Xuan Nv said, "The second time I saw the Tathagata, I didn’t mix Yuan Jin Xian. This time I saw him again. He is already a saint. He will improve so fast that he will have Buddhism with the pagoda. The mud plough bodhisattva in hell is the essence of nature. I’m afraid the Tathagata has also obtained this cultivation. If it takes time, I’m afraid you and I are not his opponents."

Yuan Dao said, "It’s not urgent. Pangu’s essence of nature has come to the fore. If you want to make a large number of essence of nature, you have to plunder people and mortals. If he is injured again, I will not stand by!"
Xuan Nv shook his head and said, "Great Buddha, you have lived in the sky for a long time. Where can I compare with the Tathagata as time goes by? When you are quiet and forbearing, you will suddenly explode like thunder. If you don’t pre-empt him and move again, where will I have a chance?"
After listening for a long time, Dizang said, "Xuan Nv is right!"
The old gentleman said to Yuan, "Brother, it’s time to start work immediately! Even if you can’t destroy the pagoda, you have to smash the Buddhism. Hell can’t tell them to stop evil. "
Yuan thoughtfully for a long time, saying, "I don’t know the fate of the furnace in the pagoda, so I can’t make plans at the moment."
At first, Wu heard that his blood was boiling, and he hoped that these experts would immediately destroy the Tathagata’s lair. After a long discussion, you were still hesitant, so he went forward and said, "Since it is difficult to decide, let me discuss the five elements for the time being."
"What five-element pole?" When everyone heard this, they were amazed. Xuan Nv asked, "Why don’t you know what happened?"
Enlightenment "I don’t know if it is important to discuss with you."
Xuan Nv said, "The five elements are the essence of Pangu’s five internal organs. It’s hard for you and me to discuss it. It’s better to just take it from me."
Enlightenment in the heart a joy it seems that Xuan Nv is in favor of him to do so.
Nazhi hid and exclaimed, "What? This is absolutely impossible. If Pangu is dead, I don’t care what you do. At this time, Pangu is still alive. If the earth produces variables, which one can manage it? "
Yuan wry smile way "realize this problem unsolved and you have trouble all your life"
Enlightenment: "Great Buddha, I can’t do anything. It takes five elements to refine the magic stick. If there is a second place, how can I make up my mind about Pangu?"
The old gentleman laughed. "If you are afraid that Pangu will be harmful, then take something?"
Wu frowned and said, "I don’t know how many five elements it takes to refine the cat stick."
Everyone here listened to Lingbao’s way of saying, "Why bother? Just ask Pangu!"
The fourth volume The cat was the fourth chapter Pangu heart
Pangu is a special person. He is the first person in this society to split the chaos and integrate heaven and earth. He does not hesitate to create his own body, and all beings will bear fruit and nurture everything in the world.
Yuan and Xuan Nv and others, although they are a vein of nature, are both respectful and fearful of Pangu. If it weren’t for Lingbao Daozun’s impatience, they might not have the courage to directly find Pangu.
Xuan Nv said, "The words are rough but reasonable." She doesn’t like Lingbao’s bossing tone, but she also knows that this is the simplest method.
Enlightenment "Go if you are good!" Seeing Kun Peng, I have come to many mysteries. Now I want to see Pangu’s natural heart itch.
Xuan Nv took a blank look and said, "You can go if you say so. You are afraid that you can’t even touch Pangu Great God."
Wu scratched his head and looked at Yuanyuan. Both Lingbao Daozun and Tailaojun nodded. Yuan said, "If you are good, I will let you go once!"
Wu daxi thanked him again and again.
Xuan Nv coldly said, "Why thank you? If it weren’t for the cat stick, the three of them would help you."
Laojun apologetically said, "Elder Martial Sister, you really underestimate me." Xuan Nv laughed. "Will you call me Elder Martial Sister?"
Sanqing took Wu from Yuqing Palace to fly to the west for a long time to see the direction. "The second time is here." The old gentleman will realize the income of Hulu. "I will teach you to come out when you are waiting inside." Three brothers are connected to form a strange posture. This is his three original spells. Three people can transport magical powers to teach mana and save a lot of strength.
Sanqing’s escape into the ground at the moment is even faster than that of the previous year. The three of them are busy here, but they are idle and have learned from the gourd.
The original enlightenment entered the gourd and waited for a long time, but nothing happened. At this moment, I suddenly remembered that the time flow rate in the gourd of Laojun was different outside, and I was afraid that it would be here for more than a year. So I don’t have much leisure time?
In this case, you can’t sit up and meditate when you think about it in vain, but at this time, your heart is not quiet about what to ask when you see Pangu. How can you cultivate your mind?
Wu reached into his arms and simply took out the black Dan pill from Xuan Nv. Xuan Nv said that this Dan could not be eaten by himself until he was consecrated.
He held Dan Pill in his hand to make the secret of metaphysics watch this black shell carefully, but he didn’t know it was the secret of metaphysics, and he couldn’t see through it. He hesitated and finally cruelly crushed this black shell.
When the black shell was broken, a wisp of white breath floated out of it, and I realized that this breath of flat peach was exactly the same. I don’t know what method Xuan Nv used to put flat peach in all its luck.
If you find out roughly, there are at least two flat peaches in it. He sat down and practiced with this pill in his hand.
This absorption doesn’t matter. I was surprised to find that there was a trace of Taoism in it, which was the secret of Xuan Nv’s realization of the metaphysical method. The "true" method in the third volume of Taoism seems to be carefully prepared by Xuan Nv’s enlightenment
A true volume can distinguish the authenticity of all things, filter out the reluctance to see things, and teach all things the truth. Although the five elements are great, the five elements are mutually reinforcing, and the growth, acceptance, nourishment and rise of all things are reasonable. How can we learn Xuan Nv’s move at once? It saves the effort of realizing several things
I am hungry for this practice, and I don’t know how the years change outside. At this time, it is urgent for others to become saints. It makes sense for Xuan Nv to teach him to become saints
It took Yuan three people four days to get to where they were in those years, and then they went here as they did in those years to make further Sanqing. This time, they were very anxious and spared no effort, so they took a few weeks to adjust their breath before they dared to say "Pangu Great God Yuan asks for it."
As soon as he spoke, there was a trace of god in his mind, saying, "bother me?"
Yuan listened to Pangu with a little displeasure and said, "It’s not that we take the liberty to interfere with each other, but that the ape of the spirit and god asks for an audience." He knew that there was a special connection between the veins of nature and immediately moved Wu out.
"Well, teach him to come out and you go."
Yuan didn’t dare to violate it, so the old gentleman released Wu, and the three of them hurried away from Wu as they returned from such a deep place.
Wu has absorbed all the black shell at this moment, and is thinking hard about the secret of metaphysics. As soon as the last uncomfortable scene changes, he has entered the dark soil and said in a dull voice, "Are you a spirit?"
It’s Pangu that shocked me! He immediately stopped exercising, thinking, can’t Pangu see that he is an ape? So he replied, "Exactly!"
Pangu was silent for a long time and didn’t dare to say more. It was a long time before Pangu said, "Alas, you really are a spirit."
Wu Yan asked, "Sigh?"
"Sigh because you are too weak!"