But the boy was like a worm in their stomach. He had expected their actions to disappear directly after drawing water from the world.

Almost at the same time, the great will of the dark evil spirit has torn a large area of emptiness from that place.
But the dark face became ugly in an instant because the boy escaped and was not caught by him.
Bastard, immediately guard the nearby thousands of miles. That small one won’t stay in Shuiyuan World for long.
Black was furious in an instant, but I didn’t expect a teenager like an ant to dare to seduce him and run away under his eyelids.
Those hands are already excited, and they are the most experienced in doing this kind of thing.
But they would never have thought that the boy had a magical treasure knife.
What about the boss’s face?
On hearing the order, two hands responsible for blocking Raytheon Mountain immediately said
No matter what, break the sacred domain and catch the boy first at all costs.
When the black throne instantly came to the place where Yang Tian disappeared, he did not answer the question, indicating that he was determined to win.
Indeed, compared with Leixian Shenqu, the young man can no longer arouse the interest of the dark evil spirit.
The young man can’t recover quickly, and he also wants to return to the celestial world, hoping that the theory of darkness will not give up
The black evil spirit ordered not to seal Raytheon Mountain Man to give up and leave immediately. Even several people responsible for cracking Leixian Shenqu temporarily let go and participated in rounding up Yang Tianxing.
In their eyes, sooner or later, this sacred domain is in the bag, and the root is not in a hurry.
Daxian, where are you going?
Those people can be anxious when they leave. Tianlong and others are confused and shouted
Don’t panic. We’ll be back soon. Whoever makes trouble will kill him directly.
One of them finally lost a will before leaving.
Although it is a word, it immediately makes Tianlong and other people’s hearts stable and more unscrupulous to suppress the chaotic brother.
It is said that Yang Tian plunged into the water world and directly urged Yan Wangli to flee.
In order to lead the black evil spirit and others far away from Yang Tian and flee straight ahead as far as possible away from Raytheon Mountain.
But Yang Tiangen doesn’t know how many people are attracted by the reaction of the black people and others.
The strength of those people, even the most common two or three, is enough to trap Raytheon Mountain.
Yang Tian must try to lead everyone.
Guess after flying away for thousands of miles, Yang Tianxin finally decided to go and see what was going on.
After reaching the boundary of the water element world, Yang Tian fled at the fastest speed and stopped the light operation of the water element.
The appearance position is a valley. Yang Tian hurriedly jumped to the middle and looked in the direction of Raytheon Mountain.
Seeing that the black throne has left Raytheon Mountain, even his hand has disappeared.
Yang, as a heavenly heart, is still proud in the future when he is relaxed. He listens to indecision when he is relaxed, and a terrorist threat has come to his body.
Scalp pins and needles Yang Tian hurriedly went to Shuiyuan World again, but only halfway into it, he felt that the surrounding stocks were strongly squeezed directly and wanted to take away both people and this piece.
In this power, Yang Tian instantly lost his ability to act, and even Shui Yuanguang was imprisoned and could not operate.
Hehe, the little guy ran so fast that he almost let you slip away again
Black chuckles far away.
Yang Tian couldn’t move and felt a little desperate at once.
But in this crisis, Yang’s providence, the mind moved, and the Yan suddenly collapsed and made some money around.
Jude grasped the life-saving straw consciousness, and Yang Tian fled directly to Yan and then went crazy to the water world.
Yi wants to run
For the third time, the black ghost was shocked to see that the boy was a little strange, which was what he expected.
Fierce collision with Yan was suddenly stopped in the virtual body, in which Yang Tian felt a violent impact.
Quick rush
Yang day at this time also red eye spelled a life with a thought in my heart.
I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Yang Tian suddenly felt a shock and suddenly felt that he had melted into the underworld.
A huge mass of energy is also instantaneous in my mind. It turns out that Yan once sucked the dark force.
However, this dark element force is not pure dark element force, and it has undergone refining after a slight variation.
Without thinking about it, it can reflect the dark force of Yang Tianshen’s mind and directly blas it out.
At this moment, I feel that my energy arm is at a loss, and Yang Tian feels that I can add magical powers to it.
A moment of miracle reappears. With the fourth indecision of the dark evil spirit, Yang Tianjiao has broken through the surrounding imprisonment and flashed into the dark world.