but at the same time, he also had to separate some of his mind from brother Su.
The other party is a monk in the later period of then. He is a monk in the middle period of then. If he is not careful, he may be seriously injured.
A tall evil spirit rushed through the deep and remote blue sea of fire and came to Ling Yuansheng, who was near XuanYuanJian and beheaded it.
Zhang Gao’s ghostly body is full of black gas, and it is rolled up and chopped to Xuanyuan Sword.
Suddenly, the dark world was torn apart, and a light came in from above.
Ling Yuansheng felt cold in his back. With a wave of his left hand sword finger, a white light suddenly shot out, and an umbrella blocked his head. The white light hit together.
Then where is the white light? It’s a cold magic weapon level spirit sword.
Seeing this scene, Brother Su was shocked. "There is a magic weapon!"
Brother Su immediately withdrew when he missed the strike.
Fortunately, there is a cloud falling umbrella to help stop it. Otherwise, if the sword falls on Ling Yuan’s head, it is estimated that he will die here.
Hold XuanYuanJian right hand shake entangled XuanYuanJian black gas collapse, followed by a shock wave xuan huang beheaded the tall ghost.
Zhang Gao’s ghost screamed and a body collapsed into black fog.
Several times in a row, he was forced to offer three magic weapons, namely, the dry Yuan Ding, the cloud falling, the umbrella falling and the Xuan Yuan sword.
At this time, Ling Yuansheng stepped on his feet and held an umbrella on the top of Yuan Ding’s head. Facing Qiu Ying and Brother Su’s joint attack, it was very difficult for him to drive three magic weapons around to resist.
Brother Su wandered around looking for his flaw like a sword hanging over his head.
Qiu Ying couldn’t believe that there was a flame of resentment and jealousy burning in his eyes. "You are a monk in the middle of then. Why do you have three magic weapons?"
He still got a magic weapon by taking refuge in the bones and bodhi old zu
But at present, this man has three magic weapons and a powerful flame suspected of skyfire and earthfire. It’s really a enviable opportunity.
"I am naturally blessed by God for doing good deeds and accumulating virtue."
"It’s not like you. When one side dies, it’s bound to be past."
Ling Yuansheng constantly angered each other with words. Qiu Ying’s hands trembled.
"Ling Yuansheng I want you to die!"
Don’t say Qiu Ying’s poor habit of scattered repairs is that his younger brother, Brother Su, was shocked by Ling Yuansheng’s taking out three magic weapons successively.
"Three magic weapons. The tripod on his foot is not like a magic weapon. It should be a magic weapon. I didn’t expect the Ling family to have this inside story."
At this moment, even he has a little jealousy.
Soon he was suddenly surprised. "Damn it, I almost fell into evil influence."
Even after a few breaths, his face returned to normal.
Qiu Ying sneered, "Ling Yuan gave birth to you, but you were a monk in the middle period of then, and you dared to drive three magic weapons at one time. I will be interesting to see how you died."
"Don’t worry, even if you die, you will die first."
Qiu Ying snorted "Hum!"
He said yes, driving three magic weapons at the same time seems very powerful, but the load consumption is unbearable for monks in the then period
In particular, one of the three magic weapons is a magic weapon. Although it has not exerted its power, it can be consumed and has exceeded the consumption of driving the magic weapon.
XuanYuanJian is directly controlled by hand, which consumes little knowledge of gods.