"Master …" The green boy immediately pursed his mouth slightly, lifted his chubby little head to a purity of 45 degrees, and at the same time opened his big eyes and watery hands to hold his heart and prayed to Hu-day as a girl.

"Go back" Hu-day how a magic weapon to bargain with yourself turned cold.
"Wow …" The green boy immediately wailed and swished into a green mountain and flashed into the green tear water of the Hu-day ring to draw two arcs and then dissipate the gas.
"This ….. Hu-day tree baby is a very rare treasure. Treat it well. It is what it wants." Meng Gang advised many large witch tribes in his image that they want a Cycas tree baby and can’t get it. Hu-day’s rude attitude made him feel bad for the green child.
Hu-day is a face of surprise expression. He slowly hits the Xuanjing iron box and suddenly pours out a piece of green wave from the gap. When he finishes opening the box, the chamber of secrets is filled with gorgeous and extremely green awns, and suddenly a breeze-like aura vortex appears. At this moment, Hu-day feels that the blood circulation speed of the body, green feathers and wind doves suddenly accelerates.
"This is …" Meng Gang was about to explain Hu-day, but his eyes flashed directly and excitedly.
"Super spar!"
No matter Hu Tiansuo’s past life or this life, a world resource is a solid pillar to support the text, and SPAR is the highest and grandest pillar to support the world’s revised text. According to the four standards of grading, medium, and super, the exchange rate of the first three will generally change according to market changes, but most of them maintain around 11 standard lines, but in the end, super SPAR is hard to measure!
Medium and spar can always be obtained, but hyperspar is an absolutely rare treasure. It takes ten million years for a hyperspar to grow up. The crystal surface in the deepest part of the hidden vein of spar cannot be damaged, and even the sudden change of surrounding environment will affect its growth.
However, once it grows up and reaches the self-limiting cycle, it can affect the surrounding environment, and even if this kind of spar is randomly put into the barren area, it can generate a spar vein in a hundred years.
Every hyperspar, also known as crystal mother, is a vein that can move and develop at any time.
If you want to give it, you can appreciate it, appreciate it and then appreciate it-the price is precious!
This hyperspar in Hu Tianshou’s xuanjing iron concentrate box is like this. It lies quietly in the groove of the box, which is more than three inches long and wide. The surface of the cylinder is smooth and soft, just like the skin of a young girl is faintly emitting green light and rippling like the wind.
This is a super wind spirit spar.
Owning this spar means owning a vein of wind-restricted crystals.
"This is really a big surprise!" Hu-day gently stroked SPAR surface face reveals the true feelings.
"Nothing, this is a super wind crystal in ten million years. It was originally prepared to trade chips with your Terran. This kind of thing has not been used by our witch tribe, but it will continue to generate spar to pollute our territory." Meng Gang shrugged his shoulders and said so-called.
Hu-day face a grave "whether this gift alone is enough to offset before you owe me"
Meng Gang smiled and shook his head. "Why don’t you go and have a look at these two iron boxes?"
What is the bigger surprise than harvesting a hyperspar?
That is to harvest two pieces in a row again!
Ray belongs to hyperspar! Blood belongs to hyperspar!
Plus the previous wind belongs to the super spar Hu-day, relying on the magic witch, the whole tribe suddenly became the richest man on this planet!
If this spar flows out, even the three factions should aim at him, and his eyes will stare at Hu-day’s every move, which will greatly test him and Yan Chiyun.
This is a great fortune.
However, Meng Gang’s face was calm. He explained, "It seems that you are a little too excited. Maybe you misunderstood that once the polar spar is buried in deep soil, it will be taken out again after it is finished with the surrounding soil. This cycle is often about one hundred years."
"In one hundred? This time can be a little long, so it seems that spar can be considered as a long-term investment. "Hu-day calmly muttered.
Meng Gang went on to say, "The fact is more than these troubles. Once the polar spar is buried, it is necessary to hold the vein to prevent wild animals or people from making trouble. At the same time, the polar spar can’t be altogether. For example, these three polar spar are all in their own xuanjingtie boxes, which firmly cover their breath."
Hu Tian nodded to show that he understood that the so-called mother crystal is a naturally formed converter, which converts all energy and substances around into the same type of spar, and different types of mother crystals interact with each other, resulting in both losses.
"It seems that I not only need an absolutely safe place, but also have plenty of time to wait for wealth to ferment, which means I can’t eat just looking at it?" Hu-day looked at the three boxes in front of him and expressed regret in a sorry tone.
"I still owe you a favor. A cemetery has fallen. Now follow me out to the western and eastern cemeteries." Meng Gang’s tone was dull.
"All right" hu-day nodded.
Two people through the secret passage out of the cemetery to discuss some kind of orientation in the east.
Not long ago, a group of people have surrounded the battlefield. These people are all good players in the light period. They are magnificent in shape, cruel in eyes, and motionless as if they were statues of purple stones.
A chill in the air.
"Bao Yan’s head was smashed into his chest and he died. Look at the black man!" A man with a goatee and a gray robe different from others bent over and reported carefully.
He is surrounded by this layer of leader overlord who firmly controls the handle Wei-Zilei people in the late Peiyuan period! His eyebrows are raised, his eyes are sharp, his nose is straight, and his face is haunted by a layer of purple gas, which seems strange and domineering.
In his cold hum, the temperature suddenly dropped by a layer of goatee, and he trembled and dared not straighten up.
"Bao Yan died, but the monk who climbed out of the grave was still alive! This is a disgrace to our purple scale army! Hu … Don’t look for it. "
Violet Leiren walked slowly to a place where Hu Tian moved his sword to kill people. The hot wind had blown the blood on the ground and dried the scales, and the powder was blown away to make photocopies. If you don’t look carefully, you really can’t tell.