Wu Tiantong walked over and saw that it was still Kyushu.

However, there are nine tripod spouting light, and Kyushu forms a shield.
"Take it and see the south girl over there." Xu Yi turned to look at the previous hall
Half a year has passed since the second meeting, from measuring Kyushu to refining Jiuding.
However, a few people who stayed in China and realized heaven have never even stepped out.
Jiang Yunsheng took people out and dared not go in again to disturb them.
Is to let the spiritual guardian.
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-six Ten caves
Hall when Kyushu enchantment Shihou Zhang Lingqing and others also have induction.
Wake up from the enlightenment of heaven.
Looking at all the fragments, ten large fragments, thirty-six medium fragments and seventy-two small fragments have been merged.
Lingqing turned to Nan Zhixian and saw that these fragments were reflected in her eyes and evolved into various worlds.
Suddenly white this is her own, Zhang Yuan white and all three people’s practice finishing into the land of bliss.
"It’s no longer a good time!" Lingqing drank away the wheel of merit, the map of the Milky Way, the royal whip, the mixed banners and the wonderful trees of Wanbao.
Zhang Yuan Bai also played it by ear to put away the 36-fold Tianbao mirror and Taiwei Baojuan.
All the same Buddha Buddha bodhisattva method away.
And Zhang Hongdao and a difficult not to mention early play it by ear closed his practice.
At that time, all the people were left with the rudiment of a shining cave.
Seeing this, Nan Zhixian threw the sapling in his hand into the water.
Jianmu is illuminated by light, takes root and sprouts, and branches and leaves spread.
Roots inserted into the embryonic form of seventy-two blessed lands turned into a piece of land.
Branches and leaves spread to the embryonic form of thirty-six caves, and the temples and treasures were located in the crown of trees.
Another ten caves hang the crown of trees like the sun.
“! ! !”
At this time, Zhang Yuan Bai, who has been clasping the gods, will suddenly make a sudden snatch.
As soon as the gods get rid of them, they split the wood.
A natural rhyme has reached the embryonic form of thirty-six caves and seventy-two blessed lands through the construction of wood.
Rumbling waves are constantly ringing like firecrackers.
The prototype of the cave is absorbed and gradually stretched.
And Jianmu is growing up.
"Go to heaven!"
When Ling Qing drinks, he will release all the busy people and raise my hand with a magic power to hold up the wood and the cave.
When others saw it, they also rushed to hold them through the roof and went straight to the sky.
With the rising, the new heaven is also expanding.
When I reached the boundary of Kyushu, I was already prepared. Bi Tianhe manipulated Jiuding to make a passage.
Let heaven out and then close it immediately.
While Lingqing and others are out of Kyushu enchantment, they will rise to heaven and fall to Kyushu enchantment.
As soon as the building fell, the Kyushu enchantment took root and sprouted.
And the crown of the tree keeps spreading, covering a third of the area
When Jianmu becomes Datong, Lingqing and others are constantly retreating around.
Leave enough room for it to grow.