"bucai just"

Su Yonglin laughed. "This wave of movement is a bit big. The central movement has been disposed of almost, but the local movement has not. The establishment of the Ministry of Public Security and the construction of their local branches will change the pattern of local power."
Fortunately, Jiangnan was not built for a long time, and many local power patterns have not yet been completed. At this time, it is not a bad thing to intervene in a public security department, but the Central Plains is different. They have been stable there for many years.
What bureaucrats want most is stability, peace and immobility, so that they can jump around and get benefits in the regulations. At this time, a slight move or two will bring them losses of benefits, so they will be very angry.
Don’t say that the establishment of this department has knocked out the former unified public security managers. Some of them are qualified and can be included in the new department, but some people will definitely lose their jobs. I have ordered that some of these officials be abolished. Do you think they will be happy? "
Su Changsheng and Zhang Wei looked at each other again and stopped talking.
Obviously, they also realized something.
"Every reform must be accompanied by some people’s dissatisfaction and resistance."
Su Yonglin wry smile way "let’s launch a revolution is also a reform, a radical reform will kill the undead, it is not a reform, that is called improvement, improvement is just to delay the problem when it breaks out, it must be a reform to the dead."
Because of this, I admire that talent who have been brave in reform since ancient times, whet Shang Yang or Wang Anshi, they are all people who dare to attack the huge vested interests, and whether they succeed or fail in the end, live or die, it will not affect my respect for them. "
This sounds quite strange. Zhang Wei thinks there is something wrong.
Why is Su Yonglin ready to be Shang Yang or Wang Anshi?
"You shouldn’t think like this. You are neither Shang Yang nor Wang Anshi. You are far greater than them."
"you naturally think I’m great when I don’t harm your interests, but what if I harm your interests?"
Su Yonglin suddenly looked at Zhang Wei with a smile, and Zhang Wei was so scared that he quickly denied it.
"Chairman, since I joined the Renaissance Association, I have not violated the interests of the Renaissance Association."
"I know a joke."
Su Yonglin waved his hand and sighed slowly. "Former Qiao Feng or Ludian or now Liang Yuankai or Zhang Ming or Mu, they were all people I relied on and trusted, and they were also people who fought bravely forward to make revolution."
But now they have turned me against the interests of the big country and the interests of the people. What do you think is the reason? Is it my fault, their fault or someone else’s fault? "
Chapter 155 This country cannot live without idealists.
There is no hesitation about Su Yonglin’s question about Zhang Wei’s answer.
"There is no doubt that they are wrong. They have made unforgivable mistakes, violated the rules of the society, violated our common ideal and pursued personal enjoyment and potential. They are no different from those literati in the Southern Song Dynasty."
Zhang Wei’s understanding is acceptable.
From his point of view, he has realized the ideal of Datong society, and joining the Renaissance Association should pursue the degeneration of Confucian scholars and renaissance members, which is different in his eyes
They are all shames, traitors, and shames who face the reality and choose to retreat.
He has great contempt for these people.
Su Yonglin then nodded and patted Zhang Wei on the shoulder.
"Jingfu, you said that you violated their ideals and pursued their own status, which is no different from those literati who are full of benevolence, righteousness and morality. The real revolutionaries must draw a line between them, right?"
"that’s a must."
Zhang Shi nodded and Su Changsheng nodded with him.
Zhang Wei’s words brought a little comfort to Su Yonglin, and also strengthened Su Yonglin’s thoughts.
He believes that he is somewhat wishful thinking. Through education, people who were not revolutionaries can become revolutionaries, and blood and fire can train revolutionaries.
Now think that revolutionaries may never be educated through education alone, and people who have experienced bloody battles may not become revolutionaries.
Who has never experienced blood and fire fighting?
This is never a pre-awakening condition.
Rather, after awakening, you will have the courage to fight with blood and fire.
As far as reality is concerned, quite a few people are self-learning and self-awakening
They have completed their self-awakening in the face of tragic reality, or they have completed their awakening through some unexpected ways, and let their ideals override their lives, thus becoming revolutionaries in a different world.
Generally speaking, Su Yonglin thinks that there is no unified way and road for revolutionaries to awaken, and everyone will not awaken in the same way. Of course, there is always a big environment suitable for them to awaken.
Without self-awakening, some people may look like it, but they are never revolutionaries.
For some people, revolutionary action is really a matter of changing the flag of the king in the city. They think that the action of revolutionary comrades may be [robbing money, food and women], but the order is different
It is meaningless for such people to learn more theories. The richer the theories and the more experienced they are, the stronger they will be when they make money, and the more they will be able to get into high positions.
In this way, Su Yonglin feels lucky. His important comrades around him are revolutionaries, such as Xin Qiji and Kong Maojie. They have all completed the important link of self-awakening and have always adhered to their ideals.