In an instant, the strong gas was torn apart by huge forces to burst into a frightening and gloomy roar.

Then more than 100 Tiankui Yuanshen exuded pale light, just like a cold sun breaking through the gangqi and officially coming to the skylight star!
More than one hundred Yuan gods!
As more than a hundred small suns illuminate the whole battlefield, there is no darkness and obscurity.
"The Tiankui Xuangong to the Sun" … "Hu-day’s eyes are very sombre with a lag.
"Is this the real strength of Grandfather Sunflower?" Many people gaped at the monk’s high face and his face was dull.
It’s horrible to be so powerful!
Most ordinary distracted monks have two or three yuan gods, and some monks also have one yuan god even when they enter the distracted period, but Grandfather Sunflower actually has so many gods! I would never believe it unless I saw it with my own eyes.
It’s worthy to be the right-hand man of Emperor Xuan Huang. The position of Emperor Xuan Huang Xiuzhen in the kingdom is superior to that of many emperors. One person and ten thousand people are super monks!
Grandfather sunflower!
The god of more than 100 yuan came crashing with a huge momentum that could be resisted
Three major distractions of Buddhism and Taoism, moving and biting their teeth.
The two sides collided in the middle of the collision, and a violent shock wave swept across all directions, dazzling brilliance stung people’s tears, Buddha and China flowed, and the light exploded. The three distracted monks immediately fell into the encirclement of the sunflower and the god, and fell into a hard struggle.
At this time, three Tiankui Yuanshen killed the mother ship flying thunder and yin.
"Fight!" Hu-day drinks a lot. His tiger’s eyes are shining with strong fighting spirit, and his eyes are burning like fire.
Jun Jian Yuan Shen and Beast Emperor Totem Yuan Shen Meng Gang, armed with Wu Yun Zan, are not afraid to go forward to meet and kill.
The three beguiling gods giggled, and insidious smile rolled over like a cloud and attacked the totem god of the beast emperor.
Hu Tian’s Beast Emperor Totem Yuan Shen has refined the blood spirit beads in the clan library, and there are a number of animal totems flowing all over his body. He exudes a vast and overbearing arrogance. Facing the three major Tiankui Yuan Shen, he is fearless and does not retreat.
When he collided, he suddenly turned into a basaltic roar and started the beast’s magical power Xuandun’s ghost water, and a dark nine-ghost yin water was instantly biochemical, such as a belt floating around the tortoise shell and suddenly shooting mysterious light.
One end of the sunflower head was washed away by the nine ghosts, and the ink screamed. One fell from a height, and one crashed into the tortoise shell and smashed the Xuanwu image. The third sunflower head was followed by the beast king totem head.
The blood is full of vitality, and the totem of the beast emperor is reborn and changed. This time, a crane with a Xuanling Danding top is graceful, and its wide and slender wings are displayed, giving off a magical name, Taibai Rotating Blade, which hurts the Yuan God.
The entangled begotten sunflower Yuan Shen was caught off guard and didn’t scream. When he was crushed by a whirlwind with several blades, he was already depressed when he recovered.
Hu Tianxin decided that he found that the strength of these yuan gods was not enough, and half of them should not have grown up completely. It is difficult to be distracted and close together.
"Hey? No way! Hu-day kid, you’re in a distracted period? ! What is your skill to have such a strange yuan god! " This vision attracted Sunflower’s father-in-law’s physical attention, and he asked in a gloomy and deceitful voice overlooking Hu-day.
The vibration in his heart is no stranger to Hu-day, and he clearly knows Hu-day’s general experience. Although his feelings remain unchanged, his heart is already very shocked.
The speed of each other’s practice is so fast that he feels horrible. It took only a few years to practice from Yuan Ying level to distraction period.
At first glance, he couldn’t believe that the talent in his eyes could not be judged by common sense and could be called a freak Uber!
Hu Tian sneered, "It is the biggest mistake in your life for the sunflower thief to attack the skylight star. Today is the time when you fall."
After saying this, he urged the lotus flower glazed shell to hold up five colorful lotus flowers for protection. Huaguang circled around and went straight to Sunflower’s father-in-law to kill him.
"Courage is commendable and foolish." Sunflower father-in-law insidious smile flashed a diabolical and ferocious light at a glance. Instead of directly welcoming him, he stepped back slightly and flew out five dodge photochemical five yuan gods to pounce on Hu-day’s body and completely trapped it in madness.
These five Tiankui Yuanshen have been cultivated deeply one by one, which is more common than that of the Yuanshen Godsworn, but they are not as weak as the previous three.
Hu-day andao a bad didn’t expect the other abnormal incredibly still hiding another batch of yuan god!
He suddenly felt that the pressure rose sharply to heaven, and the attack of Kwai Yuan God was like a storm, which almost made him lift his head. He tried his best to encourage Zhenyuan to pour lotus flowers and glazed jiarao, so as to protect himself, and his figure seemed to be in danger.
"Don’t hurt my parents!" Jin Yongshen drank a cloud robe to support him.
Sunflower father-in-law laughed and flew out of the body five times, trapping Jin Yong and killing him.
Section 174 Buddha said seven dreams
Meng Gang saw that the situation was not good and quickly swallowed Wu Yunfan’s incarnation of Yuan Shen’s fighting power. He stepped on his feet and held a totem pole in each hand to kill Father Sunflower.
Sunflower father-in-law finally looked lost and called out "it turned out to be a witch family! Hey, interesting … "Soon his face calmed down, and his finger was five yuan Shen Fu, and he was trapped in Menggang again.
"How can this happen!"
"How can a person be so powerful!"
A number of monks in Buddhism and Taoism raised their heads and looked at the battlefield in horror. Grandfather Sunflower suppressed his four distracted soldiers and two Yuan gods.
He is so fierce that he occupies one side and is arrogant! He is unfathomable, and his body seems to be endless. God has driven him, so if the enemy can be defeated?
"Grandfather great power! One manpower decides the battle! It really makes the younger generation sigh and admire! " The magic eagle flew out of the black dragon’s magic bully boat and laughed and kissed the sunflower father-in-law crazy.